Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Today is my first day of school – virtually! I will have 3 classes today and I am planning on going live from my actual classroom so they can see it! Please send good vibes for my technology functioning!

So, the first grocery trip I made after dropping the boys off was two days later on a Sunday morning. I went in and shopped myself because it was very early. I thought I would hardly spend anything – Nope! It was $170! I think I had let a lot of things run out and I needed vitamins and some bigger ticket items. Oh well.

One of my 2020 goals was less food waste. I would give myself a B- maybe on my ability to use up all food – still working on it.

One night Tom had leftover spaghetti sauce with meat – I did make him fresh angel hair (his preferred) to go with it.

And I made myself my cacio e pepe from my post here.

For my breakfasts since the boys left home I started up my standard breakfast again.

Tom really wanted this dinner because it had been awhile – fish sticks, mac and cheese and peas.

We had a mid week patio meal and I had a delicious grilled cheese with peach jam and green apples.

Tom had a chicken BLT.

I made burrito bowls one night.

and grilled cheese and tomato soup one night.

I hope to do more entree salads and soups in the empty nest. It will take some getting used to. I also think some nights we will have different things to use up leftovers or because of preferences.

Any ideas for empty nest cooking?


4 thoughts on “Empty Nest Kitchen – Week One

  1. Have a great first day!!! As far as empty nest cooking goes, I really notice a difference in our food consumption, even with just L. out of the house. At least one night a week, we are just eating leftovers, that is for sure.


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