Friday, November 13, 2020

It is a Friday the 13th! I am linking up with Andrea, etc. right here.

How was your week? My week was a bit crazy!

Sometime in the late night Tuesday our modem stopped working. Our modem controls our internet, our t.v. service, our thermostat, and maybe my mood cycles. I spent an hour on the phone with the nicest AT&T guy Wednesday morning. He told me to be careful when I went downstairs to check the colors of the flashing lights on the modem. I really do not think he wanted to get off the phone with me. I was pretty pleasant will say. He also told me to put him on speaker and it would be awhile so I could do something else. I told him I had already unloaded the dishwasher and he commended me. Anyway, he promised to send a new modem and gave me hope that it could be there the same day. Well, it has now been over 30 hours and it is not expected until tonight now. Maybe that is why he was so nice?

So, Wednesday I worked using my phone and luckily we did not have live classes. I just had meetings and planning to do.

Yesterday I went to school at 7:30! It was so weird. I packed three bags which was really funny. I was kind of happy to be back in my classroom.

On top of this, we had workers all day Wednesday and yesterday. So, maybe it was good that it forced me to go to school. The Master bath is moving. Never fear – it will stagnate again soon I know.

Here are a few random favorites from the week…. I know one of them will be getting my new modem!

I just cannot resist the call of the Target or drugstore beauty aisles. I had been doing really well and only purchased my new Maskcara brand palette over the last several months (By the way the company Maskcara re-branded to the name Seint in case you are interested.)

Maybelline Super Stay Ink Crayon in Make it Happen. I really like this. It does not dry you out but this color is really bold. I would like to try a lighter color.

I still have some of my Glossier Boy Brow but I added this. I do this first and I really like it. Maybelline Brow Extensions is the name of the product and I got medium brown. It is like a thicker pencil/crayon. I follow it with Boy Brow and I think it looks pretty good for this eyebrow newbie.

I do not think I can recommend Maybelline Color Strike. It is an eyeshadow and it has nothing on my Charlotte Tillbury Eyes to Mesmerize. I have been using it as an overlay on my tightlined eyeliner, though, for some sparkle. It feels like not enough product comes out for you to the do the whole lid. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

I read that this kills the Coronavirus. My source was a blog and it said that the dentist had patients swish this before getting worked on. Maybe I used too much but I could not get the taste out of my mouth. Just putting this out there to help you, but beware. I am not sure what I will do in the future. Maybe I will try using less and rinsing with water immediately. Anyone else heard this?

I got my first Walmart delivery Tuesday while I was working! Walmart has some products that Kroger does not carry so I thought I would try it. The person left the groceries on the porch and I came to find out it was through Door Dash and not Walmart in my area.

I really wanted to try these and Kroger did not have them.

After school one day I enjoyed another Truly Lemonade and finished Troubles in Paradise. It wrapped up the trilogy really well and I was said to say good-bye to the characters.

Winter in Paradise is the first one and I think it would be nice to read right now!

Look at all the leaves Ernie and I had to walk through this week! Wow!

One morning was mild enough for me to do my coffee outside in shorts. I am still loving my Woodwick candles.

Here is what my white tree in the bedroom looks like lit up in the dark.

I have been wanting a pair of New Balance and I had a DSW coupon – I checked Amazon, too. I got a similar pair to these for only $29 shipped because I had a $30 off coupon, plus a $5 birthday reward to add on.

The most fun of my week was meeting my teacher friend at a patio for Taco Tuesday. Our table naturally socially distanced us – we were so far away! They had specials all day long. It was so nice to visit.

I started this and it seems really cute so far.

I apologize for my late blog post one day and for being slow to respond to comments. Blame it on my WIFI issues!

What were your favorites this week?

I would love to hear in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Internet trouble is enough to put me over the edge since I have to work from home. With all the construction at our house we have had some issues but luckily it ends up working.
    The picture of those leaves is my favorite – I cannot imagine living there and being able to see all those beautiful fall leaves! I would be giddy! In FL you look outside and have no idea what time of year it is because it always looks the same!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I bet! You have no place to go! So much of my routine is tied to the internet – I have missed my morning news while I clean the kitchen and make my coffee. Oh well – hopefully it will be here sometime today!
      I love the leaves but I will take a picture of all the bare trees soon and it will look like that til March. But then, the new growth is amazing in the spring. My Dad always talked about seeing the world come back to life. That’s why it’s really hard to pick my favorite season. I love 3 of the 4! I am going to try to compensate with plants in the house – especially ones that improve air quality.
      Ugh renovation and construction is so disruptive. Hope yours is finished soon!


  2. That’s also why I shop at Walmart: they have products I generally can’t get elsewhere.

    Any antiseptic mouthwash kills germs, so if we’re feeling sick, we pull out the bottle of “burny” mouthwash to gargle with. Gag. But I think it does work. We just buy the cheap store-brand.


    1. I think it would be good for me to shop there once a month but I love my Kroger! I buy tons on Kroger brands.
      That is what Tom says re. the mouthwash. I need to start doing it regularly.


  3. I agree that Walmart really has a nice variety of items that some of the grocery stores don’t carry. Our leaves are starting to fall which means lots of pool clean up so that the leaves don’t block the pumps!
    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so weird what my Kroger doesn’t carry!
      Or they will stop carrying something. I prefer Kroger bc my Walmart is not that nice and I can practically see Kroger from my house.
      I bet pools are a lot of work – would like to have one if I didn’t have to care for it!
      One more week til Grace and Jack and Mason!


    1. We found out our modem was 5 years old and they are supposed to be replaced every two years. Thanks ATT! And now there is no local place so it had to get shipped from Texas. I will appreciate it when I get it up and running. Working from school was ok but I prefer from home right now.
      I hope school continues to go well for your three! It’s nice that you already homeschooled!


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