Monday, December 7, 2020

Well, guys, I do not have much to talk about on this Monday! I did drink a lot of coffee but I did not have a single cocktail and I spent most of the weekend at my casa. What about you? Are you sticking closer to home these days?

I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and more right here.

Friday after I finished teaching I was tired! I laid down and napped a bit. Then, I decided to get my peppermint mocha shake (I got vanilla and chocolate for my other three people – do not worry!) and CFA for dinner for some of us and salmon and broccoli for others. I had salmon that I had been promising to cook for my son and it needed to happen soon.

We enjoyed our dinner and watched some telly together.

I decided to go watch some t.v. on my own in my room because I have not been enjoying my white tree lit up like I should. I got sucked into Virgin River on Netflix and now I am hooked! The acting of the mayor, Hope, is so bad, though. Everyone else is pretty good except some of the older women. Ha!

Saturday morning was coffee and lights. Notice there are still no ornaments on our pencil tree.

I decided it was time to tackle my closet. I moved all the shoes because I am hardly wearing any because I needed shelf space for the type of things I am wearing. It has already made life easier.

And, these are the hanging clothes I am wearing.

I keep a bag for donation and re-sell in my closet at all times. The trashbag is always donate and the Trader Joe bag is to take to Clothes Mentor next time I go. I have not gone in so long.

I finally got out to get a snickerdoodle latte and go get my library…

book bundle. I heard about this last week and I thought it was so cool. Our libraries are still closed. Why can we go to the mall but not the library? Why can we go to retailers but not the library? I understand not lingering, but I do not understand why people cannot wear a mask and browse around with a time limit. Also, they are quarantining the books for 7 days. Maybe you could write down what you want and not touch?

Anyway, you tell what kinds of books you like and a librarian picks you out a stack! Actually, the librarian called me to talk about what I like.

I had requested Beach Read and it was ready. I started it and it is so good!!!!!

I think the title does not fit the book so far – anyone read it and agree?

I also bought some wrapping paper and stocking stuffers at Walgreens. Mason went to a book store with a friend and Jack had virtual theatre class. Mason’s friend came back to our house and the three of them hung out and played some videogames. This is the first time we have had anyone in our house in a very long time. We asked about what he has been doing and he has been isolated as well.

I made chili for dinner and watched some more Virgin River. I read some more of Beach Read, too.

Sunday morning I hit the computer for some work. We are in the home stretch with two more weeks of school. I have one level writing digital children’s books in Spanish using all of the verb tenses and the other level doing artist presentations. I also have quizzes to make up and give and we are learning winter/holiday vocabulary in order to have a virtual conversation. I am feeling pretty good about ending 2020 academically. Our semester has 3 more weeks when we come back in January.

I also spent lots of time online shopping and my gifts are starting to roll in. I am done with all the grandparents and I really like what I got. Sorry I cannot tell you yet. Tom and I are trying to give each other a Master bath for Christmas but work has stalled. Plumbing was the next step but our plumber has Covid – he is getting better. I was fine to take a break from the work for that reason – believe me!

How was your weekend?


20 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. I was thinking I need a pencil tree or two – my husband will kill me if I mutter the words buy another Christmas tree so we shall see. Can you believe I have never had a CFA milkshake? I know!!!
    I am excited for the break, I am looking forward to sleeping in and by then our remodel should be done!!!

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    1. The Michaels pencil trees were down to $39 and they are 7 feet tall and easy enough for me to put together! Not to be an enabler…
      I am not tempted by shakes other than CFA peppermint mocha and the Shamrock shake!


  2. Our library is open and it’s been so nice! I think the one in Pittsburgh (I still get their emails) is still closed. Here, you can browse all you want. They just have the children’s toys/etc closed off.

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    1. I’m so jealous! I do love curbside pick up, though. I think it’s more a staffing issue than anything – they furloughed many employees sadly. I get that they wouldn’t want the toys shared.
      Have a great day!


  3. If I get a dessert at CFA, it’s the lemonade blended with ice cream. LIFE. CHANGING!!!

    Maybe you’ll be my inspiration to get my closets cleaned out over Christmas break.

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  4. We are at the beach house and my California closets are going in as I type! SOOOOO windy here but 70 deg so its all fine. As per the norm, we always get CFA when we are over here so that is our dinner for tonight but no milkshakes. I am getting back into my WW lifestyle with a full force. I want to finish the year strong. I have been in maintenance for over 3 years and I am up 2 lb for thanksgiving. No, I do not give myself grace at the holidays! lol ok we are off to walk down in Pismo so I best get going. Have a great week. You know we are in SHUT DOWN mode in California. SO STUPID!!!

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    1. I know you have been looking forward to this! It’s good to catch those 2 pounds now but I know you will. 70 and walking on a beach sounds heavenly.
      CFA naked nuggets and skinny pizza – what other go tos do you have? Does Tony eat the same?


  5. I loved Virgin River! I watched all of Season 2 last Sunday and Monday night. It is so funny that you think Hope’s acting is bad. She is played by Annette O’Toole, an acting legend. I think she does a great job making you love to hate her. And that CFA shake….YUM! My daughter and I shared a small last week. I have no self control when it comes to ice cream. LOL
    KY’s Governor’s covid rules do not make a whole lot of sense. Living 1 mile from the KY state line, I see the detrimental effects of the businesses.
    Especially the small ones around me. I don’t have the answers, but opening and shutting down businesses/restaurants is just crazy to me. I can’t imagine what it’s like in a big city like yours. Country living for the win. 🙂


    1. I’m trying to go slowly to savor it. Ok, I called my actor son up to see what he thought. He said the writing is so bad that he can’t possibly judge anyone’s acting – lololol. Plus he didn’t know why he was being asked to be an expert. Yes, I think she over acts her part. I did look up her IMDB. Sorry!
      I can turn down ice cream usually. I have a harder time with baked goods.
      Ky is crazy but Ca is worse! I feel so bad for our small businesses and for a big city we are doing well supporting them and our local restaurants. I agree that country dwellers have it made right now. But I like my quiet little corner in suburbia where I can stay home, get anything I want delivered, do a curbside pickup, etc. We have friends who want to have a second home on some land 30 imbues away and want us to have one, too. We’ve been talking more about it and it is appealing. We have to get through college first.


  6. Our library was open for a few weeks, but has now closed again. You are so right about the retail vs. the library. There doesn’t seem to much logic when it comes to covid rules. That was so smart to reorganize your closet with what you’re really using. Have a good week!

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