Friday, December 4, 2020

Happy Friday! How was your week? Mine was pretty good and it was kind of nice to be back to the routine, surprisingly. I will say that I feel less hurried and frantic this holiday season. Usually the time between Thanksgiving and Winter break is so crazy for teachers and moms. I am still working 8 hour days but at home and I just feel a little more calm. I guess that lack of afternoon and evening activities contribute to my more tranquil persona. Do you feel the same?

My college kids and I are sharing our spaces just fine. Tom goes to work at 7:30 and comes home at 5:30. His life has remained almost the same during 2020. They started finals yesterday and have one or more each day until December 9. I am trying to not helicopter too much, but just asking what they have each day and giving them tips for organization.

I am happy to link up with Andrea, etc. right here where we share things from our week that were favorites.

Here we go!

This is a practice I have had since way before Corona. I have always kept a pump bottle of hand sanitizer in my car. Every time I get back in the car from an errand I sanitize. I found this seasonal scent at Target – they have 3 other scents, but I picked peppermint. I thought this would add a bit of happy to my very few errands these days!

I also found this mercury glass votive holder for $3 at Target. I had been looking for something to hold my…

Capri Blue votives that smell amazing! I believe I ordered these off of Amazon last season and only used one. Target also had gold, red, and green votive holders I believe. I wanted to buy more but I thought just one in my favorite shade of mercury glass would be enough.

This is yummy! I ordered it in my last Kroger pick up.

It is peppermint mocha season! The amount of money I have saved since March in NOT going through the Starbuck’s drive through could probably buy me a really nice item of clothing or a handbag. I have found that having good creamer at home really helps. I also picked up some whip cream for a fancier afternoon coffee.

Sunday afternoon I ran into Trader Joe’s to get a few items and I was marveling at how many items there would make great gifts and/or stocking stuffers. A wooden charcuterie board, wooden bowls, wooden spoons, hand cream, set of lip balms. Plus, all of their candy and treats would be great gifts that you know would be used. Why not create a basket? Also, this is a good reminder to look for gifts at your local grocery store.

We got our first snow Monday late afternoon and evening! If you are wondering why we have doormats line up on the back deck, it is because Tom re-stained the deck and it took 3 weeks to dry. Crazy! He finally put the mats down so we could use the back door and we can take them up now.

My view Tuesday morning! Some of you cold weather dwellers are probably laughing at the little amount we call snow around here. My kids and I were just talking about wanting a white Christmas this year. Wouldn’t that be pretty?

Mason was my happy hour companion this week! Jack had a theatre thing to attend in person – woohoo! So, while he had that I asked Mason if he wanted to hang out with his ol’ mom. Our restaurants are closed to in-person dining for two more weeks at least but we really want to support them. I can honestly say I have never gone to a patio in 30 degree weather. Each table got their own heater.

We went to a place called Agave and Rye and I had a margarita and we split some chips and queso and each had a taco. We took tacos, chips and queso home for Tom and Jack.

We had a lovely time with good conversation. It is amazing to start to have an adult relationship with your child.

And, then I get this on Facebook… this was one of our favorite family restaurants that has now gone out of business. I loved their hot chocolate t-shirts and loved matching or coordinating their outfits. Look at those cute faces. I was telling Tom I long for those days sometimes.

I found this to be a really cute movie with decent acting. I just cannot handle the horrible acting on some of the Hallmark movies! I like Emma Roberts and this was a cute flick that was just what I needed Sunday afternoon.

What were your favorites this week? Any fun weekend plans? I need to shop! I also need to buy wrapping supplies. I am planning to make a pot of chili one day, but that is about it right now.

Happy Weekend!


13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. How fantastic that the man payed for your lunch! What an angel!
    So it’s colder in Kentucky than over here! Snowy winters seems to be only a memory… But I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to cycle and take the moped now when I’ve been working in the suburbs… Public transport in NOT an option! Vaccine seems to be coming in a couple of weeks, so we just have to fight it through til then!
    TGIF! Enjoy!


    1. It was so sweet! I want to pay it forward to someone else now. That is a blessing that you can still cycle and moped. Good for the mental health and avoiding germs! Does Sweden have a plan? Here teachers will not be until phase two of the vaccine. When are they saying you can get it?


  2. What a sweet gesture by that kind man ❤️We have an agave and rye here and I love it (but we haven’t been since Covid) ours is at the mall with no patio. I hope you have a great weekend. I still need to shop some but at least have a plan for presents which always makes me feel better.


    1. I know! I was so touched! I would not want to go to A and R at the mall! Ours is near Bardstown Road which is our funky eclectic road with lots of shops and restaurants. I have a plan, too, but no big surprises this year – typical 2020!

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      1. Love bardstown road area. Travis and I used to go there quite a bit . I was just excited for the lady who gave me a coupon for free candle at bath and body works let alone if someone paid for my dinner 😂

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      2. I am more of a Frankfort Avenue gal! Lol! I have two friends who live off of Bardstown Road but I would hate it. With my HSP and introverted extrovert I need quiet suburbia. It’s fun to visit though.
        That was also a kind gesture!

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  3. Aw, so sweet that he treated you guys to lunch! I am amazed at how well teachers have adapted but I think having worked in a school myself I have a greater appreciation for the job to begin with anyway. I could not even imagine going from traditional teaching to everything that my son’s teachers are doing!

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    1. It was so kind! I cannot imagine doing in person and virtual at the same time and our district has said we won’t have to do that. They will pull teachers to be virtual academy. I still don’t know how that will work and I plan to be an in person teacher. Starting to think we won’t go back this year at all, though.
      You know much more about teaching! I didn’t know you worked in a school but with your homeschool background you understand!


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