Friday, June 19, 2020

It’s Friday again! I am linking up with Andrea, etc. so go here to see more posts.

Here are a few things that made me happy this week…

My kitchen sink needed new soap so I picked this up this week during a quick run in to Kroger. The hand soap section is almost empty, you all! This smells amazing and I really like this brand.

I really like this light denim color polish. I’m doing my own nails once or twice a week. I hate that it doesn’t last long, but it’s o.k.

I saw a commercial for this so I ordered it in my Kroger pick up. This stuff is great! I love Dawn brand dishwashing soap anyway and it is my dish soap of choice. You spray this onto a messy pan and it starts to dissolve the mess.

The wonderfuly Amanda of That Inspired Chick let us know about this two pack deal for 8.99. One is waterproof. I love this mascara!

My library still hasn’t called me for my next curbside pick up so I ordered this and

this. I will let you know what I think. I’m still thinking about American Dirt but I need something a bit lighter now.

I wanted to let you know that I got an email from the Dr. Scholl’s website. The originals are not on sale, but there are some really cute sandals that are 50% off. Here are a couple of examples. These are slightly different than the originals.

These are like the originals but with a flatter heel made from a different material.

And, these are cute and apparently they are from the Urban Outfitters collection.

Anyway, check out the website if you are in the market for new sandals. I think Dr. Scholl’s is known for comfortable footwear!

You guys – I did it. I ordered the Saltwaters in red. I thought about cognac and I thought about mustard yellow, but I decided to go with my first instinct.

First thoughts after just wearing them around the house: I really like them. I normally always wear an 8 in sandals and 8 1/2 in closed toe shoes. These only come in whole sizes and I read to go up slightly. I chose the 9 and it’s perfect. Also, there are direction on the box for how to try them on, so you should follow those. These are fine to get wet and it even says that getting them wet will help them soften and mold to your foot. I will keep you posted but I think I am really going to like them!

Yesterday I visited a couple of little shops while wearing a mask. I hadn’t been to any of these since maybe December?

I went in Lotsa Pasta to get good mozzarella for homemade pizza.

It’s a cute little area and it was good to get out. Most of the stores have changed their hours and are opening later and closing earlier. I’m worried about our little locally owned shops.

Jack was happy this week because his theatre group got to meet in a park while staying 6 feet away and wearing masks. The leader wanted to be very strict about that for liability reasons, I presume. Jack said he was sad to not see people’s whole faces. I got teary eyed when he told me this. It’s not that hard for me, really, but I am sad for them.

Our weekend plans are still up in the air. Sunday is Father’s Day, of course, and I will be thinking about anyone who has a hard time with this day. Last year was my first year without my Dad to celebrate and it was hard. We will have a couple of small gifts for Tom and maybe we will make him some of his favorite foods. He just had his birthday and we have some house things to buy that will make him happy – like a new flat screen t.v.!

Hope you had a good week!


14 thoughts on “Friday Faves

    1. I went for it! The price point on the Saltwaters is great and hopefully they will be a classic. I know – I will try to do the same. Thinking of you.
      Happy weekend!


  1. I’m interested in so many of your faves this week! I just saw a commercial for that Dawn yesterday and was intrigued. We’re moving in a couple week so I need to use up what I have for now but it’s definitely going on my to get list now. And I’ve been on the fence about trying the Saltwater sandals – another thing to add to my list! What’s the brand and name of that nail polish? Have a great weekend!

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    1. I’m glad, Rachel! I was thinking my Faves were a bit boring! The Dawn was kind of expensive but it will last a long time and then you can buy just the bottom replacement and save the spray part. I think the Saltwaters are good quality and classic. The polish is Orly distressed denim. I should have said that!
      Good luck moving! It’s so exhausting.


  2. What is the name of your nailpolish? Long time reader first time commenting. I enjoy reading your blog. I had a senior this year as well. Now preparing for college. I also have an uprising Sophomore. Wondering what they are going to do in the fall. So many rules already for my college freshman.
    Enjoy your weekend!

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    1. Orly Distressed Denim – oops sorry I forgot. Thank you for commenting and for your kind words! I’m sorry for your graduate having to miss out. The new rules make me so sad even though I get it. Where is yours going? It will be hard for your sophomore, too. I teach soph- seniors and I can’t even imagine how I will rework everything I normally do.


  3. Last year was my first Fathers Day without my dad and also my husbands. We lost our dads 7 months apart. What a hard time that was. Think about him every day! Love the red sandals! Super cute! Have a great weekend!

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    1. I’m so sorry! And 7 months apart! I think about mine every day, too. It still doesn’t seem real. Thank you! I made the pizza again last night and one son wants to learn how with me next time.


  4. Super cute new sandals! I do feel bad for most of the kids; I know they are all adjusting so well but especially high school and college when dating and friends feel so important and to have all this social distancing has got to be so tough.

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