Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Do you change your makeup with the seasons? I need a lighter foundation and I change my lip colors. I am currently trying not to buy new makeup until I have used up what I have. I have a lot of things left from my Ipsy subscription that I haven’t had for two years! Plus, I just have a lot of product. It’s easy to accumulate makeup and beauty products because it is fun to buy.

Today I want to show you three lip colors that I used last year and that I still love this year.

Top to Bottom:

Goldpearl Plum by Revlon (Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick)

Spice for Me by Maybelline

Plum Velour by Revlon (Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick)

Here are some super weird and not that great photos of my lips:

Goldpearl Plum

Spice for Me

Plum Velour

What do you think of these colors?

Even though this lipstick needs to be re-applied and is not long wearing formula, I really like the consistency and it doesn’t dry out my lips. Sometimes the good old original formula can’t be beat. You can pick all these up for about the price of a latte (with tip).

Are there any fall colors I should try?

Are we wearing lipstick right now? I am. I am wearing it to do virtual classes to brighten up my face. I am even sometimes wearing it under the mask if I will be taking mask off at some point.


7 thoughts on “Fall Lips – Drugstore Style

  1. It was very hard to see your lips! haha! I also have so much makeup… and my daughters don’t use much, so it accumulates! For lips I change all the time, depending on my mood and my clothes… I actually think I look best in some kind of 80s neon:ish pink, but I guess it’s not really in… Lipgloss is the most comfortable, I cannot stand a dry lipstick! (how can you have lipstick under your mask!? doesn’t it stain?)

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    1. Bad photos and lighting! Should have left them off! Are you on Instagram or Facebook? I need to see! I really haven’t had many lipstick stains on masks but if I do I just use stain remover. I hate dry lipsticks too. I agree about the feel of lipgloss.


  2. In pre- Covid times I always put lipstick on in the car or on my way out the door. Then for a while I just wasn’t wearing any and felt undressed, so now I wear a lip stain or a rose tinted chapstick that I can swipe on without looking. It’s the best solution I could come up with and I definitely put some on when I facetime or zoom!

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