Thursday, September 3, 2020

Are you a morning shower or a night shower person?

My life/routine has drastically changed since March, but I have been a night shower person while I am working full time for a long, long time. I will give you the main reason: wet hair in the morning is too time consuming. You can seriously shave off major morning time if you start with dry hair! Plus, most people say that their hair does better styling if it is not squeaky clean. Bonus!

During the months of March, April, May, June, and July I was often a morning shower person. I missed my night shower to be honest.

Let me make a case for the night shower.

Do you suffer from allergies? I have fall allergies worse than spring and I live in a horrible place for allergies. This baby right here – Simply Saline is my best friend. I was told years ago to not ever sleep on hair that could have pollen or whatnot in it from being outside. It makes a lot of sense. You are breathing it in all night long.

Are you ever too tired to wash your face at night? One hack is to wash it immediately after dinner or after work and not wait until you are too tired, but my solution is to keep your face wash in the shower. I love this cleanser. It smells so good!

I love getting in my sheets when I am clean and I love going to bed with slightly damp hair. I take my shower right after dinner when life is normal – so around 7 or 8. I sleep in a tank top and shorts and never socks – please! I love having the added coolness of damp hair.

Plus, this fan has changed my sleeping life. I love having a ceiling fan and I am just sorry that I waited 48 years.

And, guess what is on its way to me? A satin pillowcase! Amanda of That Inspired Chick posted an $8 deal on Amazon. I had not wanted to spend a fortune on one so patience paid off – I think. I will let you know. Satin pillowcases are supposed to help with facial wrinkles and with keeping hair smoother.

I think I have gotten smart. I put my creams on in bed now. I just was not taking the time to do it if I waited until too late so now it has become my get in bed routine. I spray my pillow with lavender sleep spray when I can (I have to be careful because I have sprayed Tom in the face before and he did not enjoy it!). I next put on lip stuff, eye stuff, facial wrinkle stuff, and lavender lotion.

I am trying not to be too dependent on this routine but I do it most nights. I am trying to avoid becoming too high maintenance.

O.k. – so my morning routine when I shower at night. I swear I am not lying. I was not rushing and I was not even looking at my stop watch. I fact, I have timed myself before and I had some haters – just kidding – they were not really haters but they questioned my timer.

I wash my face with the same cleanser.

I brush my teeth.

I clip up the sides of my hair and curl the bottom, take clips down and curl the top, I use hairspray.

I do a bit of foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush, and lipstick.

Here was the time it took to do these steps:

Finished product:

I am not dressed yet. I am still in my sleeping clothing. So, getting dressed maybe takes another 5-10 minutes depending on how decisive I am.

What are your thoughts?

Try taking a night shower!

Try timing your routine!

It is eye opening!

Thanks for reading,


18 thoughts on “A Case for the Night Shower

  1. Working from home for the last 10 years has converted me to a night shower. If I shower in the morning, it’s a good excuse not to workout or tackle messy chores, for me anyway. Your point about pollen is good and now I’m thinking about everything else that could be on your hair and skin that’s being brought into your sheets. Ugh!


  2. I’ve always been a night shower person! I have to be clean when I get in my bed…& I agree with you about your point on hair. If I wash it at night, I let it mostly dry and then quickly dry it (using the revlon one step dryer). I always shower after dinner (or even while dinner is in the oven) and immediately do my face creams, etc. Poor Tom, but your lavender spray situation made me 😂


  3. I have always been a night shower gal. I’m going to try that saline spray for my allergies. Now I’m worried about sleeping on my hair coated in pollen. I only wash my hair every few days, so that might be a problem for my allergies.

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  4. I can NOT wake up and get going on a work day without a shower! I don’t wash my hair every day. Night time showers are not for me on a work day. My hair will not cooperate if I sleep on it wet and I am not blow drying it before bed-usually too tired. I will however take a night shower on the weekends. I workout in the late afternoons so I usually take a nightly bath but always a morning shower!

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  5. I’m a morning shower girl. My hair is way too curly to sleep on and look right the next day. However while we’ve been home, I’ve enjoyed adding a 6 or 7 pm rinser to my day before getting in pjs. I air dry my hair and it takes FOREVER to dry. Some mornings I wake up with damp hair if I go to bed with wet hair. Have a great day!

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  6. Agreed! I hate being cold in the morning so taking a shower isn’t appealing. Also, I do my workouts/walks in the evening, so night showers are the best for me.
    BUT now that I’m desperately clinging to a productive routine for THIS stage of life, I find morning showers work better because I work out in the morning…sigh.
    It takes forever for my hair to dry so that’s a problem I just live with for now I guess.


    1. Good point that I forgot about – don’t like to be cold! I sometimes do a quick rinse in the am, too. In the summer I’m fine with going out with wet hair. I shouldn’t be but I am. We need different routines for different stages!


  7. I too like a nighttime shower and if I can get it in before dinner, all the better! I love to be in PJs in the evening. A friend has awful allergies and walks every morning, her Dr suggested taking a damp washcloth and lightly wiping down her hair when she comes in and she thinks it helps.

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  8. I cannot sleep on wet hair! So no night showers for me. And I do not like to take a shower in the morning…. too time consuming. Is it ok to be an evening, before dinner shower person!? I shower, cook dinner in some lounge clothes and my hair is dry when I go to bed, perfect!
    On a normal school morning I want 1,5 hours for coffee and some pampering before I leave home, I love my mornings, especially now when it’s light. I don’t do anything with my hair except brushing, it is beyond salvation… no haircut since April! I have a time scheduled in two weeks, it will be fantastic!


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