Thursday, September 17, 2020

Hello! It is almost the weekend!

I am not an expert on this topic by any means, but I have learned some things that work for me and I wanted to share them. Please share your tips, advice in the comments!

First a little backstory: I am a high school Spanish teacher. I never, ever, ever wanted to work from home. I never thought I ever would! But, I worked from home in the months of April and May and now I find myself working mostly from home since the beginning of August. I did go in to teach in my classroom without any students the first two days of school but it was sad and lonely and uncomfortable. I may try it again but we have kind of a crazy schedule and it would involve me bringing my equipment back and setting it up again. I did go in for lunch with colleagues one day and that was nice!

Do not start working immediately. I still make time for my coffee and slow morning routine. I get up earlier to be able to do this.

Leave a list for yourself at the end of each working day. This enables me to stress less and know that I will not forget a task. I start work each morning by tackling the list.

Do not check email before you are ready to start work. I found that one out the hard way. The minute I check email I am in work mode.

Use the alarms on your phone. I was worried I would forget something because we have an odd schedule. The alarms really help. Maybe even set an alarm to STOP working!

Keep a big thing of water at your workstation.

If you can actually go to a workstation in your house it is better. Shut the door when not working. Only go to that area when you are working. It helps delineate the home life from work life. My station is now at my basement desk.

I am using a desktop and a laptop. Work smarter not harder sometimes. Find what works for you. Develop a routine.

Take breaks for meals and do not eat at your desk. Take a walk. It is hard to sit in front of a computer all day. I am even meal prepping so that I know I have a meal ready.

Stop working! Still do things you enjoy. I am reading less but I am still reading.

Turn off notifications or the sound on your computer. Check and respond to email in batches instead of all day long. When I take a break, I turn off the sound on my computer so I am not disturbed by an email coming in.

Other things I did/do:

I turned off Google Classroom notifications on my phone.

I took work email off of my phone.

Take shower at night to make mornings more streamlined. I did a whole post about this!

My Workday Schedule:

5:30 or 6:00-7:15 – 2 cups of coffee, devotional, blog reading, news watching, kitchen cleanup and piddling and breakfast making and eating

7:15 – Tom leaves for work and I get ready – only need 15 minutes due to night shower

7:30 – Sign in and start working and teaching live classes

11:00- walk

11:30 – lunch

12:15-3- Work – live classes, grading, planning, etc.

3- run an errand

relax with book or t.v., cook dinner, eat dinner, do a little more work, relax

10:15 (so late for me!)- Bed

It took me a while to get to a schedule that is working fairly well for me.

What is working for you if you work from home? Any tips for me?


15 thoughts on “My “Rules” for Working from Home

      1. Just got an email from a Bellarmine employee and in their auto signature it lists their enneagram number!
        I think I am classic teacher personality and class first born over achiever in a family of 3 girls. I think it changes if the genders are different. All 3 of us are teachers I think I’ve mentioned a few times!

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  1. I really liked that book! I receive her Moment of happiness e-mails every day, they are really nice. I gave the book to a friend that I thought needed to lighten up a bit… But I haven’t done the personality test… should I?
    Thankfully I don’t work from home, but I am still careful with not mixing work and free time: no e-mails on my phone (at all), and no personal information on our school platforms. (I’ve had both students’ parents and colleagues phoning at the strangest hours…. no more!)
    I don’t think you need any tips, you seem to handle the situation perfectly! Does Ernie keep you company when you work? ❤


    1. I think it was such an impactful book. I really changed the way I did some things and think it made me a happier mom. I receive them too and used to listen to her podcast. Now I kind of forget about it. I did get to hear her speak live a few years ago in my city.
      How did your friend react? You should take the four tendency quiz. It’s interesting.
      You seem like you have kept a really good balance.


  2. This is such a helpful post. My husband recently moved his office from the study (front of the house on the main floor) to the game room (windows on trees, upstairs at back of house). I think he really likes the change with a better view and away from the distractions looking out at the sidewalk/street. When do you think school will go back in person?

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    1. Thank you! He went from traveling to working at home – what a big change! I think we may go back mid October if numbers stay steady but who knows? I hope Jack is doing well!
      My Jack is struggling at college with the isolation and the fact he hasn’t met many people and doesn’t have a roommate.


  3. That’s a great schedule. I feel like every day I start with a list and a plan and every afternoon I look around wondering what happened!?! I’m hoping that next week we’ll settle in. I am definitely not reading nearly as much either. Have a great day!

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  4. My youngest daughter has been WFH since mid march and she is a chattel evaluator for Farm Credit West. So while she is out in fields and dairy’s….she also has office work. She was so afraid she would hate it and she has THRIVED! She gets up early, goes to her “gym” (her second bedroom lol) and does BeachBody workouts, then to the “coffee shop” aka kitchen and makes her protein and coffee drink. Showers and eats some food and then is clocked in and ready to go at 7:30. She has loved it and I am so proud of her. Chances are she won’t go to her office until 2021. Its still bad out here in California — or so “they” tell us. Whatever Govenor Newsom. *insert eye roll…..have a great weekend !!!

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    1. We have a big health company here that says the same about 2021. I think they found they can save money. That’s what a lot of this is all about in my opinion. I’m glad your daughter has thrived. Sounds like she found a rhythm and has found a healthy balance! Have a great evening!


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