Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Hello! How is your week going? Mine is going. I am slowly getting more into a routine. I have not been back to my classroom since that second day. I am finding I like the ability to teach from home. Plus, we have crazy long breaks between live classes and it seems to make more sense to do some chores and work from home where it is more comfortable, you know?

I would say I have been loving the kimono for the last week.

Olive shorts, olive shirt, kimono with olive and pink flowers.

This was a weekend outfit. I am looking for the perfect wide leg cropped. These are not it. I sent these back to QVC – They were Lisa Rinna pants! Real Housewives, anyone? Anyone have an idea for me for what I am looking for?

Look at this lovely kimono outfit. Um, she is 5 foot ten inches according to the article in Southern Living!

Another day, another kimono.

Another day, another kimono.

I have also worn some of my swing dresses with kimono over.

What have you been wearing lately?


18 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I feel like I am barely surviving!My work has been insane. It’s so hot here that all I have been wearing is shorts and tanks which is fine since I am tied to my computer all day!
    Nothing beats the convenience and comfort of working at home!

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    1. I am so sorry! It sounds like you need more counselors! I have lots of breaks during the day and only live teach for three 40 minute sessions. I spend the other time grading, planning, talking to students and parents. I’m trying to look at the benefits to working from home right now.
      Hope your work gets less crazy!


    1. I have really gotten so much wear out of mine. A brand I like is Umgee that you can find on Amazon. I have maybe 10? They work over dresses, shorts, jeans, and just add so much interest to a basic tee! I googled wide leg capris and Lisa Rinna QVC came up! The material was great but they ran big and the smaller sizes were out of stock. QVC will suck you in if you watch it! Ha!

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  2. I am SO lucky that I do not have to “dress” for work. Working in an office on a farm doesn’t call for many dressy clothes. On the flip side, I do not own very many nice outfits for when I do want to dress up. Old Navy has a slim wide leg crop chino that may interest you.

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      1. It’s hard to not go to work in sweats or leggings everyday. LOL Especially since I basically work for myself-no one to answer to!! There are quite a few wide leg crop options on Old Navy. The pull on ones look nice too.


  3. All the athleisure wear I can !!! I work out every day- so always my yummy buttery leggings and a tank. After I shower – if I am not going out – which is most days if truth be told……I put on a pair of my fave pjs from Nordstrom. Their pj sets are so soft and I LOVE THEM. Today I took my nephew’s bday gift to him (he is the one who was drafted by the Washington nationals) and he turns 21 next week but we will be out of town and I wanted him to have his gift, plus he signed a few baseball caps for us and for some friends. SO I actually wore jeans and a cute top. I even put on make up. Who am I? LOL I love the idea of a kimono but cant actually bring myself to buy any. Super cute on you!


    1. I need better athleisure! I cannot wear pjs all day! Wow – that is cool about your nephew! You should dip your toe in the kimono pond with a fall colored one! I think you would love it!


      1. Athleta is the best bang for your buck! Customer service is the best! Wear it and if it doesn’t work out, you can return it. Lululemon doesn’t do that. Yes, its pricey but so worth it. They last for years! Elations or Salutations are my go to legging! Maybe I will find a kimono I like. I just wish our state would either open back up for things or cool down because no one has time to eat outdoors when its over 100 deg! Thank goodness for the beach!

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      2. I know I should check Athleta out. Didn’t Nancy Pelosi get her hair done in CA? You will have perfect outdoor weather soon, though! My friend and I said we would sit on patios in the winter – we don’t care!


      3. HAHA YES SHE DID! She is awful and her nephew is our governor and I CAN NOT STAND THEM! The democrats have ruined our beautiful state. Yes ma’am! We are leaving for the beach this morning and I Cant wait! A week at our house is going to be glorious. We are golfing a couple of days and eating al fresco at 2 of our favorite restaurants. Are you on Instagram? Feel free to follow me. kim_2u is my profile !!! Have a great weekend and let me know if you try Athleta. Seriously the best!!

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      4. My Dad would have loved you! He hated her! You have the life other than the virus! Did you know I can retire next October? I would love to follow you! Warning that my Insta is mainly for my students!
        I wish I had an Athleta body but maybe it will motivate me!


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