Tuesday, November 17, 2020

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I thought we would talk gift ideas today. I normally start my shopping the day after Thanksgiving or two days after for Small Business Saturday. I am pretty chill about it and it all comes together. This year everything is different. Your UPS deadline is December 15. Your USPS date is December 18. You can send directly from Amazon, of course, to the recipient. You can also have gifts sent directly from many retailers. I really am not sure what our plans will be at this point. I will go ahead and buy gifts and hope to see everyone in person in some fashion.

I would love to shop locally, too. I love the convenience of Amazon and online shopping, but I just feel like our local stores need us now more than ever!

Step One: Make a list of all the people you buy for and write potential ideas down next to their names.

Step Two: Is there a theme you can use for gifts – food gifts, pjs, slippers, blankets, restaurant gift cards. I love the idea of supporting local businesses with gift cards. They get the money now to help them through these hard times. Your loved one gets a special take out later.

Here are my ideas in no particular organized fashion! Please share your ideas in the comments!

I kind of have gifts for the home on my brain. What does the recipient do every day? What would make their home life easier, better, more fun?

Museum gift stores – some may even have an online site. There are really unique gifts to be found!

10 foot phone charger cord – my boys laughed at this but they have found it to be super useful.

Wireless charging pad – I am thinking about these for my boys.

We will be at home streaming shows this winter – a Disney Plus subscription, a projector for a big wall inside that can be used outside come spring, too. Echo Show might be fun, too.

Little makeup fridge or 6 soft drink can fridge – These are so cute and can be run from a USB or outlet.

Notepad set – order monogram or personalization. You could put a fun saying, meaningful word, too.

Think non-traditional places – there are some cool gifts to be had at the boat business of our SIL/BIL. Tom got a float for my sister last year and she loved it! He drew her name. They also carry Maui Jim sunglasses. There is also a little Mom and Pop hardware store with candles and other gifts.

Etsy – so many cute and unique gifts and you are helping someone with their small business!

Pins – my son has a thrifted jean jacket and is starting to put some metal pins on it and it looks so cool and so 80s!

Redbubble.com for fun teen things

Think practical and useful this year – food and gas gift cards.

Electric kettle – I would love one of these for tea.

Dash egg cooker – I would love one of these, too!

Food gifts – local coffee beans or anything your town is known for.

Bourbon products- we have gifted bourbon caramel sauce, bourbon smoked pepper, or just bourbon!

Local soaps or toiletries – sometimes these are in our grocery stores in a particular section.

Anything for staying home and being comfy..

Popcorn maker and popcorn

Soft fleece jackets, robes, blankets, slippers, fuzzy socks

Solo stove or other fire apparatus

For small kids, I like the idea of bubble bath, bath toys, bath crayons

Plants – there are certain plants that purify the air and we are spending so much time at home! I have noticed teens love plants, too. There are faux and real plants in their rooms. I stare at teenage rooms all day now. That sounded weird – I am a virtual teacher, not a creeper!

Funky lights for teens are great, too! I also like the clothesline photo holders.

I hope I gave you at least one idea today!

Now, give me some, please! Ha!


10 thoughts on “Gifting in a Pandemic

  1. SO many GREAT ideas! I definitely love the idea of a theme and always try to buy a few things off Etsy. Last year, my brother and I split my dads Netflix subscription and I think that will be a tradition now 😂


  2. Thank you so much for all the ideas! I’ll be referring back to this list as I brainstorm for gift ideas. It seems like everyone is harder to buy for this year! Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!


    1. You are welcome! Some years I have the hardest time – last year we surprised the boys with air pods. I love a good surprise, but I really do not have one this year – Surprise – here is your college tuition, right?


  3. Great ideas! I love supporting the small shops and Etsy too. I also try to make things. This year I’m sewing bowl cozies for the microwave. But I’ve done Christmas morning coffee cakes for my family and friends and have received some homemade gifts of vanilla extract and hot fudge sauce in the past. I’m always finding ideas on Pinterest 😁


  4. God, you crack me up…! Watching teenage rooms all day! You’re the best! LOL!!!
    Yes on cool lights for the room! 16 year old has the coolest light show going on in her room every night… it’s a great gift idea!
    Gift cards used to be fun, but… you could always us drive in on Starbucks, McDonald’s etc? So gift cards is still a good idea I guess. And books of course! Since we’ll be home all Christmas break…
    Enjoy your day, good luck with the new wifi!


  5. lots of bloggers are posting their gift guides right now, but i swear they need lessons from you!! this is such a comprehensive list and so original!! i plan on using at least a couple of your ldeas!
    this year especially seems to call for alot of creativity and imagination and it helps to have some great ideas to build on!
    thanks again for your hard work in putting this list together!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well Rita, you are my favorite because this is the nicest thing I’ve heard all day! I was worried about lack of links and photos. You are right – if there was ever a time for imagination it is now! Thank you for commenting!


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