Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Many bloggers have started talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I am not a card holder so by the time I can shop it may be too late. I used to have one, but we streamlined our finances several years ago and I only have one credit and one debit card now.

I tend to get excited when bloggers talk about products even if it isn’t something I need! If everyone else is shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale then to be in I want to, too! In case you aren’t familiar, this is a unique sale in that it is not end of season stuff. It is fall and winter stuff! But, you really need to be careful in my opinion and not just jump on the bandwagon (like I have done in the past). I would inventory your stuff from last fall and winter first and really think about your lifestyle and your needs. Things go quickly so you can always order and send back because they do have awesome customer service and an awesome return policy. This also may be a way to get something you wanted that is out of stock. If someone returns it, you may get lucky.

It might be worthwhile to buy some bigger ticket items that don’t go out of style or that you wanted last season and never pulled the trigger on. I think it’s also a great time to get some jewelry or makeup.

Here are some things I’m thinking about:

A second Barefoot Dreams cardigan. I have the first one they ever made and I wear it almost every day in the winter. I would maybe like the baby or the circle.

Something Patagonia – a vest or a jacket. High quality outdoor brands like Patagonia and North Face last forever. I have a North Face jacket that I bought years ago and it looks like new. Our diaper bag for our twins was a North Face backpack. It still looks new 18 years later and one of the boys used it for his school backpack for awhile. It made me so nostalgic and happy.

Mac lip glass lip gloss – I wrote down all of Sheaffer’s lip colors and this would be a great time to get some.

Do you shop the sale? What are you looking at this year?

So, let’s talk about a recent hodge podge of things I have purchased – in addition to all the college prep stuff for the boys!

First of all, I read Mix and Match Mama’s run down of scents. I have been looking for a summer perfume all summer long. I finally gave up and decided I would use the bum bum cream as my smell. I have a fall/winter scent that I love, but my summer scent was tricky. Why do I need one when there is no one within 6 feet to smell me? Yeah, I’m not sure!

I decided to try two discovery sets from Sephora and it came to around $60 for both so it was a bit of a splurge. They are very small – sample size – except for the top one below.

You guys, this brand – I had never heard of it before. They all smell amazing! I love them all.

I should also tell you a bit about myself – I am very sensitive to smell. I hate anything artificial, too sweet, or too floral.

This set below is just kind of meh for me. The scents I have tried did not seem to last as long. They do have cute names like “Lazy Sunday Morning”. You don’t really want to know what I think I smell like on a lazy Sunday morning, by the way – coffee breath mixed with teeth that haven’t been brushed?

Anyway, I am happy to play around with these summer scents. Actually, many of them work into fall and winter.

I had to buy this book from Amazon because my library didn’t have it in their catalog. I liked the first one The Simple Wild enough that I wanted to read this right away.

I think I read about this in Lisa’s Two Cents blog. You put this on salmon and grill or bake and it is amazing! I found it at Kroger. I got rave review from my hub and my one salmon loving son.

I was craving a hot dog recently so we had them for dinner one night. We only eat them maybe 3-4 times a year. I had hear about these Hawaiian hot dog buns and it made them so good!

You may remember me talking about Noonday Collection and the earrings I bought at the beginning of the summer. They have jewelry made from artisans all over the world. I bought this necklace – it’s gold and silver and you can loop as many times as you would like.

They come packaged so cute in these little pouches.

Just like most years, I am sick of my summer clothes! That is kind of surprising since I haven’t worn many of them this year. I am starting to think of fall clothing and shoes. I have been curious about these Danskos for a few years and an art teacher at my school has them and I always covet them. What do you think? Danskos are kind of so ugly they are cool? Kind of like Birkenstocks?

What have you purchased recently?


15 thoughts on “Recent Purchases and some talk about the Nordstrom Sale!

  1. I’m just like you with the big NSale but I have learned my lesson after years and years of all the hype. There are some things that I have on my wish list and I hope they are still available when I can finally shop on the 13th!
    I am not a Dansko fan but I’ve heard so many good things about them!


    1. Yes! I will know it’s not meant to be if my wish list is gone by the time I can shop! Some people are super loyal to Dansko. I wish they were a bit prettier!


  2. The NSale talk overwhelms me…but I do try to buy a few things each year. My purchases last year were adidas tennis shoes & a light weight jacket. So I agree to purchase timeless pieces that will last!
    Those hot dog buns would be delish. Hayden eats two mini Hawaiian rolls with salami nearly every day for lunch 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I think jackets and shoes are smart.
      Yes – try the buns! I think you could also do a small sub sandwich on them. That’s a great lunch! My boys have always loved salami!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the info about the perfume samples. I had the ones Shay recommended in my Sephora cart too. I am also sensitive to scents and have thrown away more candles or bath and Bodyworks wallflowers then I care to admit. Not sure about danskos. I’ve tried them on many times but can’t get over how they slipped on my feet and clamp around when I walk. I feel like they look like that on other people as well unless you have the kind that have an ankle strap. Have you tried any on and found a style you like?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope I don’t steer you wrong on the scents. I wish I had only gotten the Juliette. $30 for the size is a lot!
      You can’t smell Bath and Body smells with a mask! I love mahogany teakwood for reference.
      Same for me with danskos. I am between 38 and 39 but I have a nice department store – Von Maur – where I think I can try on and they are knowledgeable about fit. I had the standard clog a long time ago for back problems but I found them so ugly and clunky on my foot.


  4. Your comments about the Lazy Sunday Morning scent made me laugh out loud! I totally agree with your thoughts on Danskos and Burks – love them both for the comfort – not their looks. 😉 Hope the start of your new school year goes smoothly – stay healthy!


    1. Ha! It might have been too much information! Yes – the Danskos and the Birks are kind of like a hairless cat – so ugly they’re cute or they end up growing on you?
      Thank you so much! I am home and virtual until October unless I choose to go in my classroom alone; I’m sure the rules will change several more times but that is what it is for now!


  5. Ugh the Nordstrom sale! So much hype, especially online! It’s a love/hate thing with me. As you did, we pared down credit cards years ago and every time the sale comes around I start thinking I need a Nordstrom card for the early access, which is stupid because they have 2-3 levels of access that are even earlier! The funny thing is most of the stuff I can’t wear until November because it is so warm here until then. Now I just wait until it’s open to everyone and then check it out. Good luck with the Barefoot Dreams cardi, I love them and sometimes find a good deal on QVC.


    1. Exactly! I feel the same way about the love/hate feelings. I sometimes want to kick myself in fall and winter when I would like the item but it’s so weird when I haven’t inventoried last year’s clothes. Good tip to look on QVC. I don’t really need another one but I have gotten my money’s worth out of it.


  6. Well, the amount of shops around here is limited, so that’s good for our economy! A normal summer we shop quite a lot in America, so… The kids bought cute socks at h&m the other day, does that count? Ok, mama bought a cute flowery top too…
    Lazy summer morning – haha! I rarely wear perfume, can’t find one I like…
    I love a good hot dog! I prefer it with a brioche bread (regular toast bread works fine!) and “shrimp salad” (very common over here).
    Enjoy your day!


    1. My boys like funny socks or socks with pictures, too! I know – the perfume issue is hard but I have always wanted a signature scent! Brioche has become really popular here for gourmet burgers and sandwiches. Shrimp salad isn’t very popular here but some places do have it!


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