Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Linking up with The Style Six here today!

Last Wednesday I wore this to my department lunch/baby shower. It was super cold and we had to eat outside in a tent, so white long sleeves under my poncho, black warm crackle leggings, and black booties.

This is the white A New Day long sleeve t-shirt from Target.

Each day last week I wore black leggings with something plaid on top! All of my plaid I already had in my closet and I think all of it is from Old Navy! They do plaid well! Tip: Order in a tall size for a longer length with leggings. I did not do this, but this may help someone!

This one from Old Navy is so soft. After Thanksgiving I stop wearing all of the browns and oranges and switch to more Christmas colors. Do you do that, too?

This is not really plaid but I like the small check print from Old Navy.

In addition to wearing it to teach virtually (they can really only see me from the shoulders up!), I wore it with my black faux fur vest on Saturday to run a few errands.

I am new to the black watch plaid game but I really like it. This is another Old Navy but it is short sleeve so I wore it with this black sweater. I think it was mild enough a few days last year to wear it without anything on top.

I love this Old Navy slightly dressier/more feminine plaid.

And, these leggings remind me of Scotch tape – the perfect present wrapping outfit? I got these a few years ago from a local boutique for only $11. I am going to pair them with my mustard A New Day cardigan and a black top. What do we think about that combo? By the way, I am not sure I have shown you this. I really wanted a mustard sweater and found this great lighter weight/ great length sweater. It has sadly already started pilling, but I do have a new sweater shaver I need to learn how to use.

I walked in Old Navy over the weekend and promptly left because the line was too long. But, I did see this adorable top! Buffalo plaid and ruffles? Order it online!

Sorry for the blurry photo but I found this Target A New Day pearl earring set for only $5. I am into simple studs some days and of course, these work well with your mask.

And, in other news, I have been using this Revlon Sheer Pink.

Here are a couple more blurry photos for you! Am I drunk? Am I busy? Am I impatient? Who knows? Maybe I am all three.

Guess what? We are getting high 50s and low 60s temps here the rest of the week! I am so excited! I am going to get outside.

What have you been wearing lately? Are you mad for plaid?


20 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday – Mad for Plaid

  1. I am laughing because your temps are our temps this week and we are all staying inside bundled up and you’re headed outside – hahahahaha!! My son literally said it was too cold to take a walk the other day – we are wimps!
    I love all of your plaid and while my mind goes to the reds and greens at Christmas, I’ll still pull out the rusts and yellows too. Most of my plaid is from ON but the other day I wore one I bought last year at Walmart from their Tried and True brand and I really like the way it held up. Wore and washed well !


    1. It’s all about perspective. And I would not have thought it was so cold her the last two weeks if I didn’t open the door with my sleeping shorts on!
      I will still put on those colors but I usually wait until after Christmas. I’m weird like that. That is great that your Walmart t and t held up. I may have to go to the dark side (Walmart) for the new Pioneer woman line of clothing! Have you seen it?


  2. Nice outfits! I love plaid, but it has to be cool and grungy, not sweet and pink… (I have a pinkish one and it makes me look like a Hallmark character… in a bad way). I think you have a great collection! But… I can’t do mustard… can’t do rust… (sue me!)
    I’m still into leggings, so I like your ideas! And I found “32 leggings outfits” on Pinterest; that will cover the winter break! 😀

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    1. Thanks! Grungy! I would look like a lumberjack so I have to make it a bit more feminine. What’s wrong with a Hallmark character? Lol! I love mustard and rust! The colors! I just want to wear black leggings. I will look for 32 leggings outfits. Love Pinterest. I can go there when I don’t know what to wear and always find something similar in my closet!


      1. No, you couldn’t look like a lumberjack! You’re always cute!
        Well, we need to have a discussion about colors… I say ok on rust, but… mustard no! It’s a horrible color! 😀
        Yes, Pinterest is great! They are bombarding me with the strangest recommendations… when did I search for pictures of dachshund puppies in a bathtub!? 😀

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      2. I don’t do Facebook… never have actually! My first encounter with it (years back) was at a dinner party, where we were following other people having dinner parties instead of interacting with each other… I thought it was so stupid!


  3. I also have that dressier / more feminine old navy plaid . I also have it in green and am wearing it in one of our Christmas card photos 😂love it. I have some plaid old navy flannels I love too. I’m definitely a fan of plaid.
    I love your nail polish color too!

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    1. Oh I didn’t know it came in green! I wish I had gotten that color, too, and I will go back and look at your card photo. My black plaid is so cozy and soft!
      Thank you – liking a neutral lately. I want to get my nails dipped again so badly! Oh well!

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  4. I love all of your plaid! I haven’t gotten any new festive shirts this year because we aren’t going to any Christmas parties, but I may need to order that more feminine shirt. It’s so cute! I love the yellow with your plaid leggings, too! It looks great!

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    1. Same here! No need for new! That shirt is too tempting! Thank you! I will need to wear the leggings several times before Christmas bc feels weird to wear them after!


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