Wednesday, August 26, 2020

I am trying to get back to outfit pictures! Current goal: to wear all of my summer stuff and do some purging!

I got dressed up to get my hair done Saturday. I love my MIA sandal clogs, my fun flouncy Matilda Jane pants, and…

I wore an orange silk blouse that I have had forever from a consignment store. The shirt and pants were both thrifted!

I can use my the mirror in a boy bedroom now. I decided to wear a swing dress and tropical kimono to go to the Cuban place Saturday night.

Monday work day I wore my Target Universal Thread olive shorts, Old Navy floral blouse, and an old cardigan.

First day of school outfit. I found this dress for $10 at Old Navy Monday after work and I had been eyeing it earlier this summer so I went for it!

What have you been wearing lately?


16 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

    1. Thank you! I hadn’t either and I know I’m supposed to order online for a better deal – lol! But, it was nice to feel fabrics and shop in store. Some of their fabrics feel cheap!


  1. Cute outfits! That new dress is gorgeous! (I think I have something similar, need to look for it!). What are those sandals? Really nice! And your hair looks pretty! I need a haircut so badly… haven’t been since the beginning of April!
    I wear skirts, dresses or shorts every day, it’s still quite warm (68°). Since I’ll be wearing pants for 8 months I wait as long as possible! And no socks before October! 😀


    1. Thank you so much Tin-Tin! Can you believe it was only $10? The sandals are like a platform sandal from last summer. I will try to find where I got them. I think I got them from Amazon from another blogger recommendation.
      It felt great to get my hair cut and it is so much easier to style now.
      Can you wear shorts to school? I guess I can now! I have started wearing socks more because my feet are getting colder at home in the AC!
      That is true that you have to wear pants most of the year so you want a break I am sure.


      1. Wow, that’s old-fashioned! But nice I guess…? Do you have any rules as a woman?
        There are of course work places here with clothing codes. I used to work in an office where we weren’t allowed to show our toes in open shoes :-D.
        I remember when I heard of “casual Fridays” the first time, one of many American things that Sweden has copied!


      2. We are pretty old-fashioned and conservative here. They will get in trouble if they have too many rules for women but I always say do not put an unnecessary target on your back – if you do not dress professionally they may think you are not professional, you know?
        Some law and bank offices had no open toe in the past – not sure now.
        Yes, casual fridays – esp. in the more conservative industry!


  2. I’ve been wearing a ton of summer dresses. We’re back to work a few days a week and it’s been so easy to line up all my summer dresses and grab one every morning! I just picked up the cutest tee shirt dress at Kroger of all places! Super soft and can’t wait to wear it.
    Love your ON find!


    1. I love summer dresses! The swing style really is what I wear because of my apple shape. I love a dress with a kimono. That is so smart to rotate through your dresses. My Kroger does not have clothes! Thank you – I was happy with $10 and it felt good to be inside an Old Navy I must admit!


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