Friday, March 12, 2021

Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week! Here are some highlights from mine, as I link up with Andrea and many more here.

Of course, I have to mention that this is the one year anniversary of “the day the world shut down”. So much has happened and so much has changed for me personally. Mainly I feel grateful for my life. My twins finished high school, my job changed, my twins started college, I got the opportunity to work from home for the first time, we became empty nesters, and we finished some amazing renovations on our house. Yes, I am grateful.

Did you watch the Oprah, Meghan, and Harry interview? I read The Royal We so some of the things about control seemed true – ha! And, there is no way for an American to know just what entering that life entails, in my opinion. I just don’t know what the point was of airing family issues. Was it so Meghan can stay relevant and keep trending? I love Oprah but she didn’t ask follow up questions or dig too deep. I enjoyed listening to some opinions on the interview this week. As my Dad said, “there are three sides to every story – your side, my side, and the truth.”

I got some good news this week. Our favorite summer event is back! They are not hosting as many as they normally would, but there will be 4 outdoor concerts held on a beautiful stage with food trucks available. We started going to these several years ago and really enjoy them. We were so happy last summer to have some live music to listen to at Captain’s Quarters and Bearno’s By The Bay and at a little brewery – they were outside and we felt safe. But, we really missed these!

We had wonderful weather. Ernie and I enjoyed walking and sitting on the patio.

I drank my iced coffee every morning around 10.

I had two social outings this week. Tuesday afternoon my friend Beth met me at my new Tuesday place – Red Hog! This makes 3 straight weeks that I have gone there!

I got a mojito because it was so warm out.

It was so nice to catch up with Beth because I think it had been since the end of January.

It was so mild one day this week in the morning that I had my coffee on the patio with a candle – my Woodwick crackle candle. This makes me so happy! The crumpled paper under my ipad is the list of blogs I read.

Wednesday is our asynchronous day without live classes. We have meetings, help students, plan lessons, grade, and anything else we need to do. After my morning meeting I ran to Trader Joe’s during my break; I didn’t have to wait in line and it was really empty. I had needed to stock up on some of the things I keep in the freezer – broccoli, green beans, corn, orange chicken, bagels, and a couple other things. I also made some impulse purchases.

Then, Wednesday at the end of my work day I had a happy hour with my French teacher friend Elizabeth. We tried a new to us place and had a drink called a “Kentucky Lemonade” – bourbon, lemonade, orange liqueur. I also have a cocktail recipe for this and mine is better! Just sayin’! It’s time for me to host more on my patio so I can make the drinks but I have needed to get out.

We split some pretzels and beer cheese. I forgot to take the photo until we had each had one!

These one on one friend dates are really fun for me! And, I am still home in time to share dinner with Tom. I try to make part of the meal ahead of time. After this happy hour I made turkey meatballs with sauce, rice, and zucchini for dinner.

My son Jack and i really bonded over Gilmore Girls. No one was more surprised than me by how much he loved it. Mason started watching later, too, and loved it. Jack watched many on his own but watched with me whenever we were together. He loved the writing and the acting, and just thought it was such a good show. We were so sad when we were done.

So, we have been trying to find another show.

Did you watch Felicity? There are only 4 seasons – one for each year of her college experience. I was shocked to see that it was from 1998! I remember watching it after it had gone off the air and loving it. It is now on Hulu so this is what I am proposing for Jack and I (and maybe Mason!). Mason and I are starting Parenthood which Jack has already watched. I kind of like the idea of having a show I watch separately but I will take any time spent with my kids that I can!

And, watching the sun come up from the patio is a real treat. I don’t know how I will leave my house at 6:45 a.m. in a few weeks! We will get to work from home on Wednesdays which is truly wonderful. And, this will give me a new and better appreciation for summer when it arrives!

The time changes this weekend! I thought this was funny!

I am not sure of my plans for this weekend yet. What are you up to?

Happy, happy Friday and happy weekend!


30 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I could not agree more with the Harry & Meghan interview! We watched it on Hulu the day after and I kept asking my husband what was so shocking, why was everyone saying it was this bombshell interview? I don’t think anything good comes from airing your dirty laundry like that – how was that helpful to anyone? I hate to see any family have trouble but I still can’t come up with any good reason for why they did that.
    And for the record – your cocktail recipes are always gonna be better! You do such a great job and every one I’ve tried (probably all) are so darn good.
    Have a super weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My reader just said they were paid 7 million dollars!
      Thank you for the compliments! I am very picky about my cocktails. I can’t find Sprite ginger in the cans but I did find a 20 oz. bottle. I think it’s perfect when I don’t want a big ginger ale flavor.


    1. Ok now we know! Lol! I will make up lies for 7 million, too! Just kidding! They may not be lies. I’m also sure that Oprah had “rules” about her questions.


  2. Per usual, your food and drinks looks amazing! I remember loving felicity and wanting to look like Keri Russell! I felt the same way about the interview…maybe Oprah didn’t dig too deep because they are friends and neighbors 😂😂 have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! She is so cute! I started watching the first episode without Jack the other night just to remember and I’m so excited!
      Good point – I bet they borrow butter from each other.

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  3. I feel like such an outcast. I cannot stand Gilmore Girls.

    I’m jealous of your friend dates, I don’t have them nearly enough. Although it is about time for Wine Wednesdays to start up again with some neighborhood friends!


  4. If we met IRL we would have so much to talk about! I love all your topics and want to comment on them all! But I won’t, don’t worry :-D.
    I love the stone henge meme, that is my kind of humor! We don’t change time for another month, so I guess that means I will get your posts one hour earlier :-).
    I so agree on the Meghan/Harry interview – why do they have to spread so much negativity? Just leave the royal house and get on with it! I think they crave the fame and the publicity… and poor Harry is probably so fed up with his father and how his mother was treated…
    Yay for quality time with the kids! And thank you for Ernie picture (it was for me I hope ;-D).
    Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. I would love to meet you IRL! Thank you so much. You can comment on all of my topics. Do you read any other blogs?
      I like that type of humor, too, but I also like low brow humor. That is weird that your daylight savings time is different but also the whole concept is weird. I wonder who came up with the idea.
      Right! I would love to know the whole story behind the whole family but we never will. I am thinking of skipping ahead to Diana’s part in the crown because I am bored with the season I’m on now.
      Yes! And, the Ernie pictures are always for you!


      1. I don’t follow that many blogs regularly, just two Swedish ones and yours. During summers I read some more…
        I know the reason for daylight saving: they wanted more daylight for the workers in the factories. The EU have discussed to remove it (it’s really bad for your health apparently; to change time like that), and I wouldn’t mind. In the summer it’s light until 10 pm up here in the north – I don’t need another hour!
        Skip season 3 of The Crown, it’s really slow! Right now I’m watching “Blown away”, about glass artist – it’s fun!


      2. Oh, ok! That is me, too. I read more in the summer. I thought they wanted more daylight for farmers! I may skip to season 4. Oh yeah, it was light out really late in northern Germany!
        We have some glass blowing studios here and we have toured. So cool!


  5. Parenthood is amazing!! I’ve been thinking about watching it again. I re watched Dawson’s Creek a couple of months ago and loved it more than when I was a kid. Your cocktails look delish, by the way!


    1. It is so well done, but I had forgotten how deep and depressing parts of it are. I am still not to the point where I can handle that. I tried Dawsons Creek and it was good but I moved on to something else I think!
      Thank you! I am ready to make some cocktails to share with friends!


  6. So exciting about the summer festival! I completely agree about the H & M interview – they have to find ways to stay relevant and in the spotlight. As a bonafide royal fan, I can tell you that many of the details they mentioned were downright lies or at best questionable. Have a good weekend!


    1. I am so happy! I have missed live music and the movies and travel, of course. But, as the boys got busier with their lives we have traveled less, unfortunately.
      So true. It is so fun to follow the royals and I started following Theladysmaid because of your recommendation.


  7. Did you watch the Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life? I think it was 10 years after the last episodes of the wasn’t as good as the series, in my opinion, but it gives you just a little bit more of them!


  8. I love that you have afternoon time with your friends. I have really missed my friends this past year. But it truly has shown me who I want to still be in my life! My 57th birthday is tomorrow and we are golfing at our country club with our friends and Taylor. She took me to lunch today and it was a great day! We are also going to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants – Tommy’s- and my mom, our friends and Tay will be with us. Tay made me my favorite cake (she made it for the 1st time last year) and it is AMAZING! Its a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and Reeses mini cups. Its delightful! Sunday I will be just hanging out at home with Tony and waiting to get my 2nd covid shot Tuesday! Think good thoughts for me! Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you! I have had more time with friends, honestly. Everyone was so busy with their kids before. It looked like a great birthday weekend! I will be thinking about your shot tomorrow.


  9. Have you and your boys watched Friday Night Lights? I recommend that one! It’s the ultimate feel-good show.

    Oprah didn’t dig too deep because asking questions is frowned upon. It may cause people to doubt M&H and that’s taboo.


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