Thursday, November 12, 2020

I took this idea from Carolina Charm blog; She is the cutest and has really good ideas and really good recipes, by the way. I used to not really be a soup person but now I am. I thought I could make soup for Sunday dinner and then eat the leftovers for lunch throughout the week this fall and winter.

Now, some weeks I have made it on Saturday or Monday so I am not doing this perfectly, but I still like the idea!

My first Soup Sunday was spicy vegetable soup with turkey sausage. I used spicy V8 as the base and then added canned diced tomatoes, canned carrots and green beans, frozen corn, sauteed zucchini just because I had it, fresh spinach, diced potatoes, and turkey sausage. It was delicious!

My second attempt was lentil bacon soup. It had broth, bacon, lentils, carrots, onions, and it needed tomatoes so I added them. Warning and TMI: My body was not used to the amount of fiber that lentils apparently contain. This was my least favorite soup taste wise and I really do not know if I will make this again.

The next week was Halloween so you have to make chili, right? My chili is really good in my opinion. I used lean ground beef and make sure it is in really small chunks after cooking. I start with a can of Red Gold tomato juice, add a packet of chili seasoning mix, cans of diced tomatoes, cans of beans, and add a bit of cinnamon and sugar. Trust me! Then, I do cooked macaroni noodles on the side for people to add and serve it with shredded cheese and Fritos, too.

Then, this past weekend I made Carolina Charm lasagna soup.

This was really good and got rave reviews from Tom. You top it with a ricotta and parmesan mixture and can stir it in if desired. I will let you get it directly from the source here.

Next up for this weekend, is white chicken chili! I am excited. I may add corn because Tom really likes corn. Or, I may not. And, I am going to serve them with my new cornbread muffins in a tube, you all! I will tell you about those tomorrow!

What soup should I make next? Are you a soup person? No soup for you!


5 thoughts on “Soup Sunday

  1. Love the soup Sunday idea! I made chili last night and made the cornbread muffins in the tube. My husband really liked them. I’m a cracker with chili person, but I did try a muffin! I love to make vegetable beef soup with leftover pot roast. And chicken tortilla soup from Pioneer Woman is really delicious.


    1. Thank you Theresa! I did not like the muffins as much as I thought I would. We had them last night with a roast and vegetables. That is an excellent idea re. the roast. I will look at her recipe. You really cannot go wrong with any of hers. She is my cooking idol!


  2. No soup for you 🤣 we love soups. I think I’m a soup Sunday person and didn’t even know it! In the fall and winter, I do typically make a soup or chili on Sunday so I don’t have to think about dinner on Monday. So far this fall, I haven’t made many soups just because it’s still been so warm out but it’s about time I make that for dinner

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  3. We love making soups on Sunday and eating them all throughout the week. Although I am not the biggest soup fan. No chicken noodle, no vegetable beef, no tomato. I think that maybe I prefer a thicker soup. My next one will be taco soup. I think it is my favorite! I don’t make it very often because I burnt my husband out on it when I was on WW years ago. LOL I think it is coming back into my rotation. OHH, I also need to make stuffed pepper soup. It is so yummy!


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