Tuesday, September 8, 2020

How was your weekend? I did post yesterday if you missed it – here – all about my fall decor!

I had a very full weekend so I am going to give you the highlights today. I’m excited for a four day week but what is hard to believe is that at the end of this week it will already be mid-September, friends! How is that possible?

A fun thing came together Friday for me. I was off work because traditionally we have off the day before the Kentucky Derby. My friend B was able to do lunch so we picked this quaint patio of a Mediterranean restaraunt called The Grape Leaf. We sat for three hours and talked. It was so nice. They don’t have a liquor license so you can’t blame it on the alcohol, o.k.? We drank water and caught up!

I really liked my food. I got a vegetarian dish – a mixture of vegetables with spices and a Greek salad.

I also made homemade chocolate chip cookies for my boys!

When Tom got home from work I suggested a few things and he picked this one… we drove to this neighborhood with a walk up bar…

and I got my first frosé. You are allowed to walk around with it so we walked all around the neighborhood and admired houses and landscaping.

It was starting to look like fall!

How cute!

I thought we would also get dinner but everywhere was packed so we went home and made Totinos pizzas. The empty nest life is glamorous, right?

Saturday morning coffee on my patio – Sorry if you get tired of these photos.

I was a bit bummed Friday and Saturday morning because Saturday was my boys’ 18th birthday! We had tried to work out a time to do dinner and gifts but they had conflicting schedules and Labor Day was a school day for them, so we had finally settled upon Monday night after their classes. Well, when I called to say happy birthday it turned out that Saturday lunch would in fact, work. It is weird when you have spent all the other birthdays together and I knew it was more important for them to be happy and with friends so I was really o.k..

I love this photo I posted on social media- I think they were 9.

Mason wanted to try the same restaurant I went to Friday because he loves Mediterranean food and his said his mouth was watering when I told him about my lunch Friday! They kept masks on in the car and at the restaurant until it was time to eat. Their college made them take a pledge to be able to keep campus up and running and they are taking it very seriously.

We opened presents at the car and I gave them their cookies. They were really happy. They had plans with friends after lunch so it all worked out. It was really nice to spend some time with all four of us together. Even though they are close, we really are letting them do their thing.

That evening was the Kentucky Derby. My friend had a small party with a few couples. She did sliders from Drakes and everyone brought an appetizer.

She got Derby cookies from a bakery.

I had some Whispering Angel rosé.

Sunday we went to the cove with my friend. Her husband was busy so it was just the three of us on our boat and Ernie, too. We tied up with my sister in law, brother in law of Tom and niece and other people they knew tied up, too. Look at the long line of boats in the distance. We stayed for a few hours and then headed back to our boat ramp.

Then my friend and I decided to do happy hour on the patio of River House.

It was a really nice day.

I went home and relaxed on the patio with my magazines.

Monday was all about meal prep, laundry, errands, and I finally used my Taco Bell gift card from my student. I got Tom some lunch and I got my favorite that reminds me of my 20s…

the Mexican pizza without meat. I started eating it like this because my roommate was a vegetarian and then I decided I liked it better like this. They are getting rid of this menu item! No!!!!! Of course, now I never go there, but still. I want to know it is there, you know?

and the rest of the day I worked and read and just piddled around to get ready for the week.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Come back tomorrow for the topic of fall scents – I am participating in a link up! And, Thursday I am talking about fall clothing!


11 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. You give me such good ideas of things to do during Covid with some friends. My boys are getting to an age where they want to do their own thing, so this is encouraging to me. I never tire of the patio picks! The weather was beautiful in VA this weekend! Also, I didn’t know anyone else said “piddled around!” Love it! We are supposed to start school today, and last night the middle school announced they will not have the kids come face-to-face this week due to some teachers testing +. It is my youngest first year in middle and my oldest first year in high school. My youngest is disappointed, but we are trying to stay positive and go with the flow. It doesn’t help his nerves to flip flop back and forth. I am hoping this week we will get him set up and comfortable to do either online or face-to-face depending on the circumstances.

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    1. Thank you! I’m going to work on a fall check list that I will share – having a couple on patio for chili – that sort of thing. I like being intentional. Despite the virus, this is a big life change for Tom and I and I don’t want to forget that.
      I wondered about using the word “piddled” but it really is the best for describing my activities!
      Oh no – what a last minute change for you! The flip flopping is horrible. Both of my sisters are back in school and happy to be there – 2nd grade and elementary art. I am torn. I think kids need to be in school but I worry about the risks and the teachers. Online is going really well for my high school from what I can tell.
      We are awaiting an announcement about our plans for after October 6.
      Thanks for commenting Paige! I will be thinking about your family this week and hoping for a smooth start. I love Virginia, by the way. I never thought much of it until we drove to DC and Colonial Williamsburg. Loved Charlottesville and just couldn’t get over how pretty the landscape was.


  2. What a great weekend! You have the cutest restaurants and little towns to explore, I love seeing it. The Derby party looks like it was fun – I love the big horse head.
    Glad you were able to be celebrate with the boys, it is weird not being with them on birthdays, etc. Somehow we seem to manage and their happiness is really what it’s all about! We raise them for this,right?!

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    1. We do have great non chain places here! My friend has a lot of horse pieces because her daughter rides.
      Yes, birthdays are different and we don’t need to celebrate on the actual day, as long as we celebrate them!


  3. Your weekend looks amazing! I wondered if you all would still get Friday off! That’s such a bonus 😃so glad you got to see your boys on their birthday! And the Derby get together looks fun. Have a great week.

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  4. My weekend highlight was coffee with a friend on Monday morning. We figured that it had been 6 months since we had gone out for coffee, where we catch up on all things and it felt so normal! Other than that lots of reading and pool time. We also went to an Amazon book store, I didn’t even know there was such a thing! I had to pick up a gift for a friend and it was across the way so we went in. I bought 3 books with discounts and amazon prime membership for $20. I will need to stay away from there!
    Oh and I grew up in NE Ohio and I say piddling around too!


    1. Nice! I have not done that, either. I have done restaurants but not coffee shops. I think our coffee shops are really small and make it hard to social distance. That sounds so nice! Reading and pool is my idea of relaxation. I have not been in a pool all summer and I am sad about it! I have heard there are Amazon stores with top selling products but I did not know about book stores. How cool! But, I want to help the little guy, too! We have one local bookshop in town that I know of.
      So funny about the term piddling! Have a great day, Nancy!


  5. that was a full weekend for sure! How fun your boys are 18! Wait until they are 31 and 27. Crazy how time flies. We are still at the beach but I think ALOT of people have now gone home. THANK GOODNESS! We haven’t even gone into Pismo Beach this whole time because of SO MANY PEOPLE. EW. The beaches were packed and I am sure California will be having covid cases on the rise! Plus there are SO MANY horrible fires. Gosh It is really yucky here. At least I can see the water. Right? Have a great short week!


    1. Sorry Kim – I missed your comment! I love following you on Instagram! Now I can picture your beach house! I’m sure there is a good feeling with 31 and 27 at having them settled! How far do they live from you? I get nervous around too many people – even outside! But, I have been that way for a while with crowds. When I was young I wanted to be in the thick of any crowd! The fires – I follow Kristy Wicks and she was showing the soot on the cars and the hazy air. It’s just horrible.
      Why do short weeks always feel long? I still have two days left! Lol!


      1. Our youngest, Taylor (second marriage lol not Taylor Taylor!) lives in Tulare (our main home) She has her own place and she works for farm credit west – our oldest, Kelsey. Is a bank manager for Wells Fargo and lives in the next town over at the beach! San Luis Obispo. She went to school at cal poly and met her husband here and never left. She’s definitely blessed! This stage of life with my girls is awesome! They’re now my best friends! Both are educated – self sufficient women. We are very proud of them!! Glad you’re enjoying my IG! I’m not too exciting but i don’t have facebook and i don’t blog so that’s where my outlet is!


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