Wednesday, June 10, 2020

I’ve been thinking about what I wore in the 90s lately. The young girls, including my nieces I saw last weekend, are wearing things very similar to what I wore and loved. I graduated from high school in 1990 and from college in 1994. I would say my clothes from 1994 – 1999 were some of my favorites. Would I wear some of the same things today? Maybe?

Now, disclaimer… these are real photos that I took to the drug store in the canister of film and waited approximately a week before I could go pick them up! All of the photos are from age 22-26.

Oh, the high waisted jeans! I am on the left with my two sisters. Everything was tucked in and we liked our belts or our scarf or ribbon belts. My sister in the middle was voted best dressed in her high school senior class, by the way.

This was my junior or senior year of college when my sisters visited and I’m on the far right. Look at the overalls on my sister. I also had overalls and loved them! I’m not sure why we were all wearing the same color.

This was maybe two years after college and I loved this denim jumper and kept it for several years. I put a little white t-shirt under it and I was done. I had on a silly hat so I cropped it out of the photo. This was a 4th of July party.

Tie – dye, baby! I loved this t-shirt. I made the cut offs myself from jeans I found at Goodwill and look at the scrunchie on my wrist. This was a college girls rafting trip on the New River in West Virginia a couple years after graduation. This was so much fun! We camped and rafted. We were a mess setting up borrowed tents.

I had a few little floral dresses and I would throw my denim button down over them. Look at my little cross body purse.

I wore this sleeveless tie waist top a lot. This was in Mexico. When in Rome, right? I remember my friend kept saying “Dos Dos Equis por favor” and that was her only Spanish.

And, I wore these white denim cut offs and the short sleeve denim button down all the time, too.

My sister had a summer internship in NYC at the Guggenheim Museum and my roommate and I visited her. I wore this denim dress with a black backpack purse and black chunky sandals.

Sorry for the poor photo quality! That was a fun walk down memory lane. I don’t really believe in fashion rules like “If you wore it when it was last in style you’re too old to wear it this time around”. You should wear what makes you happy! What did you wear in the 90s? Please don’t say “diapers”.

Happy Hump Day!


14 thoughts on “90s Fashion

  1. I totally believe what goes around comes around! This looks a lot like my fashion from the 90s too. How fun to look back – doesn’t it seem like it was not that long ago that it was the 90s? Gosh that makes me sound old but darn, it feels like 5 years ago!

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  2. Diapers made me 🤣🤣 It’s funny to see Hadley and what she likes now – tie dyed shirts, scrunchies on her wrist, she has a Caboodle, which I had in the 80s, etc so funny to see things come back around again

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      1. I was going to say that too! To see high schoolers in high rise jeans, the 80s/90s sunglasses, etc . And yes- I posted the last day of school pic and I think you mentioned Hadley’s tie dye shirt and cut off shorts. So funny

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  3. I loved this walk down memory lane. I graduated in 1987, and spent the 90s as a young teacher. I think I had the same denim button up shirt…ha, ha! I think it’s funny that high-waisted pants are back in style!

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    1. Thank you! Yes! I started teaching in 1994 and my go to teaching outfit was a long floral skirt from Kmart and the dark short sleeve button down. The high waisted are not that flattering even on the skinniest girls!


  4. I wore what you wore!!! Jessica McClintock!!! Big hair, Swatch watch, GAP blazer with big shoulder pads, Nike tennies with the teal swoosh. (I lived in a small town out in the country….so i wasn’t the biggest fashion diva around!! hahaha)

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