Wednesday, October 7, 2020

You guys! I finally got my rump in gear and learned to use my newer tripod. I am setting it on my trashcan (so classy, right? and a little bit trashy – get it?) so that I can do better outfit photos for you. I am linking up today with The Style Six right here at my friend Kellyann’s blog.

I am showering at night and fixing my hair in the mornings during the week. Sometimes on the weekend I am changing that up. Also, during the week, sometimes I am working with second day hair. I sometimes just do minimal makeup during the week, too. But, I want to say that getting dressed in some sort of way each day is really helping me.

You have seen my fall kimono at my friend’s birthday dinner where I paired it with a black tank dress and open toe clog sandals. Here I paired it with black pants, long sleeve black t-shirt and my open toe shooties (shoe-booties).

I wore this Sunday evening to have dinner with college friends. We had a nice time catching up and only were this close for the photo.

Now, I am having a bit of trouble with lighting – I had to move the tripod to the top of Tom’s truck for my Saturday outfit. I am liking the look of black leggings with white sneakers and trying it out. I wore my new Aerie animal print pullover.

Awkward photo of the print again.

On Friday afternoon, I put on my new Target Goodfellows pullover with burgundy Aerie leggings from last year.

Last week to go to the brewery with the rooftop seating with my friend I wore jeans, new yellowish suede BOC clogs that my sister had first, a navy tee, and a LulaRoe kimono. I also took my olive military jacket in case I needed it.

Friday for the eye doctor I wore mismatched shades of green. It looks bad. I was looking for a different color to wear under my new Umgee kimono.

This Monday for Parent Teacher Conference day I wore my fun top and a pair of my earrings from my set. My pants and shoes looked bad so I am not showing them.

And, I will leave you with this…I had to go to the “young people’s mall” to pick up my Aerie order (I usually go to the “old people’s mall) and in the window was this fashion ensemble. It is a mask on a chain. Oh, 2020, why?

What have you been wearing lately? It is super cool here in the mornings but by the afternoons it has been around 70. Layers are great for right now.

Thanks for reading and being patient as my photos will hopefully improve with practice!


15 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I would love your weather! Sounds glorious.
    I like that colorful top you wore for conferences, beautiful details.
    It’s been so hot and humid here but I am still tempting fate by wearing some fall-ish clothing. That mask on a chain is really becoming a popular accessory. Thanks for the shot out and for linking up with us!

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    1. It is really great in September and October! Thank you! I think that will be my go to top. It was more than I usually spend at $50 but I have talked about having less but stuff I really love so this fits that bill. I still do not have a mask chain but I guess I might need one when I have to mask up for 8 hours at a time? I am dreading the thought…


  2. How fun that you’re working on your photos! But please – don’t become too fancy, we like you just as you are :-D!
    I’ve just read your posts Mon-Wed, and are waiting for a staff meeting to start. Everyone is a bit upset, because our principal just announced that she has covid… The extreme ones think we should shut down school (I don’t agree), but I do think it’s crazy that we are all going to sit together in the same conference room… well well…
    I’m also watching Emily in Paris! It’s cute!


    1. There is no way I will become too fancy! I was just listening to a podcast where the speaker was mentioning Sweden as an example for handling Covid. It is so controversial here and it has become a political thing and not a science thing!
      Go sit very very far away, please! That is crazy! My sisters are both doing very well in school – all wearing masks. Poor little kids having to do school like that.
      Emily in Paris is so cute! I am a huge fan of Sex and the City – have you seen it?
      Made by the same creator.
      Be careful at that staff meeting. I hate meetings anyway and think they should all be an email!


      1. Meetings are not my thing either… Especially not after a long day of teaching… I just want to go home!
        Yes, I know that Sweden has been all over media. The good thing is that we don’t seem to have a “second wave”, like most other countries, the bad thing is that a lot of elderly people in care facilities were infected in the early stages of the disease.
        Yes, of course I’ve seen Sex and the City (probably thrice :-D). But I didn’t know it’s the same creator, fun!


  3. I am still waiting for our weather to get cooler. Supposed to be in the 70’s by the weekend. Yes. I am so excited – even if for a few days! Love your Aerie sweatshirt and leggings and white sneakers. And the burgundy leggings and Goodfellow pullover. SO cute! You know me. I am all about Athleta leisurewear all day – every day! haha! But I did pull out a super cute jogger jumpsuit that was an amazon find last year! I wore it to get my hair colored and cut yesterday and then to lunch with my daughter Taylor. I asked Tony if I was too old to wear it and he said “Absolutely not! be proud of your figure and how hard you have worked to get to this point”…..he is right! So I wore it and I rocked it! Have a great rest of your week!


    1. Nice! You will love 70s! I still don’t have anything by Athleta. Of course you should wear the jumpsuit! I bet you felt great after getting your hair done. You too!


  4. Your outfits/ photos look great today. I can tell you are dialing in on “your” style. I went to Target tonight to look at the pullover you got and there were only a few left. Your outfit was cute with it, but I just picture myself spilling coffee on it-so I bought my son a sweatshirt instead.

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    1. Thank you! You sound like me – I got guacamole on it in the first hour I wore it! I hurried and put Shout on it. Luckily it came out! I swear I am the worst for doing that sort of thing! I hope your son likes his sweatshirt. I started Christmas shopping and got my sons some really soft ones at Costco.


  5. I love those two pullovers -aerie and Target!! So cozy! Your top for conferences was so cute! I use my youngest as my photographer but he’s not always thrilled to help so maybe I need to try a tripod!! You’re doing a great job with yours!

    I ordered a mask chain on Amazon the other day because we are going back to school in 10 days. My boys prefer sporty lanyards so we’ll see how it goes. Have a super day!


    1. I didn’t have anything like this and I don’t know why? Happy birthday to you! 40 was liberating for me. Thank you – that top was $$ but I’m already reaching for it so much. The tripod with remote is really helpful and like $15 on Amazon?
      I will def get a mask chain for school and lanyards for boys make more sense. My sister has something that goes behind her head so she can just pull mask down.
      10 days – are you nervous? We may go back Nov. 2 but our numbers are bad.

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      1. Ours are, too, but I don’t know if we will go back on Nov. 2. My sisters are super happy to be back. It is very scary but how much has the media done this to us? If we wear masks and sanitize are we pretty safe? I am considering buying a UV light for my classroom. Have you heard that these kill the virus? One of our Science teachers talked about this!

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