Friday, May 22, 2020

Guys, this is a big day! Today is the AP Spanish exam and two of my students taking it are my boys! Also, today is the day the governor of Kentucky says we can have social gatherings of 10! Finally, I am having my favorite brunch take out (if you are local it is Wild Eggs!) on my patio with two friends. I am will link with up Andrea, etc. over at So, all of those things are definite favorites.

How did we get here guys? On March 12, there was absolutely nothing in me that believed we would still basically be here on Memorial Day weekend. My mind is blown.

Speaking of minds blown, this amazing method to close your cereal box has been all over my social media. Have you seen it? You tuck in the two short sides and one long side and then if you make the sides fold in, the flap will close nicely like this. Do not judge the Cap’n Crunch. I can only be friends with you if you say and write “cap’n” the correct way.

O.k., I will show you the failure of the Kroger brand Raisin Bran – which we like better than Kellog’s, by the way. My professional opinion is that this hack only works with the thicker name brand cereal boxes. I will pause while you go try to do this to all of your cereal boxes. You know you want to.

Do you watch Food Network? I enjoy several shows on this channel. Even if you don’t, you must check out Amy Schumer Learns to Cook. Her husband is a chef and they are staying in a friend’s cabin during quarantine. It is delightful.

I brought out the light blue polish. It made me happy. I will last a few hours.

One of my Pandemic indulgences has been magazine buying. I have bought April magazines and May magazines. I ran in to buy one thing and picked up InStyle this week. I used to always read this magazine. Blogs are the new magazines. You heard it here.

This intrigued me. Anyone tried this yet? Jergens Sol Water Mousse tanner is the full name. Sol means sun in Spanish so maybe that’s what drew me in.

New virtual life trick. You wear a gross old black tee but throw a kimono on for the meeting or class. I had a busy virtual life this week. I taught 5 virtual classes and had 1 virtual meeting. That is my new definition of busy.

These are my Pandemic shoes. I will probably be tired of them soon and/or they will cause flashbacks. Plastic Birkenstocks are the perfect Pandemic shoe. They can get food spilled on them. They can be worn with kimonos. They go with pajamas. They work with leggings.

One day I tried the mango Bud Light Seltzer. Yum! So, I do endorse the Bud Light Seltzers, the Corona Seltzers, and the Truly Seltzers. Those are my recommendations if you are a seltzer person. You want to hear something weird? We can only buy beer and hard seltzers in our Kentucky grocery stores. You can’t buy hard liquor or wine. But, you can buy hard liquor and wine in drug stores like CVS and Walgreen’s. And, you can’t buy any alcohol on Sundays until after 1:00. If you go in a liquor store, you can buy it all, but not on Sundays until 1:00!

I have been wanting to try Glossier boy brow for a long time and I finally did it. You guys, this is really a great product. I bought the brown. It has a mascara brush and it is really easy to use. I am starting to get weird gaps in my brows. This fills them in nicely.

I heard about this Tan-Luxe The Butter from Melanie Shankle/Big Mama. It usually costs $90 but goes on sale for $39 regularly from It smells really nice for a self tanner and I think I am really going to like it. It has a bit of a sparkle to it. I actually can’t believe I spent $39 on a self tanner but I think it will last a long time. I’m sorry I don’t know if the sale is still going on, but I hope it is if you are interested.

And, those are my favorites for the week!

It really doesn’t feel like Memorial Day weekend. Do you have plans?

Do you have a Pandemic indulgence like my magazines?

Have you ordered anything you might not have normally?

We have a house project this weekend! I hope to see some more people, too.

One last thing before I go… my boys have a virtual graduation Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. that will be live streamed. Hub has to work so he will watch it from the office or later on the link. How do I make the day a bit momentous? I am thinking a Chick Fil A tray, a cookie cake, something along those lines. It is simply a couple of speeches, the seniors yearbook photo and their name, and a tribute video, by the way.


21 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. The graduation question is a hard one! Take lots of pictures? Those will be great memories…some day.

    Are those real birkenstocks or knockoffs? They seem perfect for staying at home in the summer.

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  2. Your black T and kimono looks great! It’s nice to have something that you can throw on and look good without too much thought. I have the Thrive brow color/ gel that is a mascara wand and I really like it, but it is a bit spendy, I’ll have to check out the glossier. Is it in stores or Amazon? My pandemic indulgence is a Starbucks vanilla sweet cream iced coffee, but I haven’t had that many because of the weird hours they have and the reduced number of errands that I run. I also got a really low rate on Real Simple mag for subscription and I love to look at that. In Style is one I always look at in a waiting room, but that’s not gonna happen in the future! One suggestion for the graduation day is those helium balloons for 2020 grads and this morning on my walk I saw a sign in the front yard of a grad, it was nice to see.
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


    1. Thank you Nancy! The Glossier came direct from their website and was about $16. This is only like the third brow product I’ve ever bought. I know nothing about brows so this seems to be good for someone like me. That Starbucks sounds good – I haven’t been to one in 3 months. If you like sweet cream I think you would like my instant coffee and vanilla premier protein. I love Real Simple. I’m wondering if there will be June issues due to pandemic! I wonder if they had to halt. We have the yard signs from our school but balloons would be fun.


  3. I think some graduation decorations around the house, lots of pictures, the chick fil a tray, cookie cake, and maybe a special drink (a fun bottled soda or something like that) would be a good way to celebrate! And have friends/family text/call/facetime their congratulations!

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  4. Amy, I’ve had such a great time reading your posts from this week! I DON’T understand where this week went!? Three weeks’ of school left, and you know how it is! I just showed the cereal box trick to my daughters, so neat! And you sunglasses; those bee ones really made an impact on me, I remember when you bought them!
    We’re in cabin (I know… aren’t we tiresome!?) and have just put some chicken on the grill. Daughters are here and we will watch Survivors and My name is Anne.
    I know your feelings about a great book to read! The best to say about my current one is that it makes me fall asleep… Have your read Educated by Tara Westover? That was a great read!


    1. I’ve wondered about you this week! That’s great that you showed your daughters. The new glasses are kinda weird but fun. Enjoy your cabin! You only have 3 more weeks and you can be free! What is current state of corona in Stockholm?


      1. In Stockholm we have 125 in intensive care right now, and that is of course 125 too many…! I still don’t know anyone that have been seriously ill, and it does seem a bit surrealistic. Our health department just reported that the number of deaths aren’t worse than an “intense flu season”… (might be because of all restrictions, but still…) Swedes are out everywhere, but they close down restaurants that don’t see to it that their guests do social distancing… When will this end!?

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      2. I wonder how many are normally in ICU?
        I just am so confused by the information!
        Our restaurants just opened to limited last night. I’m going to wait a bit unless I can go at a non busy time.


      3. Yes, confusion is the word of the day… So what is up for you and the rest of the school year? We have to help some students that haven’t been able to study on their own, do you have the same problem?


      4. I know! It really is the word of the day. I ate inside a restaurant last night! I will tell about it in my weekend recap. We have to do the same. We are supposed to be compiling lists of how many kids would be eligible. I am the department chair and I have 8 teachers in my department. Some of them will not email me back about their numbers and I am really frustrated. Everything is so confusing, but I think teachers can make an individualized plan for each failing student or they can take a one month online summer remediation. I might teach the summer remediation because it is only 10 hours a week and that money could go toward the boys’ college payment. But, If I don’t know the kids it might be hard. How will you do your plan to help kids?


  5. I haven’t seen that cereal box trick; I typically throw the box away and just use a chip clip on the bag (which is stored in a basket in our pantry). Love that light blue polish color; it’s perfect for summer.

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    1. That’s a good idea! I clip it within the box because I get really mad if someone lets it go stale. Thank you! I really like this color so much that the bottle is almost empty! Have a great weekend!


  6. Graduation is so different this year…congratulations to your boys. I think the CFA and cookie cake sound perfect. I agree with previous comment about some fun 2020 balloons or something in school colors to take some fun pictures. Have a good weekend!

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    1. I know! I’m disappointed in how little our school is doing. My boys aren’t going to be very excited about pictures but I will do something like that!


  7. I love how wearing two very comfy things (t and kimono) are all of the sudden school/work appropriate with something even comfier on the bottom. That is a great nail polish color! I hope the AP test went well! Have a great weekend!

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