Friday, July 3, 2020

Happy Friday! Happy 4th of July! Friday is always a fun post. It’s a way to give recommendations or to talk about the little things that made us happy that week. I am linking up today with Andrea, etc. so go right here to see some more!

I know many of you are excited for Hamilton on Disney + tonight. I don’t have it. I would really like to watch it but maybe there will be another way to watch it later. I guess I could just get it for one month? Ideas? Recommendations regarding Disney +?

These hydrangeas from my friend made me so happy this week. My hydrangea bush is still not blooming. Fingers crossed that it does this year! It looks nice and green and healthy!

At the beginning of the week I washed all my masks. I wear each one a couple of times before washing. I also posted a photo of me in my mask in Instagram to show that I am wearing one. The top and bottom are cute but they are hot and don’t stay on the ears well. The middle two are my favorite and added bonus made by my former student.

I have been reading a lot lately. American Dirt, The Honey Don’t List, The Lie that Binds, and 28 Summers are all books I would recommend. When I have a good book it’s almost like I’m on a mission and when I finish it I am in mourning and kind of have a book hangover. Are you like that? I love reading on my patio with a beverage. This was a morning coffee reading session.

I have been using my big monogram tote lately.

Also, I placed a Land’s End order a week ago. I decided this black polo with monogram would come in handy. I thought it would look good with my white skort and maybe even a skirt? The quality is great and it was on sale so I was happy.

I finished 28 Summers! Some of it bothered me, but Elin’s books are great summer reads. Has anyone read it? I wish I could discuss!

This is a giant pump bottle of self-tanner and it doesn’t have much of a tanner smell. It is on sale on HSN again for $39 from $90. I think this would last years. It gives a really nice color and a bit of a shimmer. I wanted to let you know to catch the sale price. I would never pay $90 unless it promised instant weight loss or something like that! Look for it at

I gave myself a bit of a 4th of July mani/pedi. I did Alpine Snow on the toes (white makes you look tan, too!) and red on the fingers. The red is called Double Breasted Jacket.

Awkward photo below. One of my quarantine goals was to improve my flexibility so by doing my own pedicure I’m killing two birds with one stone.

Less awkward photo.

My next book is a library curbside pick up. I don’t think I’m going to read Big Summer because of the mixed reviews I’ve seen. I never read this and it was recommended somewhere. Anyone read it?

One day this week I never got my car out but I’ve decided I should get out in the car once a day. One day this week my outing was my friend’s local boutique called The Prickly Pear. I have been wanting an American flag kimono for years I tell you and she had it on sale for $16. It even has a silver sparkly thread running through it. I hope it isn’t disrespectful to wear a flag.

She also had these t-shirt material masks for $9 that are so soft and comfy. Also, you really need to wear studs with your mask so I needed some new studs. I thought these were unique and they were only $6.

I had one afternoon of rain on the patio this week. Love it! It is so relaxing!

I still don’t have firm plans this weekend but I am going to try to make someone eat some red, white, and blue charcuterie with me! Here is my inspiration:

So cute, right?

This will for sure be an odd 4th of July! It is supposed to be super hot here.

What were your faves this week? I would love to hear!

Did you catch my Trader Joe’s haul yesterday?

Did you read my skort report Wednesday?

Thanks for reading!


22 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. You are so funny about your flexibility and the charcuterie board 😂 if I’m reading a good book, sometimes I will wait a day or two to finished the ending…because I don’t want it to end. I saw a quote once about finishing a good book is like saying goodbye to a friend…some books do make me feel that way.

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    1. Haha! I do that too with books! I can’t get into my current book but it’s ok because I need to do other things! I love that quote! My kids used to love those snap and pops that you throw down on the driveway – maybe yours would like. I saw them at Kroger in a special stand by the check out. Heck I liked them in my 20s and remember taking them to a festival? What was I thinking?

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      1. So funny! Yes, my kids love the snaps. I picked some up at Kroger as well as smoke bombs, sparklers , etc Just enough for them to be excited but not enough to have my nerves shot!

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  2. I haven’t heard of that self tanner before, but I’m with you – NO WAY will I pay $90! I really love Loving Tan, it is pricier than what I get at Target but it dries so quickly and does not smell at all. Totally worth it.
    Have a great weekend!

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  3. I loved your TJ post. My fave item there is the 4 pack of gluten free cupcakes, chocolate with vanilla buttercream ! So good! I’m the same way with a good book, feeling sad when it’s over. I want to go to Prickly Pear for a mask. I’ve got to have a few before school starts back, ugh . Have a fun weekend!

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    1. Are you gluten free? I haven’t bought many of their baked goods but I love their baking mixes! Don’t get me started on their Kringle though. I can’t buy it or I will eat too much!
      Same way about books! It’s so sad!
      The Prickly Pear has odd hours maybe tues or wed through sat from 11-4?
      It’s full of cute stuff. The masks are great but only one layer.


      1. 3 out of the 4 of us in my house are gfree. Thanks for the heads up about the store hours , I’ll probably call first, it’s a bit of a drive for me. Have a great weekend!

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      2. Oh ok! You need lots of g free foods then! I have heard Aldi has a line of g free foods. That’s a good idea. They also offer curbside pick up. Maybe if you are in town for something else? The store is small but only two other people were there and all wore masks.


  4. Just wanted to say thank you for being a small part of my morning start the day out positive routine. I don’t blog myself, but have read many of the “mom blogs” over the years and found yours via Friday Favorites. I don’t keep up with many of them anymore, but yours is one I still look forward to- down to earth and a small distraction from everything else right now. So thanks for being a friendly uplift.

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    1. Awww Jen – you made my day! My blog is super amateur but I need it right now for the connection it gives me to the world. I have the nicest readers and commenters and we are all in this together. I can’t tell you how many tips I have gotten from commenters! Blogging is especially hard right now for many that aren’t going anywhere. I’m so glad you commented today. Have a happy 4th even under these conditions!


  5. I definitely feel like I get a book hangover sometimes (not all the time though). Those hydrangeas are beautiful. I have a bush that I planted almost 16 years ago now and other than that first year I have never gotten a single bloom off of it! It grows huge and lush and green each year but no flowers. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

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    1. Yes! When the book is really good! Hydrangeas are my favorite. That is so weird about yours. I also think their green leaves are pretty. But, you want the blooms! I wonder if you could put something in the soil or transplant it?


  6. I hate it when a great book comes to the end! My solution: I read books that are part of a series! And here is where many fantasy books come in handy; they go on forever :-D. Same things with tv series! We’re watching You season 2 right now, it’s really good!
    The weather is unfortunately back to “normal Swedish summer”, 68°, which is a bore, but ok…
    I have a very small hydrangea in my garden that somehow survived the winter, I hope it will bloom!
    Happy fourth!!! Bring on the stars and stripes! Of course you can “wear the flag”!

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    1. Haha – true! I thought You season 2 was better than season 1.
      68 sounds nice right about now!
      It might be too hot to wear my flag!
      I hope your hydrangea does too!


  7. I saw on Mix and Match Mama that many people had mixed feelings about 28 summers. Loved the book, but realized they wouldn’t be ok with that situation in real life. I’m still waiting on the library hold. I read Little Earthquakes a long time ago and really enjoyed it. I love the monogrammed polo top! Have a happy 4th!

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    1. You may have been who recommended Little Earthquakes – I’m bad about remembering recs.
      I liked 28 Summers and hers are always quick reads for me. It would be a great Zoom book discussion!


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