Tuesday, October 13,2020

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

This is not Tom and I but that drink sure looks good!

It is time for another round of Entertainment Tuesday!

What are you watching lately? I love my DVR and my ATT Uverse and I really want to keep it. Tom is still weighing options about pulling the plug on it. I have talked about this before and no, we have not done anything yet.

Regular Cable T.V.: (This is what you will find on my DVR!)

The Bradshaw Bunch – this is a new show about Terry Bradshaw and his family on E! channel

Sweet Home Sextuplets – sweet family of 11 on TLC

Below Deck Mediterranean – I love most Bravo shows and I am fascinated by the yachty lifestyle.


Gilmore Girls – it just feels like fall. I will play an episode sometimes to listen to in the background.

Master of None- I just started this and I think I like it. Aziz Ansari of Parks and Rec is the main character.

Emily in Paris – I watched this too quickly. It was a little cheesy but we all need cheesy and I loved the Parisian scenes.

Looking forward to:

Southern Charm – Bravo

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City – Bravo

I have not decided if I will attempt The Bachelorette which starts tonight. Anyone?

What are you watching lately? Any recommendations for me?


10 thoughts on “Entertainment Tuesday

  1. On Netflix watch Halt and Catch Fire – it is GREAT! My husband and I loved it sooooo much, it’s a weird name but so good. It is one of my favorite series of all time – right up there with Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Set in the 80’s and all about the computer revolution with great characters and writing.

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  2. I was SO on the fence about getting rid of DirectTv. We live in the middle of nowhere and internet was spoty-to say the least. We now have high speed fiber optic internet!! So we went with the 30 day trial of YouTube TV because we wanted our local news. We cut off DirectTv before the trial was up. We LOVE YouTube TV. It has 99% of the channels that I watched before so I am happy. I can “record” all of my favorite shows too. You should do the trial!!!

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  3. I loved master of none! Have you watched Friends from College on Netflix? I really liked that but don’t know if it got renewed for more seasons.
    We watched a couple episodes of Santa Clarita Diet with Drew Barrymore. Wow is it different. She’s apparently a zombie?
    Great British Baking Show is always fun. Might have to resort to the bachelorette. The I Hate Green Beans podcast always does cute recaps.

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    1. It is really good! I started Friends from college but I can’t remember if I finished. I think I forgot about it? I will go back to that! Thanks! I don’t think I would like the Zombie stuff! I have watched one British Baking show but I could try that. I think I just like Bachelorette for the funny recaps! Ha!


  4. We need to start the Bradshaw Bunch! We have been watching Bloodline on Netflix. So good! 3 seasons and then its done. We also love Yellowstone. Next up is Succession on HBO Max. Our daughter and I share our passwords on pay Tv ……We also watch Life in Pieces(amazon prime) once in awhile for some good laughs! We really like it!

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