Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Thank you to Tanya for this fun link up today right here! What a great idea – we share our recent Amazon finds. This is seriously where I get many of my ideas for gifts and for things I might need/want!

I bought a few boring things recently so I decided to only show you the fun and fashion type of purchases.

First, I purchased these as a gift for my sister and she wears them almost daily as an in-person second grade teacher. Sheaffer recommends them so I knew Molly would love them.

Next, I had the idea to look for favorite boutique brands on Amazon. Do you also like Umgee? I found two winners that I am really enjoying wearing right now!

This colorful kimono; it reminds me of my Pioneer Woman plates! I think it looks great over my new A New Day white tee but I also think it will work with a black tee.

And, this short sleeve sweater. I have worn it with a short sleeve black tee but I also think it will look good with a long sleeve black tee? I will say that I think Umgee runs large and I could have gone down a size in each of these but I absolutely love both! I spent a little more than usual and I think it makes a difference!

And, this earring set I am reaching for each and every day! I love them. I cannot believe the quality you guys. I love Nickel and Suede, too, but it is just too much to pay in my opinion. This may be no longer available because when I made the link it took me to another set of earrings. Maybe you can just do a search.

These were not fun to buy, but they were needed. I am trying to wear my white Madewell sneakers this fall.

And, finally I ordered these jelly flats! I think they are so unique and they look great with leggings. They will also be great for the rain.

Ok, not talking Amazon anymore. I have a recommendation for you. Go to the men’s section at Target and look for the Goodfellows brand and pick up one of these quilted pullovers. I got the cream and I love it! It has pockets! I might get a monogram put on it but I am not sure how that would work with the quilting. I believe it was $30 and I used my $5 off coupon from my flu shot.

I also got an Aerie pullover when they were on sale. My closet was seriously lacking anything like this for fall and winter.

Here is an awkward up close of the cute pattern.

What have you primed lately?


14 thoughts on “Prime Fashion Purchases + More

  1. I have a few tops that are from the Umgee brand – I like the brand, the quality is good. I need some no show socks – they always slip and I end up with my heel hanging out and rubbing against my shoe. Have you worn these yet? Wondering about the slippage.

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    1. I am pretty new to Aerie but I think the quality is great for the price. They run sales fairly often, too. I now have this pullover, the crackle leggings, burgundy leggings, and a turtleneck sweatshirt. Trying to get away from Target stuff even though I sometimes can’t help it!


    1. I am sorry the link did not work when I put it in. I am wondering if they are temporarily out of stock. They are well worth the money and you could even split them up for gifts.


  2. I have seen those sneakers recommended by quite a few bloggers and have thought about buying a pair more than once already.


    1. They are such good quality and what I am reaching for every day! I wish the link had worked. It was a tip from Amanda at That Inspired chick. She has the best recs! Thanks for providing the link up!


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