Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Today my post is just like the old Oprah’s Favorite Things except I don’t buy any of these for you.

In fact, I may be late with my list but maybe you still need a few gifts or maybe you have people asking what you want? Maybe you will have some money to spend after Christmas and can save my list?

Basically, I went through my house and thought about what really adds value and that I really love.

Here we go…

If you like self-tanner, I really recommend this giant pump bottle. Wait for it to go on sale for $39 and it will last for a long, long time. It is really natural with a tiny little sparkle. It also does not smell as bad as many.

I do not know if this is still available on Amazon, but I have worn earrings from this set almost every day. They are so comfortable and I can find a color to match anything I wear. You forget you have earrings on and they have worked with my masks, too.

My Madewell white sneaks. I really love these. Madewell is a great brand and I love their totes, too. Really you cannot go wrong with this brand!

Target is killing it this season and Target, I am so sorry for trying to swear off your clothes. This GoodfellowandCo. pullover would be so cute monogrammed – or not – and it is great for men and women. Universal Thread, A New Day, and Knox Rose are my favorite brands found at Target.

Aerie! The sweatshirts, sweaters, pullovers, and leggings I have from American Eagle and Aerie (same company) are great quality at reasonable prices. This leopard pullover, the side slit sweatshirts, the crackle leggings would all be great gifts for others or for you.

This bag strap or a purse with this kind of strap would be great! I have loved clipping this on my white or brown bags and have received lots of compliments.

The Target Stars Above robe! I love this! I have also heard others rave about everything Stars Above from Target.

I found out the hard way I cannot drive without my popsocket holder for my phone. I love this doo-dad.

And, of course, I love my pop socket. It lets you stand your phone up vertically or horizontally and is a way for you to securely hold your phone in your hand. Also, the pop socket is a necessity for the best phone holder I have ever had. You need both of these in your life. You do have to be able to stick (with a sticker) the holder on your car console. My husband has nowhere to stick one, unfortunately.

A Woodwick Candle! The crackle is so pleasing.

I love this shower cap! Actually, a shower cap period will change your life and protect your hairstyle.

Blue blocker glasses!

I finally listened to so many and changed out all of my undergarments to Soma brand. These are the best! I got half black and half nude.

A pricier gift – but AirPod Pros! Tom bought these for himself but does not like them as much as his originals so Merry Christmas to me! He says this shape does not stay in his ears but this shape is better for mine. I do not like the shape of the originals. Win-win!

And, I love my Seint makeup system (used to be called Maskcara). I feel like my skin looks so much better and I have really pared down my makeup. Let me know if you are interested in hearing more about Seint and I can send you to my college gal pal.

What are your favorite things? I would love to know!


8 thoughts on “Amy’s Favorite Things

  1. Score on those AirPods! Gotta love it when that happens! I think I need to check out that Stars Above robe – mine needs replacing. I am seriously thinking of trying that make up too. I had my colors matched months ago but got nervous and never purchased. I’m afraid with my oily skin it won’t work but I keep hearing it is the best. As soon as I run out of my current make up I’ll revisit. I need to check out that candle too – great list, Amy!

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    1. Yes! So happy – they really are great. My cheapies did stop working after you emailed me! Lol! I think if you get the makeup you need to get their brush and the setting spray? You can get the 4 color system, brush and spray for maybe a bit over $100. I think cream makeup is really good.
      I think you’d love the candle, too!


  2. Oh, I wish I was in America! I can’t believe it’s been 1,5 years! Thanks for sharing the American spirit, I crave it! 😀 LOL!
    I so wanted to buy those AirPods for my husband for Christmas, but he wants clothes instead…
    I think that a bathrobe is a great gift! I got one from MIL two years ago, I was in chock… best present ever! White, fluffy and cozy, I love it!


    1. I don’t know if you want to be in the land of Corona right now! AirPods are the perfect gift but if he wants clothes that makes it easy for you, too.
      Your MIL sounds like a great gift giver. A robe is a must in the cold winter!


  3. Maybe I’ll ask Santa for a robe from Target…is that lame? lol
    You’re not the first to recommend that one.
    And blue light blocking glasses…I need a pair, spending so much time on a screen now.


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