Friday, August 7, 2020

Well, this is a Friday I’m not quite ready for…I start back to work on Monday! I guess it’s time, though. The problem is – I don’t really know what work will look like and what my responsibilities will be and that’s hard. I do know that I have two weeks of training and we welcome the students back virtually on Tuesday, August 26. Then, we will continue to be virtual until October 3. Who knows what things will look like by then? Can you tell I don’t do especially well without structure?

Also, a week from today our boys move to college. So. many. feelings. It’s time, I know.

I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. so go right here to see some other Friday Favorites.

Despite my introduction to today’s post, I had a really good week. We had amazing weather! I think my moods are very dependent upon the weather. I just hate the sticky hot humidity and that negatively affects me. This week was unseasonably cool for August! I’m talking sweatshirt in the mornings cool!

Another thing that made the week really good was checking things off of my list like the boys’ doctor appointments and immunization records for college, a couple of social things, getting my professional development hours done…stuff like that.

Let’s start with a favorite on Monday. This sweet student who graduated with Jack and Mason got placed in a really high college Spanish course and said she was nervous so I offered to go over verb tenses on my patio. We have known her since kindergarten and I made sure her mom was o.k. with it and that we were 6 feet apart. I made her my iced coffee because she is a big coffee lover. It was nice to see her and get back into my craft!

I took my laptop outside the next day for a meeting and part of my professional development. It’s important to change work scenery when working from home maybe? I had my breakfast outside, too.

Then, a friend brought lunch over from a restaurant and we sipped rose on the patio while enjoying it. I forgot to take a food photo but this is how I set us up at opposite ends of the table. It was such a treat.

I went to Trader Joe’s which is always fun and there was no line at 12:30. I keep getting lucky with the random times I pick to go! Now watch me have a long line next time! I have a post coming next week about some new products I found.

I did a recent purchases post on Wednesday and showed you this necklace from Noonday Collection. The big earrings are my only other piece from them. I have been wearing them a bunch and the little silver and gold studs when I have to wear a mask because big earrings and masks don’t really work. I like the gold and silver theme I have going.

I loved having to put on leggings and a sweatshirt for my morning coffee this week. These are my 4th of July popsicle leggings. I am totally mismatched!

I put my Hobby Lobby clearance items out this week, too. I am itching to make my patio into a fall wonderland, but I know it’s too early!

Even though it’s been cooler, the mosquitoes are really getting bad. I find that this fan helps keep them away.

I continued my weekly library curbside pickup.

I saw these recommended on someone’s blog I am sure.

A big Target order of college stuff came in – clip on bed lamps, lotion, vitamins, more masks, medicines, etc. – they put this in with my order for free, I guess. These smell amazing! Maybe they knew college boys could create major smelly funk in their dorm rooms.

It was a treat to sit on a patio for brunch/lunch with Tom one day this week during his work day. We went to Wild Eggs which has breakfast and lunch food.

I got Mr. Potato Head casserole with tons of veggies.

Tom got an omelette. He doesn’t understand blog photos of food.

I want to leave you with some funny memes I “collected” this week.

Isn’t this true?

Why don’t they understand this? Ha!

Oh yes! I used my fair share of Aquanet!

Yes, my thoughts exactly!

What were your faves this week? Leave me one in the comments!

What are your weekend plans?

We have a chance to hear some live music! Two of our favorite local groups will be outside at a restaurant and if we feel like it’s a safe situation we may get to listen to one or both. I hope to boat one day. The boys and I are going to start on the packing of their clothes. I don’t want to leave that until the last minute. I am assuming I will be working all next week from 7:30-3:30 ish and I know I will be tired at the end of the day of staring at a screen, you know? I do have Friday off and that is the boys’ move in day.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Go back to yesterday’s post for back to school tips here if you are interested. It seems like many bloggers don’t blog on Thursdays and many blog readers don’t read on Thursdays, either, so I wanted to make sure you knew about it!

Have a lovely weekend,


14 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Funny memes! Have a great week back at work, it will be interesting I’m sure. I wish it were cool here – even early in the morning it’s humid! Enjoy your weekend Amy, next week will be a big one for you!


    1. Thank you! It will definitely be interesting! I am excited with the prospect of working from home again; it really is a blessing to be able to stay safe is how I’m looking at it. I think it will be even more isolating with getting used to the boys being gone. I am going to make an effort to take advantage of longer lunches to be social if I can. The humidity is what I can’t take and why I could never probably live further south than this! I wish you could experience Michigan in the summer. It would be a dream for you! Or, maybe you have experienced it? But, you get the wonderful weather from October-April? Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. I’ve enjoyed this cooler weather too! I know you’ll miss your sons so much, but also be so happy with their new adventure. Love the meme about the stairs, I thought it was just my family! I start back to school Monday too, the schedule will be good for me, but not the getting up at 5:15!! Enjoy your weekend Amy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s been so picture perfect! I know it’s time for them! They will be at bellarmine in two different dorms and that makes me feel better.
      Do you go in person? I have enjoyed getting up a bit later but am still such an early bird!
      You too!


    1. No they aren’t! He laughed about it but he can never manage to smile for my photos! Thank you! I’m going to try to make the most of the weekend and not stress til Monday! I am nervous about being effective to start the year but I’m sure we all are!


  3. We had breakfast out this week too. It was tables on the street in front of the bakery and while it was a treat to have a great breakfast, I realized halfway through I was uncomfortable with the pedestrians and cars nearby, so I will be more selective about where I eat when I try it again. I’ll keep doing carry out for now! My favorite thing about this week is that we are at a rental at the beach and found an out of the way beach where people are respectful of social distances. It’s my favorite place to watch the waves and recharge.
    Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was thinking about that issue – our restaurants have been using road and parking lot for extra outdoor seating but that doesn’t sound too nice and you have no control once you are seated. I’m sure you are fine but lesson learned. There’s just so much to think about right now and it’s exhausting!
      Nice beach vacation – I’m jealous! You too!


  4. I was so thankful for the cool nights; without our air conditioner running (since we turn our generator off at night) we’ve been sleeping with the windows open and those cool nights make me sleep so well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So nice! I’m sorry about your ER visit and power outage! I guess the weather cooperated and luckily you like to read and have lots of hobbies! The longest we were without power was 5 days in September of 2008 I think!


      1. I think the longest we’ve been without power was 7 days and I know it was after a Sept. hurricane but we had two of those two years in a row that both knocked out power for a week.

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