Friday September 4, 2020

Happy Friday to all! How was your week? I am linking up with Andrea, etc. right here!

It is really hard to believe but as of today I am an empty nester of 3 weeks. The timing was good because as soon as they moved out my work really ramped up. Otherwise I think I would be worse off. Also, I know that they are moving home November 25. That is not really that far away. I hope it is not any sooner due to the virus. As hard as it is, it was time for them to spread their wings.

Here are some favorites from the week. I hope you had some, too! Many of you have kids back in school in person or virtually I know! I hope everyone is doing well with whatever program you are on.

I continued working from home but halfway through the week I changed my workstation to the basement desk with its more comfy chair and now I have my dining room table back. I started getting a better routine. I walked with Ernie most days and went out around 4:00 each day to tackle some errands. I left the house each afternoon except for Wednesday.

I found this at Kroger!

You guys – it is so good! I poured a half carton over ice the first day I had it and it was a treat! It does have the same amount of caffeine as coffee so you have to be careful if it makes you jittery.

I apologize to the blogger that first showed it – I take a lot of screenshots and forget who it was from. Rumor has it that there is pumpkin spice! It was not at my Kroger – Boo! Would mixing these together be a bad or a very good idea? Let me know if you see this anywhere. I have not tried Target, CVS, or Walgreens yet.

I have most luck with crockpot recipes on weekends when I can watch it a bit and stir. I made Dr. Pepper pulled pork and it is so good! Tom said it was a lot of pork – yes it was – especially for two people! I froze half. We had it on buns one night, open faced on french bread one night, and finally I made quesadillas with it. Poor Tom. He had to eat a lot of pulled pork.

The night we had it on buns this was our side. Yum! See if you can find this. It says it is “slawsome” so how can you resist?

Look at this face! Have you ever seen anything cuter? Now that Ernie is an only child he is getting a lot of attention.

I love rain! I am sure I have mentioned it before; I apologize but I just love it! I had two wonderful mornings of coffee on the patio listening to the rain before my work day began. I am really trying to find balance. I have found that if I check my work email too early I am in work mode. Work can wait until after my coffee and quiet time. Amiright, friends?

See if you can see the rain coming through my rain chain from the gutters.

In this one you can probably just see the wet grass.

I love my new Kirklands wooden charger? It was only $7!

New work space at my desk.

This makes me kind of sad. Our days will start getting shorter. That coupled with the virus – I just do not know. I am hoping for the best as we head in to fall. But, in all reality, we will probably still be in the thick of this. How is your mental health? Talk to people and do things that make you happy. Take care of yourself. I talked to two co-workers on the phone this week and that was nice. We are in this together.

Sorry to go so deep on a Friday! Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby. There are no fans. This was supposed to be the first Saturday in May and it was postponed. It is also Labor Day weekend and it is also my boys’ birthday! I hope that people are smart and safe!

Have a wonderful weekend all!


9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. “Earnie is an only child” – cutie! I love your dog! Please cuddle him from me!
    How come the boys are home in November already? Is the term that short? My 19-year-old will leave for military service in two weeks and she’s away for nine months… I’m ready and I’m not ready… I know you know how I feel! She will be home every other weekend, so that’s good.
    Our life is quite normal in Stockholm, calmer but ok. I’m having a parents’ meeting on teems this week, that’s different of course…
    Friyay! Finally!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will! He is like a big teddy bear! Colleges always let out mid December until January for Christmas/winter break. Most are doing that a bit earlier because of concern for flu season along with the virus.
      She leaves in two weeks! Awwww! She will grow up so much I bet. Our live is more normal than it was but most are still being cautious.


  2. Cooking for two is certainly different than coking for 4! That was a big adjustment for me. I don’t mind the rain but my dog has so much anxiety that it’s hard to enjoy it.
    My thoughts on the virus have really changed lately, I honestly cannot stand what has happened to education. Anyway, I don’t want to get off on a tangent. Have a super weekend Amy!

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    1. Yes it is! Oh that is sad that your dog gets upset. I know how you feel – I am a bit bitter that I did the right things and sacrificed so much and here we are – worse off. I am so worried about my students’ mental health! My sisters in Indiana and Ohio are in school in person.


  3. I had lunch with some friends and it really helped my mood this week. Grace comes home at Thanksgiving too, and it makes it a little more bearable! Have a good weekend!

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    1. Yes! Are they all from England that live in Houston? I can’t comment on some blogs because Disqus hates me. I have even tried on different device! I gave up! Will you be worried about her getting tested before coming home?


  4. We had pulled pork this week too and my husband complained there wasn’t enough as we only had leftovers for one meal for him the next day. I swear he would eat it every day if I let him!

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