March 2, 2021

Here are my Prime Purchases for last month. I am linking up with Tanya right here!

I love, love, love this product and do not want to live without it. I found this 3 pack on Amazon. While looking at the label, I noticed it not only helps with fresh smell and wrinkles, but also with static!

I started getting worried about my Revlon goldpearl plum running out and I found it at a great price – less than $5. It is a great color! I don’t think this photo does the color justice.

I also ordered this in Peony Pink because it was recommended by Kristy Wicks who is an Instagram influencer and blogger. It is also a great color! It is more pink, obviously, and perfect for spring. This one was a little more expensive at around $6. Ha!

I know, I know – not many people will be seeing our lips, right?

These are really great leggings! They are 7/8, have an interesting ankle design, and have pockets. I love the material and I am super happy with these reasonably priced (under $20) leggings on a recommendation from Jen from Show Me and Sweet Tea.

And, I mentioned I am thinking about Easter baskets already. I ordered Luke’s Diner shirts for both of my boys. I think they will get a kick out of it. They wear t-shirts every day – under things usually and they like kitschy t-shirts. Since these haven’t arrived I can’t speak about the quality/softness.

I think I did pretty well in the month of February!

What have you purchased on Amazon lately?


14 thoughts on “February Prime Purchases

  1. I bought nothing of consequence in February. I just looked at my Amazon orders and the only thing *I* ordered (that wasn’t a tool or necessity bought by Scott) was some felt furniture pads lol.

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  2. I bought that gold plum lip color at your recommendation a few years ago and agree – it is a great color! The price cannot be beat! I’d love to try that pink color too but I am trying so hard to refrain from buying lipsticks until I purge some of the ones I already have. It’s ridiculous how many I have amassed!

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