Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Today we are talking about one of my favorite topics – scents! I have always said that due to my large nose I am very good with smells and that I am very sensitive to smells. I still stand by that statement.

What a fun idea Emily and Sarah had to do a series of fall link ups this month! The other topics will be fall decor, fall fashion, and fall entertainment.

I hate anything artificial smelling or too sickeningly sweet.

I gravitate toward more earthy, masculine smells. I hate saying masculine because how can a smell have a gender and that does not sound very 2020, you know?

I highly recommend Bath and Body Works mahogany teakwood. This is a good candle to burn outside if you find it a bit intense.

I discovered this last year and fell in love. I am not a big fan of the apple cider smell by this brand. Acorn Spice all the way!

Cashmere Woods by Glade. I decided I do not like their apple scent candle and it smells artificial to me. But, I love this smell so much! Glade, will you make a perfume?

I think this has been my personal fall/winter scent for three years? It is called L by Soft Surroundings which is a brand that Pioneer Woman likes for their fun tops. We got a store locally and I went in and smelled this and it was love at first sniff. I bought a small rollerball of this, went back and bought another one, and then last year I bit the bullet and bought the bottle. It hurt because I feel like I am wasting money sometimes on scents but I realized that it makes me happy so it is worth it. Use this sparingly. It is tobacco flower, and some other things and it is an earthy kind of musky scent.

I really want to get more into diffuser blends and essential oils. I am a bit overwhelmed because there is so much to learn!

What scents do you recommend to me? It could be an essential oil or blend, a candle, a fragrance, a cleaning product, anything, really!


15 thoughts on “Fall Scents

  1. Ohhhh I am a big fan of Mahogany Teakwood, too! I feel like that’s my in between candle for those times when I want something that leans towards fall, but am not quite ready to pull out anything with apple or pumpkin in the name. Thanks for joining the link up!


  2. I love the acorn spice Meyer’s scent. I also like Soft Surroundings for their clothes but didn’t realize they had scents too as I’ve only ever bought through a catalog. Next time I’m near one of their stores I’ll have to stop in.

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    1. It is so good!!! I need to buy more before it’s out of stores. Also the cleaning spray makes me want to clean and that is a powerful statement!
      Yes, they have some great scents – you may prefer a different one.


      1. I get the oils at Whole Foods or Rainbow Blossom – don’t know the brand. I know that patchouli can be overpowering, but the coconut oil really cuts the smell so it is not as strong. I love it.

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  3. I am loving the Chesapeake bay brand candles at target, especially pumpkin spice. I find the bath and Bodyworks pumpkin candles are all too sweet but this one is neutral and it burns down very cleanly so there is literally no wax left in the container. Cheaper too!

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  4. Thieves and cedarwood are really good oils to blend together for a fall smell! And I’m like you, I don’t like anything that’s too overpowering or fake smelling!

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