Monday, March 1, 2021

Happy March! Is it going to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb this year?

February went by so quickly that I cannot even believe it! Linking up today with Tanya, Heather, and many more here!

I have big news… Thursday night after I had already scheduled my Friday Favorites to post our school board voted to go back to in=person learning in our district of almost 100,000 students. Elementary will go first and high school will go last. My high school will be starting on Monday, April 5, which is the Monday after spring break and each student will attend 2 days per week (divided by the alphabet) with Wednesdays being asynchronous. Many schools have been doing this already and in my opinion, it is the safest way to return with half of our 2000 person student body. I am nervous, excited, and a bit worried about how to teach in person under the new guidelines.

Friday night, Tom and I got in on the Friday night fish for Lent. This is half a portion and I am so glad we split.

I started Ginny and Georgia and it is so cute. I have to admit that I did not finish Firefly Lane and I didn’t gush over Bridgerton. This, however, is really well written and pretty good acting. It is not appropriate for young kids or even young teens. There is some content that I think is pretty adult.

Saturday morning I had time with Mason! We walked around on my favorite street,,,

and went to Blue Dog Bakery…

where we ordered vanilla lattes, breakfast sandwiches, and two macaroons.

Mason had lots of homework and an online play rehearsal and Jack had plans with friends but did come home for a bit.

I soaked up every bit of sun on the deck and finished a book and started another. I wore black leggings and my white booties for our little outing.

I am going to do a book review I think, but let’s just say this book was meh. It had potential being set on Nantucket and with food descriptions and three sisters but the characters fell flat and the writing was not great.

This is by the author of Simple Wild and I cannot put it down!

For dinner, it was Tom, Mason, and I. I made Mexican potatoes and an 80s Doritos taco salad. It was good!

I turned on the lights and sat outside for just a bit because it was pretty cold.

Sunday Mason was off with friends but Tom, Jack and I went to the outdoor mall and looked around in the book store and a couple of other shops.

It rained a bunch but then it cleared up and I read outside with my crackle candle and an Irish coffee.

For dinner we ordered Mexican. Oops – I forgot we had Mexican Saturday night, but really, couldn’t you have it every night?

Now, I have 4 more weeks to work at home. I am going to savor it and I know I will miss the outdoor time the most, but we will only have 8 more weeks left of school.

I had a good and relaxing weekend. How was yours? Any highlights?

Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Omg – I asked you about that book last Monday! I will start it soon! I’m sending daughter to library today to pick up The Simple Wild and Dear Edward… When will I have time to read all these books!? Well, I’m actually on Spring break, so… 🙂
    So you’re going back to school! That’s fantastic! Believe it or not – I’m teaching from home next week! The government is worried that this spring break will spread the virus, so all middle schools and high schools will be home for at least one week.
    I love it that you do so much nice things with your boys!


    1. Yes! I think I told you I had it in my library stack? I am loving it. I have heard conflicting things about Dear Edward. Your spring break is early! Yay for you! I hope you have lots of reading time!
      I think that is smart to do virtual after a break.


  2. I’m glad y’all are returning to school in person. I’m happy our schools have and our kids go every day. It is interesting how different places handle this thing so differently and despite what people think, FL isn’t keeling over from the virus. Our hospitals are fine and our schools are too. We do have our virtual school and many families who aren’t comfortable are using it (my school) but I hope those students return to in person learning next year because so many are missing out and want to be with their friends. Hopefully that can happen for them. I am excited for the seniors at your school, so happy they can come back to finish the year! Our district announced in person graduation too – with limited seating but that’s progress for sure!


    1. Me too! I do not trust the media at all! It is so interesting to see the different states and I do think we flubbed much of this!
      I am hopeful for outdoor activities! It is so important!


  3. I’m glad you’ll be going back in-person! For me, personally, it took a lot to adjust to being back in a school with all of the covid precautions, so it might never feel right this year. I’m sure the kids are excited though.

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    1. I just wanted to know something, you know? The uncertainty was hard! It will be very hard especially with teaching more sections. I don’t know the exact schedule yet but it will be a huge adjustment. I think the kids are excited and this will give them a mental health boost!


      1. I feel like the scheduling alone takes the brainpower of a rocket scientist. They use stable cohorts, lunch in the classroom, scaffolded recesses, etc. The middle school students stay in a homeroom and the teachers push carts and travel from room to room.

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      2. Ugh. I get to be in my room, but it sounds like I will teach my 6 in person classes and then still get online to teach my virtual ones. It’s a conundrum. We are sending kids to lunch in lunch room but with assigned seats and staggered lunch dismissals. Apparently I will see the plan this week!


  4. Great news about going back to school! It sounds like a great plan of going back with a split schedule. It’s similar to our district doing about 1/3 to 1/2 students virtual, leaving fewer students in the classroom. I need to read Simple Wild! I haven’t watched that Netflix series, but I think so many shows that are now rated PG 13 are pretty racy! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road


  5. How exciting to be going back. It is so nice to see kids’ eyes (I would say faces but, you know, masks) again and have them in the building. I do miss the flexibility of working from home – outside time, meal prep, and not packing a lunch. It looks like you had a great weekend with the perfect amount of Mexican food! Have a great week!


    1. Exciting and scary! It sounds like we will be able to work from home on Wednesdays! It might be dream schedule with half the kids and Wed. at home outside?


    1. Thinking of doing a post on this! I used Isabel Eats blog recipe but I have also done olive oil and a packet of taco seasoning. 400 degree oven for 20-30 minutes approx. So good and kind of an unexpected side for Mexican food. I put sour cream and some spicy ranch on side for dipping.


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