Friday, June 5, 2020

Today I’m linking up with Andrea, etc. at Momfessionals! This was our first full week of summer, but we had a lot of school related items to attend to.

My first favorite was seeing all of my students and former students post on social media how they were trying to affect change. I got the opportunity to share my love on social media to them, too. We were supposed to have a curfew until Monday, but our mayor cancelled it yesterday afternoon.

Here are some other favorites from the week:

Monday Jack had his advisor appointment for college to pick his fall semester classes. This was done by teleconference; I think they use Microsoft Teams. He seems to have a really full schedule including his choir practices as a vocal music major. I really hope they get to sing together because I have read that singing is not good with the virus.

Thursday Mason had his advisor appointment and his schedule seems so light! He promises me the advisor said that it was a typical class load and that he would keep himself busy. I was not involved in either of these meetings, either. It is time for them to take the lead now.

By the way, I haven’t announced where they are going and I am still thinking about how much to share. I will give you some details soon, though!

Wednesday were professional cap and gown photos in the courtyard of our school. I grabbed a couple of quick shots before we left. The sun was in their eyes and their quarantine hair didn’t work well with their caps, plus I think it will add to the memory of this strange time. I asked if either wanted haircuts yet and they don’t. Again, I’m trying to let them make these decisions.

I moved one of our macho ferns up to the deck and I like how it looks here. Tom is working on the railings for the stairs this weekend. They look like they will be tricky.

The birds (and squirrels) are eating me out of house and home! I have to constantly re-fill my two bird feeders. The squirrels have managed to flip this whole heavy bird feeder upside down twice. I wish I could see them do it! I also put a half an orange in this little cage thing. Who knew I would be provided so much entertainment? I have a Father’s Day gift idea post coming up and one of my ideas is a bird feeder and bird seed. I have had friends tell me how much they are enjoying their bird feeders right now, too.

Tuesday night we had our senior good-bye/diploma pick up. Our seniors never get their diplomas at graduation and we always send them by mail. So, a week after graduation, we did this instead. This was my attempt to be festive. I made a sign in Spanish and wore a sombrero headband and held a flyswatter to wave bye to my seniors. The flyswatter is because of a game we play where we slap vocabulary words or verbs. It’s really silly. So, my family’s car came by and I wanted a picture. Jack is very excited. It made it official to see those diplomas and put them in their covers.

I decided to move my graduation table to my mantel for a bit.

I ordered a glass nail file from Amazon this week. It is really good. I didn’t even know there was such a thing but someone mentioned it and lots of us are doing nails at home now.

I also ordered a lip liner sharpener. I lost mine but it was broken anyway and I have had it for at least 10 years. This one seems to work really well.

If I am out in the sun for a long time I wear 30 or 50 spf, but I have been sitting outside for 15-30 minutes most days and using this 15. This smells amazing and leaves your skin so soft. It doesn’t have that nasty sunscreen feel to it.

It gives your skin a subtle sparkle.

After that horrible super sweet $10 cocktail at Drake’s last Friday, I was happy to make my own one day this week and sit on the deck.

Bravo was replaying Millionaire Matchmaker and Jack stopped to watch for a bit and then he went on a rant about reality shows and how judgmental the people are. We had a great conversation and it was all because of my silly Bravo shows!

The end of elementary school is a big milestone and I am sorry for this year’s 5th graders who aren’t getting to do their traditions. Facebook reminded me of our trip. Mason laying on the tube and Jack shirtless in his tube. I was one of the organizers for the trip.

What were your favorites this week? Did you see any acts of kindness in the midst of a hard week? Did you look for the helpers? I tried to. I hope that our country can come together and makes changes and move forward.

Happy Friday,


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I remember watching Millionaire Matchmaker! I always wonder what the people who appear on these shows think when they watch the playback? Crazy.
    I have had the busiest week, my co-worker has been on vacation and it’s nuts. No FF from me this week.
    Have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leah from Real Housewives of NY was on one episode I watched! I agree! I’m sorry you had such a busy week and hope next week is back to normal!


  2. It’s so great that you’re letting them make these decisions and choices and not doing the work for them.
    I remember having 15 credits my first college semester and feeling, afterward, like 18 would’ve been a safer bet. Did you mention what they are majoring in?

    Ugh haircuts. A haircut would be nice right now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s hard! I have opinions! I agree about the 15 v 18 hours. Jack right now is vocal music. He also wants to continue with his community theatre which will take 4 hours a week so I think he is fine. Mason is in honors program and thinks he will major in English and minor in Spanish. His schedule is the one I think seems light. He is used to 4-5 AP courses a year and 7 courses total with no fluff! They both have lots of credits going in and will only need like one math class at most and two science classes at most I think. Their transcript hasn’t been sent yet and their AP scores won’t arrive til July.
      I was so shocked freshman year by how much more free time I had than in high school!
      I have a hair appointment for me next week but I could’ve waited longer I think.


    1. One of many! Anyone with a 4.0 is how they do it. My other son actually worked harder and took harder classes but only had like a 3.9. Thank you, though!


  3. My youngest two wanted their hair cut today but my oldest didn’t; I figure it’s his hair not mine so it’s his choice. I think it’s great that you let them make their own decisions. My mom definitely let me make my own choices when it came to college classes and she often laughed at my technique. I’d take all the required courses I needed each semester and then picked my “extra” courses based on how well they took up space between my required courses. I commuted so, to me, other than total grad. credits I just wanted a course schedule that flowed well and didn’t have me driving nutty back and forth shifts or spending hours wasting away my days.


    1. I think some teens are scared to get out and they won’t say it, you know? That may be the case with mine. But, they have started getting out a bit now. It’s hard to let them make mistakes and I’m not saying I won’t always let them. I am also nervous about their time management skills but they will have to learn!
      It’s so hard! Happy Friday!


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