Friday, July 31, 2020

I sound like a broken record – broken iphone? broken memory stick? – what on Earth are we supposed to say now? Records are back in vogue so maybe we can still say that? – but I really can’t believe it’s the very last day of July. Tomorrow is August which to me means back to school! I have spent my entire life – except for the first 5 years of it – on a school schedule. This August will no doubt feel so weird. I am pretty sure it will manage to be busy, though, and full of all of the emotions. I am linking up today with Andrea,etc., right here.

My first favorite:

I have been busy doing college prep stuff as you know. One of those things was making sure final high school transcripts got to the college. The boys were in charge of ordering, but as the mom, you have to check up on stuff, you know?

Both of my boys took challenging high school course loads. Mason took 11 AP classes during his four years and we just found out he is receiving 28 college credit hours which technically makes him already a college sophomore! Jack took 9 AP classes and is receiving 15 college credit hours which makes him a second semester freshman! Each AP exam costs $90 ish at our school. I feel that this money was well spent because the AP courses on their transcripts enabled them to get scholarships and now has given them this credit which costs much more than $90 when you are actually in college -if that makes sense. I am so proud of them! Just in case you are wondering about the world of AP classes, I wanted to share that. I am also an AP teacher so I have that added perspective.

My next favorite is this polish color that will work into fall (I always have a pedicure!):

It is Essie’s Exposed. It is like a grey/olive green. I ordered it off of Amazon after not being able to find it at Ulta a few weeks ago. My friend B had this color and it looked great on her! The Essie brush is so tiny! It’s great for fingernails but I would like it be a bit bigger for the toes, I think!

My next favorite is a bit of a splurge. I have done really well with not shopping much this summer. I felt weird about shopping much. I have so many clothes that I haven’t been able to wear or haven’t chosen to wear. But, I am a sucker for a cute top and can wear these from spring to winter, really.

Target’s Knox Rose and Universal Thread are frequent perusals for me on

These are not here yet, but I will let you know if I keep them. They need to be perfect for me to add them to my closet.

Pretty, right? And, here’s a little secret. I am trying to add some more red to my closet because of my two pairs of red sandals! Ha! Do you do that, too? Try to match clothing to your shoes instead of the other way around?

My next favorite was my college shopping trip with Mason on Monday. He was more into it than Jack! He even picked his bath towels in his college color of burgundy. I thought that was funny – and I’m hoping for no laundry accidents with such a dark color! But, I have taught them to only use cold. Also, we only bought one sheet set and two bath towels. Let’s get real – they will hopefully wash their sheets and put them right back on the bed and they will hopefully wash one towel and have the spare ready to go. They have been in charge of their own sheets for several years at home.

We bought toiletries, too, and Jack still needed his. Target was having a deal that I think is still going on. If you buy 4 deoderants, body washes, shampoos or conditioners you get a $5 gift card. Score! I got $15 in gift cards for the purchases below and instead of giving me the cards, they just took it off of this purchase! Score!

My kids really don’t care about brands so they have been using Suave shampoo and body wash for several years and the same deoderant as Tom uses. Tom also uses Suave body wash because they stopped making Lever. Tom is very brand loyal and it seems like his brand always stops being produced. This has happened with his old shampoo and conditioner, his body wash, and a few other things. I kind of giggle about it because it makes him so upset! He, he!

This is not really a favorite but it might make you laugh/feel better about yourself… My SIL got a laugh out of it!

Apparently I went to Target like this. I had on olive shorts and a cute black top and wanted to wear neutral flip flops.

I didn’t realize that I had on two different flip flops, including with different heel heights until after we were home and I had changed into my lounge outfit. I remember thinking my left leg felt a bit weird in the store. Mason didn’t notice it either! Mortified! This isn’t the first time this has happened. During my first year of teaching I had identical navy and black pumps. Yes, I said pumps. I wore one of each color to a parent night! Oh well!

My next favorite is due to me getting a bit too much sun last weekend. I am super careful about sunscreen but darn it if I didn’t get my hair part burnt and the top of my chest. I did not put this on my part but I did use it on my chest and it helps so much. This Kroger brand is my favorite I have ever purchased and I have had it for a long time. I need to go look for more. At the beginning of the pandemic this was impossible to find because people were using aloe for homemade hand sanitizer.

This favorite was me getting a bit eager. This was the only one on the shelf at Target and the rest of the shelf was totally empty of all types of cleaners so I guess it was fate. This smells amazing! I also plan to buy several of the hand soaps. I like this brand for being more environmentally friendly and this just smells like fall in a bottle. I discovered it last year and I prefer this acorn spice to the apple cider. I’m hoping to get the candle, too.

Hub came home a bit early one day. He normally gets home at 5:30 and this day he got home around 4:45. I had dinner ready but it was too early, so I suggested us sitting on the patio to talk about our days. I made a tinto de verano – half red wine and half Fresca – and it was nice. I need to remember to do this more.

So, those are some of MY favorites from the week. What was one of yours?

Any fun plans this weekend? I talked about this on my What’s Up Wednesday post but I am hoping for conducive weather to sit outside with a couple of friends and a boat ride on Sunday. It looks like we will have lots of rain today and tomorrow. I like rain, too, but on my schedule!

Thanks for reading, friends!


16 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Two different flip flops… hilarious! Good that you didn’t notice it in the shop, right!?
    Yes, brands disappearing is a bummer. My dear half has been using oil of Olay for all his life, but they don’t sell it here anymore. We usually buy it in America, but… well, I found him one from Garnier, and he’s happy about that.
    I drink white wine with sprite, I’ve never tried to make a drink with red wine, will do!
    My best this weekend is youngest daughter turning 16! I’m so happy with the presents and can’t wait for her to open them!
    Have a super weekend!


    1. Pretty funny! Yes! I have since organized my shoes better! It’s hard to change brands that are tried and true!
      Yum – white wine with sprite. I love white sangria!
      Happy birthday! I would love to know what you got her!


      1. Well, she got clothes of course! Black jeans, hoodie, t-shirts (all teenagers look the same, right!), Adidas sneakers and Fila slippers. She’s also into sports, so a bat, a basketball and boxing gloves… Success! 🙂
        Enjoy a lazy Sunday! I will prepare for a little mini birthday party!

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  2. Gosh I love win and fresca together! Can’t wait to see your new tops! I was surprised that y’all have to pay for AP exams, we don’t. But boy do they make a big difference! My boys each carried over 28-36 credits, it’s definitely the way to go!
    Laughing over your shoes at Target – I did that when I was in college. Went to work all day and then brought clothes to change into to go to a night class. Of course I packed two different sneakers – I was so embarrassed! Ha!!


    1. Me too! I could be a spokesperson for Fresca!
      Some states cover AP – ours doesn’t. That is an insane amount of credit! Wow! I guess no one is looking at shoes now – only masks! Lol!


  3. Yeah! For your boys starting with so many credits. I earned 15 credits in high school…so I had a free semester of college. My parents really loved me then 🙂 Also, I have a similar first year of teaching shoe story. I wore two different black shoes one day and one of them had a slight heel while the other was flat 😂

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  4. Love that AP info…I teach K and have a third grader, but I’m going to remember that! Congratulations to those smart boys and yay for saving some money too. I am feeling quite apprehensive about school..we are doing plan B, in person with many restrictions. I have one more week of summer left. I loved the shoe pic…I’ve totally done that as well as gone to school in house shoes, only to have to run back home. Definitely having a Friday Fresca/wine! We put the parm/pepper pasta on the menu also- hope y’all have a blessed weekend!

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    1. Thank you! It’s good to keep in the back of your mind. Some kids like the challenge and some kids don’t. It does seem a bit weird to be getting college credit as a fresh in hs! My sister is 2nd grade and back in person next Wednesday. It’s so scary! There is no good option!
      Ha! I think I would’ve kept the house shoes on unless I had an observation! I hope you like the wine and the pasta! Go easy on the pasta water – I think I said a bit too much.


  5. Good to know about the AP classes! What a huge money saver to have so many credits already. We are a Suave family too and I love that Mrs Meyers scent. Your shoe story definitely made me giggle.

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    1. Yes! It’s a great program and I really believe in it. I like Suave and I think it’s more comparable to more expensive brands now. Mrs. Meyers is great. I have since organized my shoes better! Lol!


  6. The AP system is such a great way to earn college credits. Unfortunately, my daughter’s univ only accepts 12 hours of credit from AP or transfer. So she will start out with that! Hope you have a good weekend!

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