Tuesday, November 3, 2020

It is Election Day and it is also time to link up with Tanya right here! I am off again today because by state law we have to be out; many of our schools are used as polling places. I guess that does not apply to my district this year because we are virtual, but I will take it. Thank you for my birthday wishes yesterday!

Here is what I ordered recently. This is apropos as I just turned another year older. Where does all the facial hair come from? These Tinkle (hehe) facial shaving razors for women are really good. Word on the street is that it helps your face creams sink in better and it is kind of like dermaplaning?

I love my new ranger hat here!

I found these on Amazon and I like having so many replacements at the ready. Adulting, amiright?

You have heard that I love my new Maskcara makeup? I heard from a Maskcara artist on Instagram that this primer works well. I like it!

And, my favorite is this new purse strap! I put it on a different purse this weekend and I will show you tomorrow. Now I really like the metallic with the camo!

I have 10 things sitting in my Amazon cart right now and a bit of birthday money to spend. I am also anxious to see what you all purchased recently. I need to start my Christmas shopping too!


15 thoughts on “Prime Purchases

  1. I might need to check out that primer! once my make up runs out I may try Maskcara. I had my colors done but was worried how it would wear on my oily skin. I got those Tinkle shavers once but I honestly like disposable razors better! Great way to exfoliate, I’ve been shaving my face for more than 10 years (heard about it on RHONJ) and I love it!

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    1. It is a light white paste. I think it has helped. I never thought about a normal razor! I heard about it there too and thought Caroline was crazy! Haha – her skin is beautiful!


  2. Sometimes I just take a regular shaver and use it on my face… but I always hide, I think it looks a bit gross with a woman shaving her face!
    Election Day! Exciting! We follow it from Sweden; all the big channels have postponed everything else to follow the results. But since we’re six hours ahead of you I will have to wait for tomorrow morning until I get the result…

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      1. To be honest, Swedish media presents him like a clown… but recently they credit him for handling your economy in a wise way. Swedes are so serious and for us it’s very strange to watch a world leader behave like you president do. You’ve been to Germany, and we’re very similar, so I think you understand what I mean….

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      2. That makes sense. He is a cartoon character and the media hates him but he has helped economy and accomplished a lot that most people don’t know about.


  3. Our local town doesn’t use our schools for voting so they’ve always had school on election day and I was wondering why my son’s high school had it off (turns out they use the schools for voting too).

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