Wednesday, July 1, 2020

It is July! Come on, July, we have higher hopes for you!

This confession may show my age? I’m not sure these are really cutting edge fashion and I don’t care! I love a skort! I even like saying “skort”! If you are not familiar with this term – a “skort” is a morphing of the words “skirt” and “short”. It looks like a skirt but it has shorts underneath. I think I owned many a skort as a little girl and I remember a floral skort from the 90s that I wore out to the clubs to go dancing. Some women are not comfortable wearing shorts out to run errands or to an event. Remember what an “event” is? Or, you might think the event calls for something a bit nicer? That is the beauty of the skort. You may not be doing much these days, but I still think the skort is a nice addition to the summer wardrobe.

My most recent foray into the world of skorts occured maybe 3-4 summers ago with this knit skort from Kohl’s. I love the look of white in the summer. I stopped being afraid of white and just went for it. My friends will never let me forget when I wore white denim cut off shorts to a bar in the 90s and slid down the exit ramp because it was slippery with beer I guess. My white shorts were no longer white, but they got a good laugh out of it! White jeans, white denim shorts, white linen shorts, white linen pants – I love them all. I just love the fresh look of white. So, when I was in Kohl’s on another mission a few years ago, I spotted this and thought it would be a great closet workhorse. It sure has been, you guys! I wear it all the time in the summer. Because it is knit and pull on, it is super comfortable. But, it looks nice enough to wear out to dinner or to somewhere a little nicer.

The skort that has been a great buy below:

There are also athletic skorts. I bought this one from Amazon and I don’t love the material so I am not going to link to it. But, this is good for walking or doing some other form of exercise. I sometimes wear this boating if I don’t plan to swim.

I also ordered these from upon seeing them on a blogger – I don’t love the fact that the material looks wrinkled and I can’t seem to fix that with my wrinkle spray. I have been wearing them, though, and they are just o.k. They are more in athletic skort category, too.

I have long loved the swim skort, too.

There are cute skorts intended for golf and tennis and you might find them in sporting goods stores or online. My Sister in Law wears a golf skort from Dick’s by the brand Lady Hagen. She really likes hers but I haven’t gotten to try it yet.

I plan to look for a couple more skorts to add to my summer wardrobe. Where do you stand on the skort?


23 thoughts on “For the Love of a Skort!

    1. I like them for a work out option! I hope you find it! I am so upset – can’t find my J.crew straw purse and I’m afraid I accidentally put it in a donate bag.


  1. I remember wearing skorts as a kid 🙂 I have a couple tennis skirts from T J Maxx (they always have great prices on workout wear) but I don’t play tennis 🙂 they are perfect walks or outdoor activities where I don’t want my shorts moving around

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    1. I think they would be flattering on you but I understand! I did learn that everyone has a good length and shorts come in so many different inseams 3”, 4”, 5”, etc. and also footwear can make a difference. The skort is a great alternative!


  2. I have noticed a lot more skorts around this summer and even bought a few myself. I prefer the athletic/stretchy kind myself as the chino/ jean ones feel more constricting that shorts.

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  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE skorts!! My favorites are from Lilly (I always size up) and Skirt Sports. Skirt Sports is going out of business and their skorts are super cheap right now. I find them to be true to size. I run in skorts, I work in skorts, I run errands in skorts, in fact, I’m not sure there is anything I wouldn’t do in a skort! Happy skorting!!

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    1. I don’t have any Lily! I like it but it’s just so expensive! I tend to look for Lily lookalikes. Good tip to size up. I would have to make sure it was knee length or almost for school. I do wear them for the just teacher days. You are elementary, right? I think hs dresses up a bit more. Do you find that to be true? I will check that site out! Thanks!


  4. I actually just ordered a skort from Athleta that Joe Lynn Shane featured on her blog. She has a good fashion blog if you are interested. My skort hasn’t arrived yet but I’ll let you know what I think. I started teaching in the early 90s and had lots of dressy Skort outfits with matching blazers. I am sure I looked ridiculous but thought I was pretty cute.

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    1. I saw that! It does look like the perfect skort. I have stayed away from Athleta because of the prices but I think she said it was on sale. Please let me know!
      I have been reading her since before she had a fashion blog – I guess it was a mommy blog and had hardly any fashion. I started teaching in 1994 but I don’t think I had any school worthy skorts. I think mine were too short! I remember my first teaching wardrobe! I had a long Kmart floral skirt with a chambray button down that I thought looked great! I had lots of sheath dresses, too. My parents bought me a few teaching things at an expensive-ish store! I also had a navy blouse with silver stars that I wore with a grey suit. I wore it to all of my job interviews and got all 3 jobs! Haha!


  5. My skorts or kind of flow he rayon material. I also had a lot of what we called split skirts which look like cropped wide leg pants. My mom was a teacher, so I remember her taking me shopping before I started student teaching and got lots of dressy things. I remember my cooperating teacher telling my university supervisor how professionally I dressed all the time and thought it was funny because I was wearing old lady clothes my mother had bought.
    I graduated a year early so definitely overdressed to compensate for being younger, shorter, female and teaching high school seniors who weren’t that much younger than I was.

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    1. I think I would like flowy rayon!
      That’s a fun memory! I found it more important when I was a young teacher to dress up more since I was 22 with 18 yo students! So, yes – exactly! Now there is no mistaking that I’m a teacher but I still like to look decent most days. As a whole teachers have gotten more casual in 27 years, don’t you think? What year is this for you?


  6. I just bought 2 skorts last weekend! One for swimming and a sport skort. I haven’t owned any for years and really wanted one for swimming. I also got a swimsuit with swim shorts. We’re planning on a kayak trip with friends and I wanted something comfortable with coverage! Now I’m going to look for a white one! Loving them!

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  7. I have a white denim skort from Kohls. I do like them. Been looking for an athletic one but the can’t find one in my price range. Some of them are so pricey.

    On another note I finished 28 Summers. I was kind of disappointed with the ending it just liked ended. Though I did like the recaps of all the stuff that happened at the years. I wonder if she will write a part two. She likes to do that. Currently reading A Week at the Shore

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