Monday, April 5, 2021

As you are reading this, I am on my way to school to teach for the first time since March 13, 2020! EEEEEEK! I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and more here.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a happy Easter if you celebrate!

Let’s go back to Friday…Tom was off and he and I went our separate ways to do some errands in the morning. Tom was off Thursday, too, and he got so much done. He did a vet visit (for Ernie, not for him!), went to the DMV to renew registration, and a couple of other things. I did an Amazon return to our UPS store, a Kroger pick up, and an oil change. Then, after I got ready for the day, we went to a movie for the first time in over a year! There isn’t much to see, but we picked Nobody. It was ok, but it was so fun to be back in our theater!

We have been going to this same theater together for 22 years; we started going here when we were dating! We love the movies!

Tom agreed to do a selfie and he took it! This is his excited to be at the movies face!

Then, we went to a nice restaurant called Mesh. Tom had a gift card someone gave him that we have been wanting to use. Movies and dinner felt so 2019!

Their sangria is really good!

I ordered eggplant parmesan and Tom ordered salmon. We had enough leftover to have that for another meal! I can’t remember the last time we had really good restaurant food!

Saturday morning I made a red velvet cake from scratch! It was for Mason being in the play (he loves red velvet) and for Easter. I hadn’t planned on making it from scratch; I had ordered a mix from Kroger but they dissed me. So, I used a Southern Living recipe that called for one cup of buttermilk which I had from making Irish soda bread. I think the buttermilk made it so moist! As Bob Ross would say, it was a “happy accident” because now I know I can make it from scratch! I made a cream cheese frosting from scratch, too.

The boys came home Saturday around noon! I ran to Total Wine to get a few beers I had wanted to try and look what I wore. How did I do this again? Mortified! I didn’t realize it until I put my feet up at home. They are both by the same brand, Reef. Does that make it better? So, yes I am that lady in the liquor store with mismatched shoes.

Sunday morning the Easter bunny came! The Peeps are to share but I forgot to put them between the baskets.

Our weather this weekend was super sunny. It was 60 on Saturday and 70 on Sunday. I spent a lot of time reading this outside. I am pretty into it! It was described as Bridgerton meets Fight Club – lol!

I accidentally got burned sitting outside last Monday, so I am remembering some light sunscreen now. I love this formula.

Easter morning called for a mimosa!

And, I made an egg casserole with Trader Joe’s hashbrown patties on the bottom. It turned out great!

We ate, did Easter baskets, Tom took a bike ride and mowed. Our yard looks so green and nice right now!

I had wanted to attend an outdoor service but I let boys sleep too long.

I made a staging area for school outfits.

Tom hung these canvases in our bedroom. I love seeing them there! They are maybe 11 in the first photo and 14 in the second.

And, that’s a wrap! What was the highlight of your weekend?

I am feeling a bit sad for the end of an era – my WFH (Work From Home) life is over. Well, we will be working from home on Wednesdays for the rest of the year, which is wonderful and generous of my district. They will use that day for deep cleaning. We will use it to tutor, grade, plan, and meet via Zoom. I have said this before, but I really enjoyed/made the best of my virtual teaching experience. I learned so much about myself and teaching during this time, believe it or not. I know it’s time for something different, though.

I am also sad for the boys to go back to school, but they end their final semester of freshman year very, very soon. How did that go by so quickly? The last day of classes is April 17, then they have study days and finals. I am not sure exactly when they are moving home for the summer, but it will be around the end of April. I know I won’t see much of them before then. They will need to focus and I will need to focus.

Thanks so much for reading! I may be slower on my replies to your comments this week and I may not post every day – we will see how things go. Thanks for understanding!


14 thoughts on “Hello Monday – Back to School

  1. I’ll be thinking of you today and hope you adjust well to going back in person. Working from home is nice but I bet you’ll love the energy face to face learning brings too!
    I have a red velvet cake recipe that was given to me years ago at my bridal shower. It is so good and my mom requests it all the time for her birthday. There’s nothing better than cream cheese frosting too – yum.
    Our theaters may have gone out of business, which is so sad. We have 2 Regal theaters in our area and they haven’t re-opened but everything else has. So no idea when we’ll get to a movie but I miss that for sure.
    Have a great Monday!

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    1. Thank you so much! I think you’re right!
      Does your recipe have buttermilk? I absolutely love cream cheese frosting!
      That is so sad about your theaters. I hope they can make a comeback?


  2. Wow, back to school! I think you will have a blast! Next week I’ll continue with half classes, but I have to have the other half on google meet – my brain will probably melt! When is summer break!?
    Date night with movie and dinner! Lovely! I love the movies! Haven’t been for over a year now… I really miss it! We have a fantastic mall nearby with a fantastic movie theater… Well, something to look forward to! MIL was here for Easter lunch, and she has finally received her first vaccine! She’ll have the next in the beginning of June, and then I guess she’ll take the first plane to Florida! #envy…
    So your boys will be home soon! That’s fantastic!
    Your flip flops… haha! I’m sure I could never do such a thing… ;-D


    1. I made it through two days! It is going to be a long 8 weeks. I say that because you are right – live, then Google meet and who have I seen and who haven’t I seen. It’s a lot for our brains. I am the same about movies! Wait – why does she wait so long for second dose? Ours are 21 or 28 days apart!
      The boys will be home soon and I hope we have a good summer. The first summer can be hard after having independence.


  3. All your food pics looks amazing…especially the cake! So fun that you and Tom had a nice day out at the movies and dinner. Your Easter brunch looks amazing…the mimosa too! My highlight from the weekend was Easter but also the weather. Sunday was glorious. I hope you have a great week back!


    1. Thank you Jen! I was proud of the cake. It was really fun. I love a mimosa! Your Easter looked wonderful. Things are starting to feel so normal. I hope we aren’t jumping the gun and I’m a bit worried about the variants. Worry does me no good I guess.

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  4. I hope you have a good start back to school! Just like it was probably bittersweet to stay home and work, it will also be bittersweet to leave that era behind. Your boys finish their freshman year earlier than Grace will…we will pick her up on May 12. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road


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