Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I am linking up today with the ladies at The Style Six here.

Hello everyone! I am still having trouble uploading some photos as I was on Monday. I am trying to do the iphone update to see if that helps. I load all of my photos through my WordPress app (WordPress is my blog publishing site). Anyway, we will try to make do! I also have not been taking photos like I should!

I have been wanting to wear my white Madewell sneakers all the time lately. I bought them last February and really only wore them a couple of times before the world shut down and shoes were no longer required. With them, I wore black leggings, black top, off white vest and my new camo purse strap. This outfit was all based on the sneaks and the purse strap – you got me. And, my eyes are closed.

Going back to last Wednesday for my French restaurant patio lunch – I had wanted to test run a skirt and booties outfit. New Umgee kimono from Amazon, old black top, old LulaRoe skirt.

I did my The Butter self tanning lotion a few days before in preparation.

On my birthday Monday I did my nails this blue denim color. I had a few goofs.

My sister sent me this Universal Thread Target necklace and I had already decided to wear the burgundy leggings and taupe poncho. These booties are old and not that comfy. I want to replace them with taupe Lucky Baley booties like my black ones. I used to always buy things in multiple colors and then I stopped. Now that I know myself better I am a fan of this practice again. If you know something works for your lifestyle and is comfy – and you will get wear out of it – it makes sense. Target A New Day poncho – case in point – I now have it in black, burgundy and taupe and have already worn all three colors. By the way, on my birthday I got a Starbuck’s and the barista at the drive through told me I looked aesthetically pleasing. She went on and on and was so sweet.

Meet my Kendra Scott half price birthday piece! I splurged this year. It was originally $128. It can make three separate strands, two strands, or all three, the pendant comes off. It is a really unique and versatile piece and I am not sure you can tell, but it is a more antique looking dark gold which is a trend. I think we will continue to see more of this gold shade. This is not a great photo so I will be sure to show you with an outfit soon. And, do not sleep on (as my students would say) this deal. KS is so generous.

I finally moved my fall and winter shoes to the easier to access side of my closet. I have so many more summer shoes than fall and winter. Not pictured are the Lucky Baley booties in black. They were in my car to do a quick change from my tennies after the museum.

Top Row: old black pumps, black suede poiny toe booties for dress up (the toes are getting worn as happens with pointy toes), rust Target mules from last season (I wore out the black version), black Costco booties with zipper that are just meh

Second Row: Jack Rogers booties, taupe booties, last season clog booties

Third Row: black clogs, black Mary Jane MIA clogs, tan MIA Sofia clogs, yellow suede BOC clogs from this year(copied off my sister)

Flats Row:

jelly flats, taupe Rothy’s (washed and they are not as comfortable because they shrank a bit in the toe area), black Tory Burch, tan Tory Burch, grey snakeskin Tieks, black, Tieks, gold Tieks. The three pairs of Tieks are my best consignment find of my life. They were brand new and priced at $30 a pair. These retail for $200 and are one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. Of all of the flats, they are my favorites. I think the Rothys were in number one until I washed them. If you are a flats person (which I was when I went to work in a building) I very much think one pair of Rothy’s or one pair of Tieks is worth the money.

Last Row:

Madewell white sneakers. I cannot recommend these enough. I love them so much. I wear the little no show socks with them.

I am not showing my tall boots right now but the fact is that I have not been reaching for them much in the last few years. To me, the bootie is so much user friendly.

I feel that there are major holes in my fall/winter shoe wardrobe but I am up for the challenge of shopping! I will also tell you that I do not care for many of the current shoe/bootie trends out for fall/winter 2020. I would love to hear your recommendations, though!

What have you been wearing lately? What shoes are you reaching for?


9 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday and Fall Shoes

  1. I love that the barista gave you so many compliments, how sweet is that! I love your KS necklace. I am adding that to my list of possibilities for January when my son’s birthday rolls around – ha!!! The beauty of having boys, we can use their birthday reward!!!
    Hope you have a great day back to work!

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    1. Thank you! She was so sweet! Yes, I think I will wear it a bunch. They had a burgundy colored stone, too. I’m a bit scared to use someone else’s birthday. They don’t bat an eye or care?
      Yup back to work! Time to pay for that time off! Lol!


  2. I agree, I never wear tall boots (new expression for me, thanks!), I don’t know what to do with the trouser legs! I’ve had boots for years and years, and I don’t think I will change that. I wear sneakers a lot, today I have my classic vans in dark blue. For Christmas I have told my husband I want a pair of classic Dr Martins, I’ve never had any! They used to feel so extreme, but now they just look like ordinary boots!
    I like all your outfits! My favorite is the burgundy leggings and taupe poncho – so cool to match it with the boots! And wow, your shoe-robe is fantastic!

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    1. You have to wear a skirt or skinny jeans or leggings for them to work! Vans are so young and hip! That is really casual for teachers here. Dr. Martens are also young and hip and I cannot pull that off!
      Thank you – I liked that one too because it was comfy.
      I feel that my shoe collection is small!


      1. Small!? No! You have everything imo!
        We have absolutely no dress code over here, so that’s good! Young, no, but I go for hip! 😀 (but I don’t borrow my daughter’s vans in checked white and black (is that how you say it?), they are too young for me… and no more short skirts or shorts except for in the countryside (and Florida of course!).


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