Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Hello! I have been so excited to show you some things! But, go see Emily and others at for her fall link up. Today the topic is fall decor but I already showed you mine last week on Labor Day!

I ordered and returned several things in the month of August and early September, sadly. I cannot think of a time in my life where I have bought so little! Seriously, from March-September I have added very little to my wardrobe.

On a whim a couple of weekends ago, I went into a local boutique that is usually too expensive for my blood. But, am I being too cheap? I need to make better purchases and I am improving. I avoid sale racks because they are bad for me. I end up buying things just because of the price. This time, however, I found something that made my heart sing.

Meet my new blouse for $25.

Then, I went to the non-sale area and found her cousin! I am in love! I know they are summery but I thought a jean jacket or cardigan could extend their wearability. I had never heard of the brand Savanna Jane.

I am not always happy with Amazon clothing. I get excited and I order because a blogger told me to and then I realize it was a bad purchase (for me) and I return it.

Recently, I was typing with my blogging friend Jen and we were typing about kimonos. I told her to look at the brand Umgee which is on Amazon and also in many of my local boutiques. Well, Jen, I looked for myself and I fell in love! I would say these run big so you may want to go down a size. The kimono is pretty roomy but I am going to try to style it soon.

And, I also found this! I figured I could wear a tank or short sleeve under it now and a long sleeve later.

So, I am only trying to buy things that make my heart sing. I am thrilled with my four above purchases.

Amanda of That Inspired Chick is always posting great deals on Facebook. I took a chance on this set that had a 50% off coupon and got all of these really nice quality earrings for $8! I would recommend the set even if you have to pay $16. Here is the set. I have already worn one of these pairs every day!

Seriously, I am not exaggerating. I have been looking for new cardigans for at least 5 years. I am picky. It has to be right material, feel, weight, length, bulkiness, etc. I think I have found my unicorn. Target Universal Thread does it again.

I actually love the detail here with the stitching.

Here is a close up of the weave I think you call it.

Here is a photo of the length on me. I am 5 foot 4 inches.

I bought the sweater in eggplant (shown), olive, rust, and cream you guys! It is $25. I plan to throw one over many of my tops for fall. Here is the sweater. It is in stores, too, but I predict it will go quickly so get your desired colors and sizes now.

This is what I wore to hear music Friday night. MIA clog sandals from last summer, Matilda Jane green pants (old from consignment), and Steinmart poncho like top that is two years old.

Here is what I wore to lunch on the patio at the mediterranean place with my friend. Wit and Wisdom jeans, MIA clog sandals, consignment gauzy top from maybe 3 years ago.

Here is what I wore for my boys’birthday lunch.

Here is another kimono virtual teaching outfit.

I also purchased v-neck tees in white and burgundy from Target A New Day collection. They are super soft! I purchased an olive linen blend v-neck from Old Navy.

I feel like I am set for early fall with the exception of shoes!

What have you purchased for early fall?

What have you been wearing?

Should I post on Thursdays? It seems to be the day many bloggers take a break.


15 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday and Recent Purchases

  1. I love the blouses from the boutique! And, yes, the kimonos are so great. Also, I purchased the universal thread cardigan in another color, same size and it’s a little shorter on me than the tan one…love both but was surprised the length seemed a bit different. I had worn the tan one a bit when I took a photo…it may have stretched a bit 😂

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    1. Thank you! I find that fast fashion sizes are sometimes inconsistent too? I haven’t tried all of mine on so I should do that. Maybe they stretch out? I wanted oversized but not overwhelming. It’s so cool today I might wear one!

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  2. Those tops are beautiful. I’d love to see a picture of the old navy top as well. I really haven’t had good luck with Amazon clothing. I do the same thing you do. Just 10 minutes ago I was looking at a blog and found myself putting things she suggested in my Amazon cart and had to stop myself. Do you have any luck with loft? I usually like their tops and pants but not much luck with dresses.

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    1. Thank you! I will show the tops – ran out of time – they are wardrobe staples – basic v-necks.
      I’m glad I’m not the only one with that Amazon problem. I go in spurts with Loft. Dresses are hard for me. The swing is my best style. I have not looked at their fall offerings. I think I wasn’t too impressed with their summer? I think they have/had great quality and great sales. They tend to run big sometimes I think.


  3. I used to post on Thursday without fail (I even had a link-up!) but I just don’t have enough material these days it seems.
    I do like Target cardigans.
    I can’t think of a time when I’ve had luck with Amazon clothes so I don’t buy them, even though all of the bloggers tell me to.

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    1. I went ahead and did my post that I had planned. It’s my creative outlet but I do worry I’m getting redundant!
      I think the Amazon essentials may be the way to go. I honestly feel like I can’t trust some of the big bloggers.
      I would love to hear your current Covid and political thoughts!


  4. I love the kimono, the colors are so fall like! I’ve been looking for a rust color sweater, but don’t want to pay too much for it and I think the Target cardigan fits the bill. How is it size wise? Do you wear your regular size? It look like it fits you well!

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    1. Thank you!
      I went down a size. I love the oversized look on tiny people but I have to be careful not to look more top heavy. My friend said the sizes are inconsistent – she has two colors and one is longer. I haven’t checked mine yet. Let me know if you get it. I think it’s pretty good for the price!


  5. You dress so pretty and seeing your picks! I have bought very little too. But, always fun to look and get inspiration. Hope school gets better for you, blended is going pretty well here in NC. I love your posts, so the more the better…better than most magazines:)


  6. That Target cardigan looks great on you! It is the perfect length on you. I am no Clinton Kelly but I have noticed tops that are that length flatter you more. You are braver than I would ever be to post outfit pics. And..I love a good embroidered top! But I have to be careful with the rounded neck and all of the embroidery up top-it makes me look too top heavy. #bigboobclub


  7. Love your new purchases! I hope you do continue to blog almost everyday (I agree most bloggers take Thursdays and even Tuesdays off) but I know I can come here and get a new post everyday and I love it!


  8. Not post on Thursdays!?!? Just kidding, if you need a break I totally understand. But I would miss your Thursday posts…
    Superb clothes! I love it all! You looked smashing on that Friday evening out outfit! Your hair is really nice! Tomorrow is my hairstylist appointment, finally. Five months!!
    I’ve bought fake leather pants in a more baggy style and baggy jeans (unfortunately stolen by 16-year-old), that’s it. Monday will be my last shorts day, it’s down to 62,5…


    1. I posted! Haha!
      Thank you! It feels good to get dressed again.
      I keep wondering if my hair has been this style for too long. Enjoy your appointment!
      I plan to wear my faux leather leggings this year. I guess that is the highest compliment if your 16 year old likes your clothes.
      Yes it is that time to start wearing your pants!
      Happy Friday!


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