Wednesday, March 3, 2021

I am joining in with two fun link ups today! Currently with Anne in Residence is the first and The Style Six with Kellyann from This Blonde’s Shopping Bag and more is the second!



I am loving being able to sit outside again. I have figured out there is a strong correlation between how much I read and how much I am outside!


Yesterday I shared my recent Prime Purchases with a fun link up. What would we do without Amazon? I am still trying to frequent my locally owned shops, but Amazon is amazing!

This is a great color and formula!


My brother in law sent me some Lake Michigan photos from a couple of years ago. Having twins is such a cool experience. Here they were walking and lost in conversation.

And, friend sent this photo with her son in the middle of my two. This was the last year we played baseball.

I was looking through old photos and found this of Tom and I in the river before we were married. It looks like Tom is sans trunks but I assure you he is not! We had a group of friends and would get on Tom’s brother in law’s boat most Saturday and Sunday afternoons. It was so much fun.


This has made me want to read again! I had a rough go of books in January and most of February – just not finding anything to hold my attention. I didn’t want anything too sad or deep but I wanted well written. That is sometimes hard to find!

Love this so far!


I am making some strategic spring and summer fashion purchases. I would like some new shorts and need them badly. I sleep in black tank tops and soft shorts year round.

I have been so impressed with American Eagle and Aerie and I’m wondering about these Sunday shorts.

Wearing Lately and Spring Purchases

I wore this sleeveless black tassel blouse with a kimono one day to teach last week. I only wear this blouse with this kimono but I love it together. You can’t see the red and blue tassels in this photo.

I tried a middle part (not exactly middle) because of the side part meme going around! First of all, my hair doesn’t want to go in the middle and second of all I think it calls attention to my nose.

My scarf is messsed up but this is what I wore Saturday for some errands.

And, Sunday I wore my new blouse, my yellow short Hunters, leggings, and a rain jacket.

Here is my new blouse. It’s another Savanna Jane from my local boutique.

Sunday, my husband, one son and I went to the outdoor mall. I hit the mother lode at Chico’s. I had been wanting to go in because of Kellyann and Lisa and because I know the quality is great. I had pants from them that lasted forever. They had a final sale section and I seriously got each of these items for either 5.98, 9.98, or 14.98. I did try everything on because of no returns on final sale items.

My goals have been to buy smarter. I am trying to get away from fast fashion. I know I will not always avoid the siren song of Target (especially Universal Thread and Knox Rose!) and Old Navy, but I am trying to buy more quality and more items I love and don’t just like.

I chose to get this lilac feminine blouse because I don’t have anything like it. I was thinking this would be cute with white jeans or a skirt.

I was just thinking I need basics to go under my kimonos and this is a nice thick material so I got it.

I know this sounds silly but I have been thinking about adding more things with white to work with my white booties. I also love this ombre/tie-dye effect so I got this ruana/kimono. Sometimes you need to size down in kimonos and ruanas if you don’t want them too voluminous.

I have a swing dress that will work perfectly with it, too!

This white gauzy skirt I thought would be nice. I used to have a similar one but I think it got stained or started looking too old and I had to say good-bye.

And, finally, I have been needing going out tops. I love this kind of poncho silhouette and…

it is silky and has a banded bottom.

So, that entire haul was $59, which is what I would be willing to pay for one top if I loved it. I usually caution myself and others about shopping the sales rack because I know for me it has often been a trap. I get caught up in the prices and just buy things because they are cheap. I also want to say that I have a wide variety of sizes in this haul. Try things on and achieve the fit you want regardless of the size on the tag.

I will style some of these items soon, I promise!

What are you up to… currently?

What have you been wearing or buying?


P.S. – I may not post tomorrow!

31 thoughts on “Currently and What I Wore Wednesday

  1. You did hit the mother lode on that Chico’s haul – what a fabulous sale! The quality is so good and the items you bought aren’t one hit wonders; the pieces aren’t trendy and you’ll wear them for years! I think the new top you got at the boutique is a great one too, so cute and a fun print!
    I am laughing about the picture of Tom – hahahahaha, great photo!

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    1. I couldn’t believe my good fortune at Chico’s! Thank you! I think that photo was taken when male swim trunks were shorter. Now they are so long! Lol!


  2. I always look at lilac or pastels this time of year. Truthfully, they don’t look great on me and I’ve come to really dislike lilac as a color. Gem tones work much better with light hair I think. For me, personally, I never wear them because they don’t go with anything else I own. (I’ve apparently thought about this a lot.)

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    1. I think I can wear this color but now you have me wondering! I generally wear the colors I like but I did have my colors done and I have a palette. I bought this blouse because I thought it would work with white and black and I didn’t have a feminine blouse like it. For $14.98 it was worth a shot! I plan to test it out for virtual teaching soon. Dressy on top and leggings on bottom most likely.


  3. You did have a great Chicos haul! I tend to buy classic, longer lasting items and am always happier when I do. Those old pictures are fun to look back to. I am a side part girl and always will be. It just fits my face and hair better. Have a great day!


  4. I can’t wait to be able to read outside again. It’s one of my favourite things to do!!! And I love your yellow Hunters. They’re so fun and would be such a splash of brightness on a grey day.


    1. The first time I was able to I was overcome with happiness. We will probably have another taste of winter before spring is here to stay. I hope you get to soon, too. Thank you! They are bright and cheery in the rain. That is exactly why I picked yellow instead of my normal practical black.


  5. You look adorable in your outfit from Saturday! I will have to go check out your Amazon Prime post. Love seeing what others get from there. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Bri! I forgot to add links, but the items should be easy to find if you search on Amazon. I didn’t buy that much this time. I love seeing others’ recs, too, and that is what I depend on since Amazon overwhelms me!


    1. Thank you! We were so happy that they were on the Reds! But, I really regret not speaking up. The coach added two extra nights of practice and asked us to pony up for the payment. We seriously had 5 nights of baseball a week when they were 8. Why did I go along with this? It ruined our chances of them playing again.
      I immediately thought of Easter when I tried the blouse on. But, will my Easter be that dressy? Lol!

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      1. Hayden has moved up this year in baseball and I think he will practice 4 nights a week at least (until games start) it’s all so much! I love the blouse. I just ordered Hadley an Easter dress but I had the same thought…not sure what our plans will entail

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  6. Wow, so many nice outfits for so little money! Great job! I need a white skirt! I like yours and will try to find something similar.
    Currently I’m in cabin trying to persuade 16 year old that this is a nice place to be during spring break… And I have bought… wow, still nothing!


    1. Thank you T-T! Yes, I am hoping this white skirt will be versatile with my white booties and with flip flops? I am getting to more of a stage in life where I want to wear a skirt or a dress instead of shorts – if I get to go anywhere!
      I can relate. Our boys want to stay home. Does she want to stay in the city with friends? I bet she misses her sister and it’s hard for her to be at the cabin without her built in friend!


      1. Oh yes, that white skirt with flip flops! And tanned legs… and nice nail polish on toes… Wonderful!
        You have analyzed 16 year’s situation perfectly… I guess you meet a lot of teenagers? 😀 “Built in friend” – that is so cute!
        Enjoy your day!

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      2. Ah summer! I do know a 16 year old mind! Maybe you can compromise and split the break? But I think your break might be almost over now?


      3. Yes, split the break is a good idea. Next break is Easter and then big sister will be home, so I guess that will make it easier! Normally we travel on the breaks, but you know…
        btw – you looked great with a middle part!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yay for Easter and your soldier girl! I bet she will want to stay home which will make not traveling easier. I am sure she has missed home and the cabin and her family!
        Thank you – I think I’m back to a side part! Lol!


    1. Thank you, Lauren! Ooh – you have a front porch! I would like one of those, too, but my front porch is more of a stoop. I definitely read more in the good weather which might be the opposite of many others, but not me!


  7. Love that outfit with the snazzy Hunters on you – what a great blouse too! Reading in the sun is my FAVORITE – wish that weather would actually be arriving sooner where I live. And there’s nothing like finding the right book to get you back into the reading groove!

    Thanks for joining in the linkup 🙂


    1. Thank you, Anne! I apologize that I did the wrong Currently prompts – oops! I didn’t realize they changed and this was my first time!
      Reading a great book in the sun is truly one of life’s pleasures. Thank you for providing it!


  8. The side part/middle part thing cracks me up because I think I’ve been wearing a side part since I was a teen and nobody cares. Plus nowadays, I think the side part helps to tame the little gray frizzies that are rudely growing in. I love Aerie’s underwear deals – it was 5 for $25 this week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! Why can’t we all do whatever part works with our hair?
      I have not tried Aerie underwear but I love my Soma so much I don’t know if anything can compare! Lol!


  9. Love the black polka dot top with the multi-colored embellishment around the neckline. Such a pop of color. I’m struggling with a part which is conflicted with my cowlick. Ugh, doing my hair is such a battle in the mornings.

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