Thursday, October 8, 2020

I have a short and sweet post for you today about what we have been eating in the empty nest. I love a meal ideas post, personally!

I made a fall salad with spring mix, craisins, cornbread crips from Trader Joes, feta and a homemade olive oil dressing.

and we also had some tomato soup and grilled cheese to go with it.

I made the pumpkin pasta from Jen from Show Me and Sweet Tea. This was my first time using whole wheat pasta and I really liked it!

I bought a bag of pumpkin bagels to keep in the freezer and I had one for my lunch one day. I just used regular cream cheese but Jen from above says that Trader Joes has a great pumpkin cream cheese you can pair it with.

And, I make these southwest burrito bowls from Andrea of Momfessionals at least every other week. Mason told me he misses these for dinner so that was sweet! I cannot wait to have a list of meals to cool for my boys when they come home.

And just your standard spaghetti. Tom likes angel hair and Prego Chunky Garden and I add a small amount of lean ground beef.

We have been eating out or getting take out too much, but I guess we are still in that empty nester honeymoon phase where we are mixing it up a bit. We go out Friday, Saturday and get takeout one or two other nights right now.

I am trying to start Soup Sundays but I have gone out the last two Sundays! I have yet to make my first batch of chili but that will be soon.

What have you been eating?


7 thoughts on “Eating Lately

  1. Tonight was grilled chicken paninis, tomorrow is Friday and you know what that means: skinny pizza dough pizza! Saturday Tony is in a golf tourney and having heavy appetizers afterwards so I will be making myself a sandwich and chips! We had fish tacos this week, pot roast, and turkey burgers. We pretty much eat the same things every week. Sunday night is usually take out Mexican food. Its hard to eat out too many nights and stay at my current weight. I reached my goal 3 years ago and I love my lifestyle! Have a great weekend!

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    1. These are great ideas! I need to pull out my meals list because I am uninspired right now. I hardly snack at all anymore which was my down fall before. I need to stop eating out so much though!


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