Monday, September 7, 2020

Hi all! I am still weekending, but come back tomorrow for my weekend recap. Instead, today, I thought I would show you the fruits of my labor yesterday. I didn’t have to be anywhere until afternoon so I decided to do my fall decor. I didn’t buy a single thing – YET.

I was excited, but I was dreading it. For many years now, my holiday tubs have been a mess. I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that. I mean, they weren’t even labeled and I had to look through so many to find what I wanted. I labeled every bin I own and I went through all of my fall bins and put anything I didn’t want anymore into my donate pile. I also went through every other bin except Easter and Christmas. Those are a lot.

Here is what I decided to keep all spread out on my dining room table so I can see it. Now I’m really glad that I moved my work station down to the basement desk area.

Do you take pictures and place your decor the same way each year? I definitely do not do that. I kinda wish I were that organized!

The mantel. I will take the apples away after September.

Dining Room table. I need more for the tiered tray.

Side table. I need votives for the little spiders. The horrible pumpkin was made by me in 3rd grade – around the time that I realized I had no artist talent at all. Sorry to my mom the art teacher and to my sister the art teacher. I think it’s funny so that’s why I have it out.

The other side table. Archie, our first fur baby, when he was just a puppy. He was with us for 12 years and died when the boys were 10. The middle picture I just love. I got corduroy overalls and plaid shirts at the twin moms’ sale and they looked so cute. And, the last one is our professional family photo done when the boys were 11 by my former student who is now a professional photographer.

I have an idea! I am going to try to find photos of every single Halloween costume the boys ever had and put them in matching black frames. I am so excited! All of them should be printed out and I think I will probably do ages 0-12?

This needs work – coffee table. I will probably add a B and B candle in a fall scent and move to the kitchen table.

A super easy idea for you: “Borrow” letters from your Scrabble game. I chose to do “Autumn”. Look at that – I scored 17 points!

I have a pumpkin flag outside in the front and I have some apple decor on the patio.

I still want some pillows for the living room and patio, but I am super picky about pillows I have found. I have looked at Target and Kirkland’s so far. Any other ideas?

Have you decorated? Do you decorate? I am big on changing my mantel: January – white twinkle lights and snowmen, February – Valentine’s stuff, of course, March – St. Patrick’s Day, April – Easter/Spring, May – Derby, then Memorial Day, June – Summer, July – 4th of July, August/September – Summer again or apples/back to school, fall, October – Fall and Halloween, November – take down Halloween, leave fall, and add Thanksgiving (over the last few years I have collected several Thanksgiving things!), December – Christmas. My decorated mantel makes me happy. I must admit that I let March, April, May, June, July, August decor stay very plain. I just didn’t have it in me, but I should have done it, you know? Now that I am more organized I think it will be so much more enjoyable!

Keep enjoying your weekend, friends!


20 thoughts on “Fall Decor (So Far)

  1. So far all of my decor is new but that’s because I’ll be getting rid of much of my old stuff – the colors are not what I’m feeling this year. I have not been into Bath and Body works in ages, I may buy some Yankee candles. Got a great deal via coupon and I have a reward. They also sent a scratch and sniff mailer – genius! I love fall decor as I know once it comes down it’s all Christmas going up!

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    1. That is genius especially when you have to wear a mask in a store and cannot smell! Ha! I need to add in more white pumpkin stuff. I also am thinking about buffalo plaid pillows. Kirkland’s stuff is amazing! I have B and B coupons so I might go in. It is in the same strip mall as HomeGoods and TJ so I may do that one day this week!


  2. That’s a great idea to put everything out to sort. I do that every few years…I try to wait until the middle of sept…so maybe next weekend. But I will probably go ahead and put up my pumpkin door hanger, garden flag, etc today. I’ve seen people have a banner for their mantle of kids in Halloween costumes each year. Super cute idea

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    1. It will make you so happy I think! I really love September but I honestly feel like I’ve never been able to enjoy it! It is maybe busier than August usually! I have a hall table where I put my framed Christmas cards so I have always wanted to do this. So excited! It will be a big job to find each costume photo. Enjoy your day!

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      1. Yes! I love fall and putting up those decorations. My favorite part is decorating my front porch. I may do inside next weekend and then porch the following weekend


      1. I had bought a couple of holiday pillows last year and then came upon what I think is a great idea —– cheaper and easier to organize. I ordered two 12×12 pillow inserts……then, I ordered the holiday “pillow cases”. Then after swapping them out, the pillow cases lie flat just like your garden flags. Flat so they are easy to store.

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  3. TJMaxx, Home Goods, Ross are all good places for seasonal pillows. I usually decorate for fall over Labor Day weekend, but after such a hot summer and temps in this 110s this weekend I’m not really feeling it! I have been thinking about it at least, so maybe in a week or two. I did find the Acorn Spice hand wash last week, it smells like fall for sure!


  4. I love your little scrabble sign! That is such a cute idea. I do tend to take photos but am trying really hard NOT to put everything in the same place this year.

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