Thursday, September 10, 2020

I miss talking about fashion! I hope to bring more of that to ye ol’ blog as it is something I really enjoy. It has been weird, though, to talk about it much since March. I think we all feel that. Anyway, now I am at least making an effort with my top half, but I am also trying to get out more, where my bottom half will also need to be presentable! I have been starting the process of looking at my fall clothes and determining what I should purge and what the holes in my closet are.

Are you ready for fall clothes? By the sounds of the blogosphere and the Nordstrom sale, I think many are! I did not buy a single thing in the Nordstrom sale. I had a couple of maybes but they were gone by the time I was privileged enough to get to shop – ha!

So, how about we talk Fall 2020 trends today?

I did some “research” on fall trends and I was pleasantly surprised for a couple of different reasons. One: Many of these trends can work for my age group – between 40 and 50. Two: I have some of these trends already in my closet.

We don’t exactly know what the fall will look like…will anyone even see our clothes? I don’t really know. Maybe we pick a few that we love just for ourselves?

Now, before I do anything I have some jobs to do:

1)I will look over all of the spring/summer clothing in my closet and purge anything that I didn’t wear this year unless it’s really special and I want to keep it. I will also challenge myself to wear as much as I can until September 22 or when it feels like fall. I like to start transitioning to more fall like colors and over the last couple of years I have looked for summer clothes with more of a fall vibe if that makes sense.

2)I will inventory my last season fall clothes and ask myself some questions. Would I buy it now? What did I wear the most? What are the holes in my closet?

3) I will make a list in my phone memo.

Here are the trends I found along with my thoughts:

Metallics – this could be a blouse or even metallic threads running through an item of clothing. It could be a clutch.

Prep School – argyle socks or vest maybe. Maybe a silk blouse with argyle design. I probably will not be able to pull this off – plus, I think this could go horribly wrong and make one look like a lady of the night if you know what I mean.

Patchwork – I love the idea of this. It could be a tote bag, a pair of pants or jeans. Hey, maybe I could even repurpose something in my closet.

Cape (as a coat) – Maybe this is because we all need a super hero right about now. I have loved having my ponchos or shawls for winter. I think my most worn piece of clothing last year was my camel colored Universal Thread poncho as seen here:

I already have a Target Universal Thread poncho from this year’s collection on its way to me.

Plaids – Yes! I love a fall colored plaid

Fringe – Sign me up!

Tweed – Um, I’m not wild about the feel of tweed but I used to have a beautiful tweed blazer

Floral – Definitely! Pioneer Woman blouses, amiright?

Victorian Era – lace, high necks, frills, bows – I will proceed with caution so it doesn’t look like a Halloween costume

Jewel Tones – Yes! Beautiful!

Sequins – I will proceed with caution

Built in Baubles/Jewel Encrusted – My sister used to have the cutest t-shirt with printed on necklaces. I could go for that. Maybe I used to have one, too? I also remember having a t-shirt with crystals in the neckline. I could also do this again.

Geometric Design – Love it! I didn’t like or excel in Geometry but I like its design, you know?

Bows – I could do this in a tasteful understated way.

I think I’m most excited to find something patchwork – maybe Free People or Anthropologie?

What is your favorite of the trends I mentioned?

I have needed better cardigans for years – like maybe 5. I can’t find the right quality, length, weight, you name it. I have a promising cardigan in three colors from Target Universal Thread on their way for me to check out. I plan to extend my fall colored sleeveless and short sleeve tops by throwing a cardigan on top.

What else am I buying?

I hope to make these a member of my closet:

I looked at them in person last year and didn’t pull the trigger.

I have also added a few cute things to my closet recently but you will have to wait to see those!

What’s on your list, if anything? Anything you want to recommend to me?


4 thoughts on “Fall 2020 Trends

    1. I know! I have found some great things I’m going to show next week.
      I have 3 pairs of open toe booties that I need to start wearing.
      That poncho was such a great purchase!


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