Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I have a fun cocktail recipe for you and a recipe to k,eep the kids busy while you sip it! Lol! Kentucky lemonade is called such because it has bourbon in it! I read that a local brewpub was selling bottles of this for carryout. I did some digging to find out what this was all about.

Extremely closeup of Kentucky lemonade in a Mason jar:

You need half a stick of Crystal light lemonade, a shot of lemon juice (I may reduce to half a shot next time), a shot of bourbon, a tsp. of simple syrup (I had some made but I could probably leave this out if I didn’t have any). Mix all of that together really well, add ice, and then top with diet ginger ale – I probably used 1/4 cup of ginger ale. It was very lemony which I liked but you could reduce the lemon juice for less lemony flavor.

It was delicious! I enjoyed this on a sunny day on the patio while listening to country music.

And to keep the kids busy while you sip, make this cloud dough! It only requires two ingredients which you may have on hand or could probably order easy enough at your next grocery pick up. My sister sent this screenshot.

Let me know if you try one or both recipes!


11 thoughts on “Kentucky Lemonade and Cloud Dough

    1. Thank you! I’m not big on complicated recipes or anything that requires specialty gadgets!
      I only make things with bourbon, tequila and vodka but I have a bottle of dark rum and can’t remember why I bought it so I need to come up with a rum drink!
      Hope you like this one!


  1. I’ve made the moon dough before, love the feel and smell of it! Have you ever made benedictine? (should the “b” be capitalized?) I’d never had it before coming to KY and a friend at work made it and I love it! She said it’s a common Derby food. Do you like it? It’s really light and refreshing!

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    1. I might need the dough for stress relief! I love Benedictine and love it in a sandwich with bacon! It is a big Derby food – so sad no Derby in 2 weeks! How are you doing Laura?


      1. doing ok, working from home like so many others. I’m so thankful to have my job during this season though. Hopefully September weather will be warm for the Derby though.I’m enjoying the “normal” routine of reading your blog daily, thanks for keeping it up during this time.

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      2. Yes it is a blessing to be able to work from home! September is so busy and it’s the same day as my boys’ 18th birthday! Thank you – I am enjoying blogging even though I don’t have as much to blog about!


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