Friday, September 11, 2020

Happy Friday! How was your week? Mine was busy. I still think that short weeks feel long! I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. right here.

Today would have been my Dad’s 78th birthday. He passed away in December of 2018 after a short but brutal illness. I miss him so much and I think about him everyday. I keep wondering what he would have said and thought about the pandemic, but I think I know. He would have hated the restrictions and he would have doubted much of the information we are receiving. That’s how he was. I plan to remember his jokes and funny sayings today! Maybe he will leave me a penny today! Have you heard of “pennies from Heaven”? My good friend told me about it after her loved one passed away. Found pennies or other coins are messages of love. I have a collection of coins that I have found since December of 2018. My mom and one sister have found a lot, too. My other sister thinks it’s a crazy belief and she hasn’t found any . Anyway, I say to believe it if it helps you. I found two pennies the other day after a long stretch of not finding any. Coin shortage, amiright? Just kidding. I will be looking for them today.

Also, let us not forget 9/11. I will never forget that day. I was teaching at my current school when our principal made the announcement to turn on our t.v. At that time, we all had these really small t.v.s hung from the ceiling in our rooms and the school could control what channel we all watched. So, the students and I all saw the second tower as it happened. Obviously, we did not do anything school related that day. Many parents signed their kids out of school and the rest of us just changed classes like zombies. We didn’t know what other attacks might happen that day. I didn’t have kids yet but I was married and went home after school and just watched the news the rest of the day and nightand Tom joined me when he got home from work.

O.k. – on to my Friday favorites….sorry!

I got a new mask that is really great! It is made by the clothing company Johnny Was – from their leftover fabric scraps. I love the pattern and the weight and ear straps are great. If you are local it was $10 from Tunie’s in Westport Village.

I purchased a craft ice cube tray at Target. It makes really huge cubes for bourbon or whatever craft cocktail you would like to make.

I like the cafe latte Premier Protein but I have been mixing it with vanilla. Yum!

I have now had my satin pillow case for a week. I like a “cool” feeling pillow so this does not feel as cool as my old pillow case but I do think it has helped with sleeping wrinkles and creases. My hair still seems pretty bad in the morning, though. Satin pillowcases are supposed to preserve hairstyles and decrease facial wrinkles.

I love this smell!

I also purchased a fun handsoap for the hall bathroom.

I showed you my fall decor on Monday. I added candy to my candy dishes.

One of my afternoon outings this week was Costco. I am trying to go out of the house each afternoon just to get out. I am working from home and I think it’s good for me to have an outing. Costco already had their pumpkin pies out. Theirs is so good. I did not buy one this trip.

Also, this looked interesting. I did not buy it because I have two boxes of frozen fish in the freezer right now. Everything crusted cod – what can’t you put the everything but the bagel seasoning on? Anyone tried this?

I enjoyed reading my Real Simple magazine last weekend. I am curious to try these eye shadows. Anyone tried these?

And, I would like to try this Cocokind dewy-skin stick. I am really into makeup that isn’t powder these days.

And, my last favorite…

I got my first pedicure in 7 months! I took my own polish by Essie – it’s kind of an iridescent navy blue. It was a nice treat yesterday after a long work day. That massaging chair felt great after spending so much time behind the computer. I was going to treat myself to this after the boys left for college and it only took me a month! It felt very safe with my mask on and the techs mask on. Everything was very clean and sterilized.

If you missed my fall trends post yesterday I hope you will go back and read it! What were the highlights of your week? Any favorites to share?

Thanks for reading and happy Friday!


18 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. I just read all your posts from this week, thank you, so much interesting stuff! Like I’ve told you before; better than a magazine! I loved you pumpkin from when you were a kid (!), your tips on fashion and your home decor!
    I’ve had a crazy week with parents’ meeting (digital of course) and a lot of stuff going on… daughter leaves for military service the day after tomorrow among other things…
    But all is good! The weather is amazing and I can still wear skirts and shorts, yeah!

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    1. You’re so sweet! Thank you! I’m wondering if we will have our traditional open house online. We have not heard yet. I am sure you had lots to buy and pack for your daughter. I hope she has a great experience and that the three of you do ok. I’m glad you are having nice weather! It is hot here, too! Thinking of you as you send her off.


  2. Happy heavenly birthday to your dad. I am always on the look out for cardinals for the same reason. Gosh, it really sucks, doesn’t it? Anyway…
    Love your new mask – that would be the only way I could afford Johnny Was! Ha!!!!
    I need to get some new fall scented soaps this weekend.
    Have a great weekend Amy!

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  3. Thinking of you today. The “pennies from heaven” thought Is so sweet. I’m glad you treated yourself to a pedicure! And…the bathroom soap looks fun. I hope to get to bath and body soon! Have a good weekend!

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    1. Good memories of your Dad. I believe I get messages too! My Mom had a nickname for me that no one else used and I got a receipt the other day with it where my name should have been. Even if it just jogs a memory it feels like a hug! It happens out of the blue too.
      Did you know you can freeze individual slices of the Costco pumpkin pie? It’s such a great price for a huge pie!
      Have a great weekend!

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      1. That’s incredible Nancy! Had you been thinking about her? I had wondered about freezing it. That could be dangerous! Is it too early to eat pumpkin pie? So many questions in my head! Have a great one!


  4. Thinking of you today, both with the loss of your dad and 9/11. I was also teaching at that time, and I felt the same way. I thought about trying that shadow since I’m trying to simplify some of my eye makeup. The shades were all a little to metallic for me, so I got a Julep eye crayon from Amazon instead. I also went to costco this week. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I read your blog everyday but I can’t comment from my iPad – I have to figure out why! You were pregnant with Grace and hub was away – so scary! That is true the shadow is quite metallic. I really want to go back to Costco for the pie but I think it’s too early! Lol!


  5. Hooray for pedicures…the best “self-care” ever in my opinion! That fish looks yummy..I wonder if it is sold any other than Costco?? And the make-up looks very interesting as well. Might have to try:) Enjoy your weekend!!

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