Friday, February 19. 2021

I am all out of sorts! I could not remember what day of the week it was! With no school on Friday and Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences on Monday, my boys being home, and all the winter weather I could not keep it straight. But, I know today is Friday and I am actually looking forward to a “normal” (What is normal anymore?) five day week next week!

I am linking up with Andrea, etc. right here if they are able to do the link up. Praying for relief for Texas! I think anything bad seems even worse in the pandemic. It is just too much. What a crazy year it’s been.

Here are some favorites from the week.

Another round of snow hit Wednesday overnight. It is so pretty at first, but then it quickly turns ugly. It will be a favorite when it all melts. I cannot wait!

A favorite from this week: Look at my green chile stockpile, y’all. Yeah, baby! Don’t come try to rob me! Are green chiles a sign of life returning to “normal”? Maybe?

Another favorite from this week: The day after Valentine’s Day I changed it over to St. Patrick’s Day! I am maybe 25% Irish! The only thing I bought were the Rae Dunn book stack and a new box of Lucky Charms! I’m so weird; Jack told me this, too, but I’m fine with that label.

Lucky Charms have replaced the conversation hearts, of course.

I think I got these shamrock lights at The Dollar Tree last year.

Garland from TDT, too!

Kinda tacky but I like them – faux carnations.

I did self-tanner two nights this week after my shower. I slept on it and showered in the morning. I just do arms and legs, but it is nice to get a little color.

Using this; it has a faint odor but that is why the night time application and quick rinse in the morning works well.

An upcoming favorite… get ready for National Margarita Day on Monday!

I think the to-go cocktails from the pandemic are so fun. I will probably make my own because I like mine better! Maybe I will splurge and get some more special ingredients.

Tuesday night for Mardi Gras, I made a purple vodka drink, King cake out of crescent rolls (it kind of looks like a brain!), jambalaya and spoon bread. I forgot the photo of the other foods. Like I said, celebrate any holiday you can. It really helps me and I really just do it for myself!

Look at that face? How can that not be a favorite every week?

What were your favorites this week?

Thanks for visiting me today!


18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I have been busy prepping for a bridal shower this week and seeing pics from my son in the snow in Nashville! What an initiation to Tennessee residency he has had – ha!! I have never celebrated Mardi Gras but what a fun idea. And I am definitely decorating for St. Patrick’s Day – I am very Irish, my maiden name was O’Donnell!!

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    1. So fun! We would get majorly judged for having a shower here. I think it’s been so interesting to see the different mindsets across the US through blogs. Yes, what an initiation! TN usually doesn’t get much like us. They get ice which is worse in some ways. Oh yea, you are very Irish! We are having 50s next week and I am getting on a patio! I know that’s cold for you but it will feel warm here!


  2. We had such a hard time keeping track this week too! My son had last Friday and this Monday off and then ever single day this week was either a 1/2 day or a 2 hour delay due to weather… I’m just waiting for the call that the whole building is virtual today as yet even more snow falls.

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    1. I know! It’s crazy! And I’m sure you are wanting your routine back. This whole year has been a weird one as far as routines go. Your part of the country is prepared for the snow I’m sure but it still gets out and makes things harder.


    1. Thank you Abby! Ernie is so sweet! I think a green charcuterie board with Lucky Charms would be fun! I always dyed my boys’ milk green and made green mashed potatoes.


  3. That chocolate face is killing me! Of course it should be a standing Friday favorite!
    And your slippers! I want those! So boring that I cannot buy the things you recommend… I thought that amazon coming here would change things, but they only seem to have German stuff (?).
    We don’t celebrate St Patrick’s day at all in Sweden… I only know about it because I’m an English teacher…
    Have a lovely weekend! Ready or not!

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    1. He probably wanted my food at that moment! You can’t get slippers like that online? That is sad! St. Patrick’s day is a good opportunity for restaurants to do specials and you know how Americans are – we try to make money out of every holiday! There is quite a bit of decor for sale!


      1. I think I can find fluffy slippers, but I want yours! 😀
        Yes, your decors are amazing! And why not!? Bring on the bling! Sweden is more into “natural style”… light colors, birch wood… Fresh, but not very fun!

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  4. Green Chiles seem to be back in stock at Kroger! I’ve gotten a few cans myself. I love the Lucky charms and candle. So fun. I was just thinking this week that I may bust out the self tanner! I feel like it’s very much needed. 😂since I got a pedicure last week, I was thinking it would be nice if my legs and feet had a little color 😂 have a great weekend.

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  5. I agree – the best thing to come out of the pandemic is cocktails to go. I am also so done with the snow and winter weather. Since we are hybrid, we’ve had snow days. The mental break is lovely, but I’m ready for spring weather and green grass! I love your Mardi Gras celebration. Now, I’m craving my mom’s jambalaya. Self tanner is a good thing in February. The color helps my mindset so much. Enjoy your chiles!

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