Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Father’s Day is June, 21, friends! I hope my post today will give you some ideas and please leave your best ideas in the comments!

This year may look different. You may only be able to gather with immediate family. I think outdoor functions are still the safest. If you feel comfortable, I think most dads appreciate the gift of time more than anything else.

Some ideas for a gathering:

Order a favorite restaurant take out meal

Order part of a meal and fill in with the sides

Order a charcuterie board

Order a cocktail in a bag kit from a locally owned liquor store. We have one that is doing really creative bags at a discount.

Have everyone bring a favorite unopened pre-packaged food item and just see what happens! It could be really funny!

Do an interview with the kids or grandkids. We did this once and I typed it up and printed a copy for everyone. There are all types of question lists on the internet. I recently re-read everyone’s answers and all of the kids laughed and laughed. You would have to do this ahead of time.

Video interviews – same concept but put on video

Zoom with family that can’t be with you.

Ideas for Gifts:

College shirt – for example I am giving my FIL a shirt for the new college of my boys

If your child is getting ready to go to high school you could do the new high school’s shirts. Sometimes these can be found at local Target, grocery stores, or sporting goods stores or online.

Birdfeeder and bird seed – I have had so much fun watching my birds!

Jack Black men’s products. I got some for my husband and they are really nice and not too expensive.

Neck gaitors – My husband likes the brand Costa and Buff among others. He wears this instead of a face mask. It is like a fake turtleneck and you can pull it up over nose. I think fishermen also like these and it protects your neck.

My model:

Work out stuff – if his gym is still closed or he is uncomfortable going.

Magazine subscription

Car detailed

Photo gifts are always a big hit – Walgreen’s has lots of options.

I’m out of ideas! What are your best ones?



4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. We’re planning a family picnic at a really nice local park this weekend for Father’s Day. Doing it a bit early because it works better with everyone’s schedule. Still working on the menu! Probably Jimmy John sandwiches and everyone will bring chips, fruit, cookies, etc.
    Loved the lanterns you showed yesterday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great idea! That menu sounds easy and everyone will love it. If you go to that website you can give your email for 10% off. This will be my go to gift for the near future!


    1. I know! My hub loves clothes so I can usually do well with that. He got boys and I a neck gait or so I think that you might like it. There are some made with cooling material!


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