Monday, June 22, 2020

Every time I type a Monday date I can’t believe how fast time is flying now. Some days it feels like typical summer and some days it feels nothing like typical summer. I am linking up today with Heather, Tanya, and many more so go here to check out some blogs!

Friday morning I did a Kroger pick up. I’ve decided to continue doing this for the time being. I may run in to Kroger once a week for a couple of forgotten things, but for the most part I like the Kroger app for grocery shopping and picking up my groceries. Now it is easy to get same day pick up if that is what you want. Back in the early days of the virus, you couldn’t get a pick up slot for at least 5 days.

Tom wasn’t able to take off Friday because he had some bids due. My friend called early afternoon and asked if we wanted to bring take out to their boat and ride around while they let their kids tube and ride alongside on the waverunner. We picked up McAllister’s for the boys to eat at home and for us to take and we spent a few hours on a gorgeous summer night on the river.

We almost never get donuts, but I decided to go out early Saturday morning and get Father’s Day donuts a day early. Tom likes glazed. I also got a few different varieties. I don’t think the Fruity Pebbles really work because the cereal gets soggy. But, it was a nice treat for everyone.

I read a lighter book after American Dirt – The Honey Don’t List by Christina Lauren. This was a fun book that reminded me of Chip and Joanna or any of the dynamic design couples on HGTV. I finished it quickly and I do recommend if you like this subject and need something fun. I made my signature iced coffee in a mason jar with a big straw. I drink about 1.5 cups of hot coffee in the morning and then mid morning I like an iced coffee. I like drinking it out of a mason jar.

I was kind of dragging my feet Saturday but around 1:30 Tom and I took our boat out for a few hours. We have not yet invited anyone out because it’s hard to social distance. Our friends’ boat is much bigger but we were still pretty close to the people on the boat.

Tom got all the way in when we anchored. The water was really cold and I wasn’t that hot so I just put my feet in.

I had put this in the crockpot before we left. It is so easy and so good – onions, frozen green beans, and cut up red potatoes with seasoning and chicken broth and water. But, this was for Sunday. Saturday night we ate leftovers with the boys and watched our new show we are watching as a family – Scrubs! I never watched it when it was on normal t.v.

Sunday morning Tom and the boys went to visit Tom’s parents – specifically his Dad for Father’s Day. I sent the above, BBQ, buns, and brownies for his parents. I stayed home to do some chores and errands and to let them have some father son bonding time.

I had to go to Costco for the first time – Tom went back in April. They have really added a lot of safety protocols. I wore my mask and I didn’t see a single person without one. Are people wearing masks in your neck of the woods? I don’t go many places, but I do think most are wearing them around here except to restaurants.

I came home and spent a bit of time watching bad t.v. and the rest of the time doing more cleaning and chores and then I read my next book with a Paloma cocktail. I didn’t plan for my cocktail to match my book!

The boys returned home around dinner time and we had some Father’s Day gifts for Tom and dinner together.

This week will be weird because Mason is going to his friend’s lake house for three days. Jack and I are going to shop for some clothes for him – for now and for college. We will probably do some of our shopping online and then go in to a few stores together. Dressing rooms are still closed but we will be o.k. as long as we can return them later. I took Mason to Target last week and we found 2 pairs of pants for him and 2 pairs for Jack that I just guessed he would like and I was right! They were on the clearance rack. Mason likes nicer looking pants – like khakis but in different colors so we found grey and rust. The Goodfellow and Co. brand is pretty nice. Jack likes joggers so I found him black and charcoal. Neither of my boys cares about brand names and never has. Their clothes come from Costco, Old Navy, Kohl’s, Target, Goodwill, and Tom’s rejects mainly. Tom and the boys wear the same shirt size now which is funny. Their pant size is really close, too. Mason will wear Tom’s old clothes from the 90s – because Tom never gets rid of anything!

How was your weekend? I hope it was good!

What’s on tap for you this week?


11 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. I love how y’all can just go out on your boat, it must be so nice to be able to do that. Looks like a great weekend.
    My husband keeps everything too, he has t-shirts that he had when I first met him – 28 years ago!

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    1. The river isn’t especially glamorous but we can be on it in about 10 minutes from our house! Sometimes I wish I kept things but I like to move out the old and move in the new too much!


  2. I enjoy your blog, I became a regular reader of your blog in March. You mentioned blogs are the new magazines. I totally agree! I live in NW Ohio and wearing masks has faded. It is required at one home improvement store. My oldest son has to have surgery in the coming weeks and we have to be extra cautious. We go to the grocery early in the morning and wear masks.
    Thank you for your positive attitude! Also, I had a pair of red shoes when I was 5 and your article about the red shoes made me smile! Stay safe!

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    1. Thank you Sherri! I can’t tell you how much I learn from the blogs I read and I love it! If you don’t read blogs you don’t understand, you know? My sister lives in Columbus, Oh. Our numbers are increasing here and it scares me. I will pray that your son’s surgery goes smoothly. That is smart of you! It’s so hard to know how much to talk about the virus. I don’t think we should act totally normal yet! Would you ever wear red shoes again? Have a great day and thanks for commenting!


      1. Thank you! I would wear red shoes again! Please continue to keep us updated about how your area is handling the social distancing/masks/eating out. Have a great day!

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      2. I’m having fun with mine! They look good with my navy and white summer clothes – I think and hope!
        I will – I find it interesting to compare notes with my blog friends and I can’t trust the news! Lol!


  3. Luckily my boys aren’t brand picky either but I am finding it funny that my husband has been getting hand me downs from my oldest now that he’s surpassed my husband! I hardly ever see anyone without a mask on around here (even in restaurants we have to wear them unless we are sitting AT the table).

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    1. That has got to be so strange! It’s nice to know that the clothes get worn more!
      I was upset that people weren’t wearing masks in line to order and them removing at the outdoor tables at one place I went last week. It’s not hard people!
      Have a great day!


  4. Thanks for sharing your weekend, it really seemed nice! I agree; some days are typical summer, and some are not! Our family is still adapting from the chock of not going to Florida…
    I love boating, and I really look forward to getting the boat back from the mechanic, soon I hope!
    I am so grateful for this little cabin! We’ve been here for one week and the weather is fantastic! Sunny and around 73,5°. I actually took a swim yesterday!
    Have a great day!


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