Thursday, November 5, 2020

On Monday I turned 49! Wow – that sure happened quickly. And, I feel like I have had so many changes lately that have added to my perspective on my age.

Last August I started mourning the end of an era. My twin boys had been at my high school and I loved it. They never abused that and it was just a lovely time of knowing who they spent their days with and sometimes catching a glimpse of them in the halls. It was the last of everything – last time they rode to school with me, last time they had a school play, quick recall match, school event to attend.

Then, we all know what happened in March and it cut short our experiences even more. I had to learn how to do my job in a total different way in March and then again in August I had to learn even more how to do my job virtually and with so many technological features that had been unknown to me. Then, I became an empty nester. Tom and I had to learn a new normal. I feel really young to be an empty nester. I am glad I have my job and my hobbies. I am glad that I have this blog and you all to read it – ha! I am thankful and grateful that I kept up with friendships even in seasons of life when we rarely had time to see each other.

On Sunday, I had requested that the boys carve out some time to do the art museum which had an Andy Warhol exhibit ending soon. Growing up we did so much as a family and took them to museums, on educational trips, did activities around town, went hiking and camping, and so much more. I feel like these things brought out/bring out our best as a family of four. I love that Mason is lost in conversation with Jack as the three went up the stairs in the museum. After the museum, we went to a fun area of town and ate Nashville style hot chicken at a place called Royals. The boys both love it and it made me happy. Then, we went in a funky boutique next door called Revelry.

On Monday, it was so nice to wake up leisurely and not be in a hurry to log on. I had saved a gift from my sister Molly to open and it was this Universal Thread Target necklace. She knows I love that brand.

I did my nails while listening to a podcast.

I treated myself to a Starbucks which really has become a treat since March. I think I have only gotten 4 since then? I used to get one weekly!

One of my sweet friends dropped off this candle from World Market. It smells divine – is exactly my scent profile and I love the color and look of the candle, too.

O.k. – I debated posting this because I know I will receive judgment from my mom and maybe from others, too. I had mentioned that I wanted a flask the last time I was around my sister in law. Look at my beautiful rose gold flask! I thought this would be nice to take on the boat or to liven up certain events. Also, there is a restaurant I like that lets you BYOB because they do not have a liquor license.

After Starbucks I went to Target and wandered a bit. It has always been my happy place!

Then, I went to my favorite mall and wandered a bit but stopped into Kendra Scott to pick up my new half price necklace.

Tom got me the Target Stars Above robe.

I was lazy and read or watched t.v. after lunch and then for dinner Tom took me out and I had shrimp and grits that were just meh. I ordered a cool sounding cocktail but sadly, it never came. The waiter forgot. Oh well. I got a Heath blizzard on the way home instead.

My mom and my inlaws sent me money and I did it – I ordered the green pre-lit pencil tree for the family room and …

the white one for my bedroom.

I have been wanting a pre-lit tree for years and I always wanted one in my bedroom when I had the space. These are on their way to me! I am so happy!

I received so many sweet texts, Facebook messages, and phone calls and definitely felt very blessed.

Do you have any birthday traditions? It is odd to celebrate in a pandemic I will say. But, I think we need to celebrate in any way we can right now.

Thanks for reading,


28 thoughts on “49

  1. Happy happy 49!!! I love your little blog space and appreciate you sharing. I have the empty nest thing right around the corner and it gives me encouragement to see how you make plans, big and little, and have appreciated all the little fun things in life.

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    1. Awww Paige – thank you! Sometimes I compare myself to other bloggers and think my little world must sound boring! I hope you have a great day and thanks for the positivity!


  2. Happy birthday! Looks like a fabulous day! I’m so glad you got the robe and the trees. Whatever bring you joy 😀I usually don’t take my birthday off because it’s usually around MLK day off…my family knows the tradition—a cookie cake and a card, & mom is happy ❤️usually they surprise me with another gift or two.


    1. Thanks for giving me the push to get the trees. They should arrive tomorrow! Should I get orange ball ornaments and make it a November tree for now? Ha! I might leave it naked until closer to December. I usually do take my birthday off because we do not get a fall break – just the one day for St. James art fair and by Nov. 2 I am ready for a break! I always say if you can take off you should because it is just a nice treat. That is nice to have MLK off for your birthday, though! And, I only started doing this when my kids were older – maybe in middle school?
      I hope you are feeling closer to 100%!

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      1. A birthday off is a great idea! I was going to leave my tree bare for a while, but then just picked up neutral colored ornaments and bow…my mom said it looked good because the colors were kind of autumnal.

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  3. 49 is a nice age! I’m three years ahead of you… I think birthdays are very important! We only celebrate with the closest family, but it’s a big thing for us. Soldier girl were celebrated when she was home on leave, one week too late, but we celebrated the whole day with breakfast in bed and everything.
    As a person living in a country covered with fir-trees, I just can’t accept a fake Christmas tree… sorry…. For me it has to be the real thing!


    1. Thank you! You seem younger and I was surprised when you said you were over 50 a while back! I love to celebrate all the people in my life. That is nice that you made her feel special.
      I think we keep trees up longer here and I love a real one but it’s so nice to have a pre-lit artificial too.


      1. Well thank you! I guess I don’t really dress and act my age… (btw, why should you!?)
        I hear you on the artificial Christmas tree! Bring on all the lights and jolly and spirit! And I must confess, I have bought an artificial tree for my classroom…
        Your new robe looks just like mine! I live in that robe!


      2. I think I am the same and I agree! I think people can make themselves look way older! But, age is just a number. I am loving the robe and I cannot wait to have tons of lights and get all hygge! and the Swedish form of hygge!


  4. This has definitely been a very strange year, and I know just how you feel with the new empty nest stage. We’re only halfway there, but I can imagine what a big change it would be. Also, our family of four really enjoy things like museums, restaurants and just spending a day together. I’m looking forward to some of that when Grace comes home in 3 weeks! It looks like you had a very nice day of celebration.


    1. It has! I am so happy that Grace comes home. I cannot imagine that distance but I know she has probably grown so much. I hope that the pandemic dies down so we can do more over the break and you too!


  5. Happy birthday! I haven’t posted for a bit but you are still one of my favorites! You don’t know this of course but I have had a pretty tough year and you have posted a couple of things I have asked for in prayer. Grateful for you!

    Also, I know you like Charlotte Tillbury and cream makeup, you need to try the Beauty Wand if you have not! It’s a cream blush, they have it in pink or peach, I have the pink and really like it!

    Hope you had a great birthday!


    1. Thank you Emma! You are too kind! I am so sorry you have had a rough year. I hope things are on the upswing? I posted something you prayed for? Oh, I got chills! I love Charlotte Tillbury eyeshadow! I will look at the Beauty Wand right now during my break. I will pray for you and I thank you for the birthday wishes!


  6. What a lovely birthday and now it’ll be the big 50! Don’t worry- turning 50 is a privilege denied to many so embrace it! I certainly did! Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself on your special day and all your loved ones made you feel special too! Love that! I feel like your birthday is your special day to be celebrated!! Can’t wait to see your trees up. And isn’t Kendra Scott half price bday treat wonderful? This year i got 2 from KS! Because i shopped in store before the pandemic and then i got an email with a code to buy online and yes i did! Have a wonderful rest of your week. We are heading home from pebble beach and our anniversary trip! It’s 71 deg now but tomorrow our weather plummets and i am
    Not mad about it! Bring on the cold!!


    1. Thank you and do not talk about 50 yet! But you are right and that is a good attitude. KS is so generous! Your trip looked lovely and I hope that recharged you for normal life for a bit! It may be warmer here. We have 70s next 3 days!


  7. Happy 49! It sounds like you had a nice birthday and I love the flask! Getting used to an empty nest takes time, I think you are adjusting very well.


    1. Thank you! It does take time and then an adjustment when they return I would think. We have that to look forward to soon! Thank you – it’s been smoother than I thought.


  8. happy birthday!! it sounds like you made the most of it, but i have come to realize that you usually do make the most of things. you inspire me to get out and do more (with covid restrictions of course!).
    and absolutely no judgement on the flask. i have one that has the lone star flag on it as i live in texas (and we put that flag on everything!)

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    1. Thank you! I do try! Sometimes it gets me in trouble always trying to have fun. You are my people if you have a flask with flag! Here we like to monogram everything! Haha!


  9. A nice couple of days off and doing what you want–now that’s a great way to celebrate!! And all of the thoughtful gifts are just icing on the cake. 😉 I will be 46 when my daughter graduates from high school. I KNOW that I will need a hobby when that day comes! Hopefully she will go somewhere cool for college and we can just do a ton of visits. It was such an adjustment when my step-son moved out after graduation, since he had lived with us full time since he was 13. Just think of all of the fun adventures you and Tom can go on-just the two of you. I love the flask–you should check out the BruMate ones if you carry the one you got often. It’s sparkly and girly!!


    1. Yes! I felt lazy but it’s what I needed. 46 is young! Start finding your hobby now if you can. Your daughter will not want you to visit much and don’t take it personally! I feel like we can’t go anywhere bc of the pandemic and the dog. We need to do something! That is a good brand. I will see if I use this one much! Thanks for commenting!


  10. Happy birthday! I’m glad you were able to make it special!
    For mine, we usually just go out to eat…with a January birthday, you take what you can get. 🙂


    1. Thank you Kristin! That is true – January birthdays probably make you just want to stay inside or do something like eat out. I don’t even want to think about January!


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