Thursday, July 2, 2020

Hello friends! Everyone loves a Trader Joe’s post, right? Well, everyone who has a Trader Joe’s nearby? If you don’t, maybe you can still get some meal ideas? Some of you have some nice specialty grocery stores that might have some of these options. And, if you mostly go to Kroger like me or Wal-mart I think I have something for you!

We only have one in my large city but lucky for me that it is only about a 7 minute drive. I set out this past Tuesday morning. My plan was to get there around 8:50 like I did last time and do the separate liqour store first. In Kentucky, you need a separate store front for alcohol sales as they cannot be in the actual grocery store – except for beer. I was a bit early and got there around 8:40. The parking lot was almost empty. That is rare!

I went in the liquor store and then got at the front of the line to wait untl 9:00 as the first hour is for seniors and vulnerable people. The employee said I could go on in because there weren’t many people. Wonderful!

It reminded me of the days of yesteryear when I could go early and look at new products and take my time. I ended up with 4 bags full. They are not allowing reusable bags right now but I really like to have these brown bags on hand at my house for certain things.

Excuse the forehead lines, but I tried the Dawn dishwashing soap on the glasses trick and it worked! I rubbed a bit on the lenses before I left home and then wiped with a paper towel. This keeps glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask. Every.single.person was wearing a mask. They even thanked me for wearing one after I checked out. This is my favorite mask made by my former student. Not all masks are created equal. This fabric seems to be more breathable than my others. The elastic is also more comfortable.

I got some meal stuff, some tried and true faves, and some new to me products.

First, I am never without this rice. It is sooooo good. An easy meal or a meal the boys can make if Tom and I go out is orange chicken and rice. I also like to keep their frozen fries on hand for a BLT or hot sub night.

For Taco Tuesday this week I decided to make fish tacos and carnitas tacos. I think these carnitas are really good. I microwave them and then crisp them up in a skillet.

These turkey corn dogs are really good. This is a lunch option for the boys usually.

I wanted to try to make the tacos really authentic with the slaw, salsa, lime, red onion, and cotija cheese.

Another purpose of my mission was to gather things for a red, white, and blue charcuterie board. We don’t have any plans yet. The boys have been invited to a party and I will say o.k. if outside and not too many people. I thought it would be fun even just for Tom and I to have this charcuterie board. My city has lots of charcuterie companies now that will deliver. I enjoy making it myself but I am curious to get a delivery. I might do that for our anniversary?

So, I found red beet crackers. They might be bad, but they will look good, right?

Now, I know for sure that these cheeses are the bomb. Blueberry goat cheese and wine soaked cheese are the things your charcuterie dreams are made of.

These gummy lobsters are so cute and preppy!

I love, love, love to simply put out a half of a block of cream cheese and pour red pepper jelly over it. Then, you spread on crackers.

I will have white water crackers and I will fill in with other items from my normal Kroger grocery run.

The pastas at TJ’s are only 99 cents. I might make a bow tie pasta salad with feta and tomatoes. I thought the spirals would be fun, too. I might use them for my turkey sausage and cream sauce pasta.

I always have a loaf of brioche in my freezer. I use this for French toast and the world’s most decadent grilled cheese.

I was out of my favorite seasonings – the pink salt and the Everything but the bagel seasoning and I wanted to try this lemon pepper.

The cashier told me that she was told by a doctor to put two pieces of this pink salt under your tongue for a headache and it will go away almost immediately. I almost want a headache so I can try this out! I love stuff like this.

These are sooooo good. My boys really like them when we don’t have a homemade treat. I don’t drink milk very much but sometimes I will get a small cup and dunk these puppies. Yum.

I don’t know what it is, but Trader’s makes grocery shopping fun.

I know many of us are sad that we can travel this summer.

What about planning a staycation and stocking up on fun foods from Trader’s that you wouldn’t normally buy and trying to do several picnics maybe even with themes? French, Red, White, and Blue, Childhood (treats from your childhood), etc. Wouldn’t that be fun? You could even plan a short road trip to the nearest store.

Where do you stand on Trader Joe’s? Do you have a favorite product? What would you like to try from my haul?


12 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Haul

  1. There is a TJ in Fort Lauderdale, and we’ve been there a couple of times – it’s a fun store! Next year I will buy one of their bags, do they still have them? Here in Sweden I use my bags from Publix and Winndixie when I go grocery shopping!
    Thanks again for bringing me some US spirit! Oh, 4th of July… I will miss all the festivities! Maybe I’ll do something fun for dinner too!

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    1. Our stores won’t let us use the reusable bags right now. They have the best bags. They had Indiana and Michigan bags and then Kentucky bags with symbols of Kentucky. They were 99cents and great quality so I used them to “wrap” my Christmas presents.
      You should have a 4th of July party at the cabin. Your family would be tickled!


    1. That will be a fun trip! Maybe listen to a podcast? You have got to try Carolina Charm’s chicken!
      It sounds weird but it was sooooo good!
      You use the lemon pepper and the Everything seasoning.


  2. We went to Trader Joe’s on Saturday morning. It is in Dayton(hour away) and everyone had a mask on in the store. We stocked up on the things we like, but also bought some new items. We bought frozen mahi-mahi burgers. My son grilled them and we put pineapple on top and they were good. I bought frozen chocolate croissants ( read about on another blog), but I haven’t tried them yet. My husband is the cook at our house, so I let him pick out most of the food. I’m very lucky! Also I found a skort in my dresser and plan on wearing soon. I love skorts! Thanks for the great blog!

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    1. I would really stock up if mine was an hour away! Those burgers sound good! There are things I haven’t liked so I am a bit cautious and rely on recommendations! Those croissants are sooooo good!
      I forget about things I have sometimes! Hope you enjoy your skort and thank you!


  3. I went to TJs Monday to pick up some flowers and ice cream for a friend who had an operation last week. She loves coffee ice cream and they have a ice cream sandwich made from coffee ice cream and brownie crisps, it’s really yummy! I tried a new little cracker, seeded mango and ginger, they are light and go great with a glass of rosé. We also love the jasmine rice and there is one that is a rice and grain mix that we really like too. I can’t think of the name of it and I take the packages out of the box as soon as I get home and throw them in the freezer! Lastly I can’t pass up a little bag of the dark chocolate peanut butter cups at the check out for a treat!

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    1. So thoughtful of you! I’ve see that ice cream but haven’t tried it. I love the new mango! I should try that other rice mix. I love to keep the dark chocolate cups in the freezer!


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