Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Just want to let you know there will be no Thursday post this week! See you back here Friday for Favorites, though!

I am linking up today with the ladies of The Style Six here.

Saturday was balmy but I still wanted to wear my pumpkin spice t-shirt (old!). I wore my new short sleeve Umgee from Amazon sweater and consigned Matilda Jane pants.

This is what I wore for meeting my friend for happy hour.

I tried the all black under this kimono and I still am not sure. I think I like the white t-shirt under it the best.

Below are my Wild Fable from Target liquid leggings from last year. They were $10 ish dollars and I wore them a bunch! Everytime I went out for the evening I wanted to wear them. I thought they worked with black booties and ponchos. I never did wear them casually because it felt kinda weird to me – maybe it was a shoe issue. I would 100 % recommend these and I believe they still carry them.

So, last year told me that I would wear them a lot.

I decided to order the Aerie crackle leggings for about $30. I think I can maybe try these with white sneakers for a casual look.

Here is a closeup of the crackle. It is not a great photo, but you get the idea – it has a bit of a textured look. I could not spend the $$$ on the Spanx leggings that everyone loves. I am sure they are worth it, but these will be fine for me.

I also want to show you the Target Goodfellow pullover again. My son liked it and wanted one so I ordered him one, too. I have already washed this twice and worn it maybe 4 times. I really think I am going to like having this.

And, even better is my Aerie pullover. I am not sure it is better, really, but I like the print. I have also washed this twice and worn it probably 5 times. So, I am embarrassed and ashamed that I am just now experiencing the joy of the pullover.

If you are starting to think about gift ideas, I think these would be fabulous! I know I would like to receive them!

What have you been wearing lately?


20 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Love that aerie sweatshirt. I have SO MUCH Athleta that I have really put a stop on spending money on Target, Amazon, Aerie clothes and yes its more then the other but the customer service and return ability is hands down one of the best. Next to Nordstrom and REI. I am obsessed with Athleta and loungewear. HA! I do have the Spanx and I love them. I always feel weird wearing them but then I get over it and enjoy them. I am still looking for a denim chambray tunic popover so if you see one- please let me know. I would appreciate that SO MUCH! Have a good day!


    1. I would look at J.Jill? I have one from Liz Claiborne at JCP but it needs a bit more stretch or else my chest is too large.
      If you love it and wear it then that is totally fine!


  2. The black under that kimono looks AWESOME on you!! Sorry…but it looks a million times better than the white top with black pants. Such a long lean look under all of the color. (I am going to start sending you outfit pics of me to critique. LOL It sure shouldn’t be one-sided.) I have the crackle Spanx faux leather leggings and they are NOT worth the hype. I ordered a size up and still feel like I am being cut in half when I wear them. Aerie is a favorite of mine and my daughter! The best lounge clothes that last. They are actually work clothes for me most of the time. Farm office life doesn’t require much dressing up.

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    1. Thank you! Maybe it’s the yellow shoes and I should have done black? You are right though the one color is a flattering trick. I’m glad to hear that about the Spanx. Get the Aerie and go one size up – it is hard – really hard. But, they are so comfortable. Where has Aerie been all my life? The young girls love it! I also really like the quality of AmEagle. I usually order online and go pick up or have it shipped. You don’t have to send me your outfit pics and I appreciate the feedback!


  3. I got some Wild Fable leggings last year. They were good enough and I don’t know if I’ll wear them this year but they were worth it for the $15. I did get a pair from Aerie last week too, spending $20+ on them, so we’ll see if I wear them often. I might splurge on Lulu Align leggings for Christmas to see if they’re as good as everyone says!

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    1. My wild fables – camo and faux leather – are great quality and washed well! I was super impressed. The crackle look more expensive. Let me know if the lulu are worth it. Many bloggers say they like some amazon pairs better!


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