Monday, November 16, 2020

I am actually happy for Monday to be here because I have a second modem on the way from a different internet provider! I am linking up with Heather and Tanya at glittery

Friday I worked at school and was just beat when I got home. I read and rested and then picked up bbq. Tom had a late meeting and I was happy that not go out. The modem had arrived and I tried to hook it up myself with no luck. Tom tried, too, spent an hour on the phone with ATT, and finally they said they would send a technician Saturday morning. We sat down to eat at 8 and watched Queen’s Gambit.

Saturday morning came and I got an ATT text saying they would be here Tuesday morning. We both lost it! Tom called and they were not accommodating so we fired them, called Spectrum for internet, went to Verizon to change plans, and got YouTube tv. We had had ATT for internet, Uverse tv, and 3 phones. Spectrum is sending us a modem today – we hope!

Saturday I was switching between my old phone and my new phone – my old phone was not compatible with Verizon so I took Tom’s old work phone that he bought from the company after he got an upgrade. It is very hard to transfer without WIFI. I currently don’t have any of my photos. I hope to get them back.

Saturday night we went to our friends’ new house for pizza on their porch with their heater. It was nice!

I am reading this book – cheesy but I’m ok with it. I spent some time on the patio.

Sunday morning-Trader Joe’s – lots of Christmas stuff out but I resisted. I tried to get things for lunches and dinners this week.

I tested out the peppermint marshmallows with a mocha coffee-yum!
The highlight of Sunday and the whole weekend –

We got to have lunch with our Jack! Then we did some shopping with him – he found two jackets.

And, we got Blizzards and watched some Mandalorian on our sad set up. We have to use our phones for now. We got 6 months free of Disney + from Verizon.

And, I am typing on my phone! How was your weekend?


15 thoughts on “Hello Monday – Weekend without WIFI

  1. It is so hard when everything is hooked up to the internet and your service is out! I think you’ll be happy with Spectrum, that is who we use too and we love Verizon. Had Sprint for awhile but went right back the minute our contract was up!
    Trader Joe’s is dangerous for me – so many tempting yummies, last year we bought so much Jingle Jangle – I am NOT getting is this year, lol!!!

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    1. It has been so annoying but I’m trying to keep it in perspective. Good to hear you like Spectrum and Verizon. I didn’t even see the Jingle
      jangle? The only sweets I got were the meringues and the marshmallows. I am
      Sure I will go Back again before Christmas. It’s hard to believe we are almost to thanksgiving!


  2. Looks like you are making the best of the WiFi situation but that’s still so inconvenient! Hopefully everything will be back to normal ASAP. I’m so glad you got to hang out with jack! The marshmallows look amazing!

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    1. I’m tired of making the best of this! Haha – but now I can relate to my students who have had tech problems. Jack was in a great mood, he is excited to come home, and he used a coaster! What growth! Lol!

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  3. Poor you with all that trouble with internet and tv! It drives you crazy, doesn’t it!? Good on you that you ditched ATT! We always hook up on Xfinity for tv and Internet when we are in America, and they are quite flexible with us “second homers” (but expensive!).
    You bought a lot of yummy food and stuff! I love potato gratin, and there are really nice pre-made ones.
    Weekend was fine, thanks. We saw two good films (Exmachina and The Grey) and started The Crown season 4 (that should be something for you! I’m so waiting for Diana to show up!). Soldier girl won’t be home for another ten days, but we take the opportunity to bond with the youngest….
    The Swedish state is finally restricting us because of covid… all bars and restaurants have to close at 10 pm, and we can not socialize in groups bigger than eight. (Does that mean I can skip this week’s staff meetings!?)
    Enjoy your week! Are you still working from school?


    1. It is o.k. in the scheme of things. That is a good idea for Florida. This potato gratin was bad. Maybe I should have taken 50 minutes for the oven, but it did not seem worth it! You must watch The Queens Gambit on Netflix – so good!
      I do not stay out after 10 anyway! I am still working from school. I am lucky it is so close and I go home for lunch.


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