Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Am I smiling under my mask? You’ll never know!

I hope that you find today’s post helpful. To me, masks are not a political issue. It is one easy thing we can do to protect others and ourselves. Masks have been commonplace in other countries for some time and I always thought it would never happen here. Alas, it has.

I probably hate the mask just as much as the next guy or more. It messes with my beloved earring game – I have found studs to be the best with a mask. It hides my treasured lipsticks. I feel claustrophobic and hot – I get super grumpy when I’m hot. Sometimes my breath is bad – like if I have just eaten red onion or garlic before putting on my mask.

So, what I have here is what my precious students have advised. Many of them have been working jobs that require masks. I have an Instagram account mainly just for my students – mostly former. My policy is that anyone can follow me but I don’t approach them. I have found it to be a helpful way to connect and stay connected. I miss them terribly! It brightens my day to see them on Instagram and I hope it brightens theirs when I make a comment or say “hi”.

Here is what they wrote when I asked for advice: (My thoughts will be in ( ) after theirs)

-Lowe’s sells a cooling type of neck gaiter by the brand Mission, I think. Many are wearing the gaiters that are kind of like a turtleneck that stays around your neck when not in use. Then, you simply pull it up. (This is what my hub wears everyday to work)

-If you twist the bands before putting them behind your ears your glasses are less likely to fog. (I have not tried this – interesting – I have tried the Dawn soap trick and it works – rub a bit of blue Dawn on the lenses and then wipe)

-Masks that have fabric as the ear loops are more comfortable than elastic.

-Love the Zazzle brand. They are lighter and more comfortable than others I’ve tried. Their elastic is fairly comfy, too.

-Try cutting a dri-fit shirt into a bandana type mask

-Buy the masks that loop around your head and neck, instead of your ears. It’s much better for long wear.

-The regular disposable surgical masks are the best in my opinion in comfort and in durability or at least for me and my job.

-I cut a thin t-shirt and put slits for my ears, but I have recently started using the cotton ones that come in a package from Target. They are t-shirt material and looser so that it’s breathable but effective.

-One sweet girl sent in this headband like hack. You put buttons on a piece of fabric that goes behind your head and then attach the mask straps to that. This is intriguing!

I was in The Dollar Tree for a couple of minutes this week and as I checked out, there was a bin of 2 for $1.00 disposable masks so I got a pack. This is the most comfortable and breathable I have worn now and it is double ply. See if yours has these, too!

Any mask recommendations for me? In my city of Louisville, KY at least in the places where I have gone since March – Kroger, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Home Depot, Target, The Dollar Tree, The Fresh Market, and a couple of other shops – 99% of all people, employees and customers, are wearing masks. Go Louisville, KY! On July 10 masks were made mandatory in the whole state of Ky. My friends have reported that the rest of the state has not been doing well and one of my friends even got made fun of for wearing a mask while in a gas station about an hour away! You know how some states have 10,000 new positive cases a day? Ours has around 300 something at the most. Is this because we aren’t testing as much? Is this because we aren’t a desirable place to visit like Florida? Ha! I really appreciate the bloggers and influencers that are posting photos wearing masks.

Stay healthy!


6 thoughts on “Masking My Feelings

  1. VERY few people here are wearing masks, but it’s not like anyone thinks it’s strange if you do. People either wear the normal white ones or sleek black ninja-looking ones (who could have known the mask would be a fashion item!?).

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  2. Here is California, we are basically going back to Phase 1. I hate it. I do not know what is so hard about wearing a mask? They are required EVERYWHERE out here. I wear one every time I leave my house. I do not wear one on my daily walks but when we were at the beach house, on a walking path, we wore them because there were SO MANY PEOPLE. Its very simple, wash your hands, wear a mask and social distance. I am praying for the day that we get back to SOME WHAT NORMAL. Now we are just back to square one and it stinks! (ok, getting off my soapbox…haha)


    1. It’s so sad, Kim. It is not hard to wear a mask. Let’s just all try it for a month and see what happens. It’s not going to work because a few not doing it affects us all! They are now required everywhere here too! I am with you. We are back to March but it’s worse than March! I made sacrifices and it’s all undone. It’s very hard not to be bitter. I will be thinking of you and CA.


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