Monday, August 3, 2020

Hello all! I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, etc. right here!

How was your weekend? Mine was good! I made some effort to plan a couple of things and it made it a fun and full weekend for me.

Since the pandemic started, I have been treating myself to some magazines. They make me happy. I think my theme was outside and decor for this set of magazines!

I also had a library pick up on Friday and got these two books!

But, before I could start those two… I have been on quite a good reading streak. I finished this over the weekend and the sequel Wild at Heart is not available at my library so I ordered it from Amazon in paperback. That’s how much I wanted to read it! Loved this book!

And, I finished this book, too, in just a matter of two days. I liked it but it did annoy me. Anyone else?

It seriously rained from Wednesday-Saturday much of every day. I think that is what caused me to read so much. I was either on my family room couch by the window or right here if it was lightly raining.

I did a manicure using Essie Bikini So Teeny.

Friday morning I got a Starbuck’s skinny vanilla latte. I seriously think this was my first Starbuck’s since March!

Friday night we asked our friends to go to a Beer Garden (Biergarten) that also has food. It was raining so we didn’t get to sit in my preferred space with pretty vines overhead.

It is dog friendly! But, we didn’t know and didn’t bring our dogs. I forgot to take photos of the food but we got brussels sprouts, pulled pork, and fish sandwiches.

Saturday morning I did some morning patio reading – my book and some blogs that I didn’t get to on Friday.

Then, I did decide to take both tops back to Target. The black one is too short. It looks longer online. The red didn’t fit right. Oh well. Again, not keeping anything that isn’t perfect. The fabrics are great and quality seemed great, so they might work for you.

I checked to see if this was in and it was! I bought two bottles to save for fall. I bought the cleaning spray last week.

I was super excited about the arrival of these personalized notepads from The Stationery Studio. I have been wanting some for a long time and finally ordered them. This was a set of 4 different sizes for around $24 I think. This would make a great gift! At least, I love getting stuff like this!

I love, love, love veggie sandwiches and look for them on many menus. I re-created the veggie I used to get at our beloved bagel shop that went out of business. This is simply a Trader Joe’s everything bagel, toasted, with garden vegetable cream cheese, sliced tomatoes, and sliced cucumbers. You could add more vegetables if you wanted to.

More rain Saturday afternoon from my view on the patio – I fell asleep to it.

It cleared up for a bit and I made a spiked lemonade – Tito’s, Crystal light lemonade, diet Sierra Mist/Sprite.

Saturday night I made homemade pizza for dinner – yes, the Skinny Biz pizza dough recipe. Google it! We watched a couple of episodes of Scrubs together as a family and then Jack and I went to get Blizzards at DQ. Mason went to the drive in with friends.

I watched this by myself. It was cute. Then, Jack and I watched New Girl and waited up for Mason to get home.

Sunday morning I had my coffee on the patio. Gosh, I will miss this when it gets cold! Sunday was unseasonably cool! Normally in August it is not fun to be outside. It was 60 degrees and never got above 80. It was the perfect day!

We had plans to take our friends on the boat and do lunch. This was the first time taking someone out this season. I have never shown you the drive from my house to the river. It is a straight shot from the street where you turn to go into our neighborhood to the river and takes about 8 minutes.

You go down this winding wooded road and then…

You are driving parallel to the Ohio River the rest of the way to the ramp where we launch the boat.

We met our friends (they dropped their son off to hang at our house with J and M) and cruised a bit and then stopped at Captain’s Quarters.

Tom got pulled pork nachos on homemade potato chips.

I got a cheeseburger.

Then, we headed to the cove for a bit.

and found some people we knew and tied up to them. One of the people was Tom’s sister and it was her birthday so that was nice.

How was your weekend?

I hope it was full of good stuff!


22 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. You had such a fun weekend and so much good food! We went out to a restaurant for dinner Friday night with our best friends and it was fun to be out. I had planned on rain all weekend because of the hurricane but it never rained on Saturday and then rained just a little on Sunday. Thank goodness we were spared!
    Too bad those tops didn’t work, they sure were pretty. But I’m with you – if it’s not perfect it goes back!


    1. Yes! It was much needed! I bet that was a nice treat for you, too! I think we got your hurricane rain here!
      The tops not working save me some money – maybe for the Nord sale!


  2. Looks like a great weekend. I loved The Woman in Cabin 10 when I read it a couple years ago. The Biergarten looks fun! (& you drinks look delish). So glad the weather cooperated for a boat day on Sunday…although I did love that we got some much needed rain.

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  3. It was a good weekend. I made salsa with all my garden tomatoes and peppers and canned 10 jars. First time doing it! Going to check out the Wild at heart and The simple wild books and Southern Living magazine. I used to subscribe and always loved it. Now I get Midwest Living and really enjoy it. Too bad the tops didn’t work. I love the patterns on both. I saw all the Mrs. Meyers summer scents on clearance this weekend and was so tempted to buy a bunch! All those yummy scents make cleaning a little more enjoyable 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m jealous! I’m
      Scared of the boiling the mason jar part. I really should make homemade salsa even if I don’t can. I like Midwest living but it’s harder to find here. That’s how I feel about the cleaning sprays – they motivate me to clean more!
      I think you will like The Simple Wild – it’s chick lit but well written with a good story and I liked the Alaska setting.
      Have a great day, Theresa!


  4. I just ordered The Simple Wild from the library, I’m no 4 in line… Fun, god I love to read! I’ve been reading a lot this summer, it’s the best. There were so many years when I didn’t have time to read anything but YA literature for school, so I’m having a blast!

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      1. You are so right! (Always positive, I love it!!!) ) I’m so enjoying “Where the crawdads sing” right now, and it feels like Simple Wild is somewhere around there – or?
        You are a great photographer! Please believe me, you are! Great pictures in this post!

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  5. Looks like 3rd Turn Oldham Gardens! Love that place; it’s literally 5 minutes from my house. I love the brussels sprouts, and the fried fish. Have you tried their mead? It is so good. I’m so glad we have a place like that in Oldham Co., just wish it stayed open a little later!

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    1. You are correct! Yes – the fish and Brussels were great. I tried their mead last time and I liked it! It is such a cool place! I was bummed about the rain!


  6. Aren’t you glad I told you about that SPD?? I get everyone hooked on it. Simply the best! I had one for lunch today!! We golfed with our friends on Saturday- ate lunch at a good Mexican restaurant on the patio (no inside dining for California!) and then Sunday we took off to our favorite fruit stands- and had lunch at a hole in the wall Frosty King in the next town over and ate on the patio., It was sooo good and worth every point! Have a great week! I was supposed to head to the beach house today with my mama but she is very nervous about Covid and I understand her feelings. So Iplan to go next week with my hubby and I am going to stay over there for the rest of August. I CANT WAIT!


    1. Yes! Our indoor restaurants are open at 25% but I’m only interested in patios. You had a full and nice weekend! I see older people either being very careful or the opposite – unwilling to change their routines. My mom is being pretty good but going to the beauty shop as she calls it – weekly for hair and nails.
      Your August will be wonderful! I start work on Monday for 2 weeks of training – we don’t even have a schedule yet and I’m afraid I will be behind my computer for 8 hours a day. Have a great day!


      1. Your mom sounds like she knows what she wants! My mom does “social distance patio drinking” with a few of her close neighbor friends. They really are about 8 ft from each other and she walks down the block and back. She gets her nails done too but all our personal care salons are closed so everyone is operating behind blacked out windows……Its ridiculous. Our governor is ridiculous and now people have to hide or have your hair done on the asphalt when its 105 deg. Ugh politics;. Good luck with back to school. Out here almost all school districts are online only. These poor teachers who have kids still at home! I don’t even know how they get it all done- even working moms and dads! Its a mess.


      2. Yes! Oh that’s cute! That is really ridiculous. If masks work, almost everything can happen with a mask. I feel so bad for working parents. I like hearing about other states because it’s so crazy how we aren’t on the same page and unified as a country.


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